6 Things That Happen When You Recover From Acne

Published on Feb 20, 2020

If you've ever gotten acne all over your face, you'd know how painful it is just to... exist.

It's bad enough to have mean people make jokes about how you don't wash your face... but it hurts the most when you see the pitying looks on the faces of those you care about. 

Girl ah, I pay for your facial... just go do something about it?

When even your mom makes comments about your face, you know its serious.

It's not like you don't want to get well. 

You've tried using deep cleansers and even gone to those big salons that promise to make you get well.. but the pimples actually get WORSE instead. That's why you get into a mini depression... and for some of us, a full-blown one when you don't even feel like getting out of the house. 

You'd pray and do ANYTHING for your face to get better...

Pimple Face Before Chemical Peel at The Bund Beauty
Smooth Face After Facial Chemical Peeling at The Bund Beauty

That's why when your face do beat acne, your entire life actually change for the better. 

And the changes are not just external. 

Speaking from experience, here are 10 things that ACTUALLY happen after you beat acne. 

1. You regain confidence in yourself


All the negative comments about how bad you look and why you haven't washed your face will disappear once your acne gets better. The negative swaths of opinion will now be transformed to a sea of compliments as people around you marvel at your transformation. 

Some of us who previously do not dare to go out of the house with our bare faces can now walk with an additional air of confidence, knowing that if they can overcome acne, they can overcome ANYTHING.

2. You plan to stick with your current facial therapist forever


YAY you are DONE with all the blind dates. 

Finding a great facial therapist is like actually finding THE ONE. Once you find a great facial therapist, you know you wouldn't want to break up with them forever. After all, you KNOW how difficult it is to find a facial therapist who knows all the quirks about your face and how to treat it to make it look the way it is today!

3. You're religious about coming for regular facials

Regular Facial at The Bund Beauty

Even though your acne has all disappeared now, some part of you are always worried about when it will come back. Hence you'll make the time to come regularly for facials no matter how busy you are. 

Your facial therapist is therefore the first appointment you'll make after coming back from holidays and often, the first person you meet after childbirth, the way it is for Agent HW. 

4. You're super cautious with your skincare products 


You might've experimented with skincare products and acne solutions in the past, but that's a no-no now. You're worried that you'll irritate your face, anger the acne or get a horrible reaction. So now, you only ask your therapist for advice on products which can work for you! 

5. You are on a journey to get your skin to be the healthiest it can be

Facial at The Bund Beauty

Your acne might have disappeared, but your skin is not perfect yet. There're still acne scars to eliminate and pores to make smaller. 

Now that you've proven to yourself that you can do it, why not aim higher for brighter, younger skin?

6. You're proud to share how you changed your skin

When you hear how people are struggling with their skin, you can't wait to share about your skincare secrets and your skillful facial therapist. It doesn't just help others; supporting your facial therapist is the least you can do after they've transformed your skin (and your life)!

This is what happened for Agent HW, a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) whose face was transformed by Winnie from The Bund Beauty for more than 10 years. Read about her story with Winnie and see how her facial with Winnie is like.

Hello, I'm Agent HW. I just gave birth a few months ago and the first person I made an appointment to see when I'm available is Winnie. Friends who know me know that I'm not a vain person. I do not put on makeup when I head out (who has the time... now that I've got to deal with an infant and a toddler?) and I'm simply not those who will spend hours coordinating my outfit. 

However, the one thing I'm adamant about investing my time in is... facials with Winnie. 

Facebook will remind me occasionally that my face looks like that before I met her.

Cystic Acne Before Treatment at The Bund Beauty

Disgustingly full of cystic acne that I simply can't do anything about. 

I had gone for dermatologists and even those big facial salon chains but nothing seemed to work. An extraction facial at a BIG facial salon left my face so BLOODY, I looked like a bomb exploded in my face. 

Luckily for me, I bumped into a friend of mine in university. I made a comment about how her face looked so good these days and she shared how her face wasn't like this previously. 

Also struggilng with acne since years ago, her face turned around only after going to a "miracle" face therapist Winnie. 

"Just try a facial by Winnie at The Bund Beauty and if it doesn't work, I'll chop off my head". 

I had almost given up on my face but hearing her say that made me want to try Winnie so bad! 

Fortunately for me, Winnie's salon was previously located close to my school. So I headed to the salon immediately after school and... the rest is history. In just 2-3 sessions, my cystic acne disappeared!

Improved Skin After Facials at The Bund Beauty

Unsurprisingly, I've followed Winnie since.

I like going to her not only because she cured my skin but also because she feels more like a nurturing mom than the usual facial therapist who is more concerned about money than me. We talk about everything under the sun from school to my relationships and now my children; she's the one who saw me turn from single to married, from 1 child to two. Never has she pushed me to buy products or top up for packages because she's just not like that. When she recommends me something, I know its because I really need it and it is this trust and relationship that kept me going back for more than 10 years. 

