6 Things You Can Do To Make Your Hair Colour Fade Slower

Published on Feb 15, 2019

Did you just bleach your hair for CNY? 

The colour may still look good now but the hair colour will fade really quickly if you don't take care of it well.

Bleaching aficionado