This is the reason why I've recommended SO MANY of my friends to her... and I'm glad to say that Winnie has not disappointed. ALL of their skin have improved under Winnie's care and we're all now fans of Winnie! Unlike other facial therapists who will only look at the surface, Winnie checks beneath and is really thorough about extractions without damaging our skin. 

This is the reason why Winnie is the first person I see after coming out from confinement and the first person I talk to whenever my skin feels funny. Recently, I brought my children out to have some sand play quite a lot. This caused my skin to be a little darker and a little more sensitive although I've already put on sunblock. When I shared this with Winnie, she will then suggest the right facial for me and this time. 

Keen to see how a typical facial with her is like?

Read on below!

Soft Chemical Peel at The Bund Beauty

Sometime in the last 2 years, Winnie moved to her new place in Bishan Park. Although it is out of town, I loved the new area as it is located within the very serene and zen Aramsa Spa. 

The moment I enter, she'll escort me to a bed to change and lie onto.

The Bund Beauty Facial Room

Even lying down is a nice experience as the bed is just so comfy.

Step 1: Cleansing

As usual, the facial began with a thorough cleansing of my face. 

While the cleanser sat on my skin, she gave me a relaxing shoulder and neck massage while we catch up on latest happenings in our lives.

Facial Cleansing at The Bund Beauty

Once that's done, Winnie will then remove the cleanser with soft facial sponges.

Facial Cleansing at The Bund Beauty

The process repeats with a second cleanser to make sure that all the dirt is removed. 

Facial Cleansing at The Bund Beauty

Next, she will apply a papaya stem cell extract to exfoliate the skin and prepare it for the next step: extraction. 

Step 2: Extraction

I usually dislike doing extractions during facials because they can be painful and bloody.

Facial Extraction at The Bund Beauty

An extraction with Winnie is however completely different. 

She applies some oil before the extraction to prevent the skin from drying up and is very gentle during the process so the pain is minimized.

Facial Extraction at The Bund Beauty

This doesn't mean it didn't hurt at all, though!

Facial Extraction at The Bund Beauty

I felt the pinch but I knew my skin was being unclogged and would calm down afterwards.

The first time I went to her, my extraction took like 2 hours but now that my skin is better, the extraction has now shortened to just 30 minutes or even lesser.

Step 3: Disinfection

Once the extraction was done, Winnie will use a UV machine to kill any bacteria on the skin.

Facial Disinfection at The Bund Beauty

It looks hot and painful but really, I don't feel much at all.

Facial Disinfection at The Bund Beauty

Just a zz sound to let me know that its doing its work.

Step 4: Hydroxyl Peel

Once the disinfection is done, she applied a gentle hydroxyl solution onto my face.

Application of Soft Chemical Hydroxy Peel at The Bund Beauty

The hydroxyl solution exfoliates the surface and stimulates skin renewal from beneath. As time went on, my face felt rather itchy as the solution does its work to remove the dead skin cells, reducing appearance of pigmentation and aging skin. 

Application of Soft Chemical Hydroxy Peel at The Bund Beauty

After about 5 minutes or so, Winnie stopped the process by spraying another liquid to neutralize the solution.

Immediately my skin stopped itching and was very much soothed. This step contains L-amino acids as well as a combination of high peptides and lightening treatment to repair the skin.

Step 5: Massage

With the skin now exfoliated, it is the best time to apply serum as it would be very quickly absorbed. 

Application of Soft Chemical Hydroxy Peel at The Bund Beauty

To enhance absorption, she first used ultrasound machine so that the serum can penetrate more deeply.

Massage During Facial at The Bund Beauty

She follows up with a lifting massage to give the skin that extra push for tighter firmer skin.

She doesn't forget the neck as she mentions that this is an area where signs of sagging shows up the most. 

Massage During Facial at The Bund Beauty

Step 6: Mask

Finally, it is time to apply the thermal peel off mask. The mask will calm down the skin and lock in the serum and moisture as the skin gets rejuvenated.

Thermal Peel Off Mask to Calm Skin at The Bund Beauty

My face was covered with a thick layer of the cooling mask

Thermal Peel Off Mask to Calm Skin at The Bund Beauty

As the mask dries, I was not left alone.

Thermal Peel Off Mask to Calm Skin at The Bund Beauty

Winnie made sure to give me a nice head massage

Head Massage by Winnie from The Bund Beauty

as I fell into slumber.

Head Massage by Winnie from The Bund Beauty

Step 7: Final cleanse

After the rubber mask was removed, sponges were used to remove any residue. 

Final Facial Cleanse at The Bund Beauty

She then applied a moisturizer and a sunblock, crucial as I've just done a peel. 

Final Facial Cleanse at The Bund Beauty

A final massage to help my skin absorb the cream!

Final Facial Cleanse at The Bund Beauty

And that concludes my facial with Winnie at The Bund Beauty!

I'm really grateful to WInnie for transforming my skin and I'm sure that she'll be able to help you too, if you give yourself and her a chance. 

I'm still going to her every month so do say hi to me if you do bump into me at The Bund!

Hope my sharing is useful :)

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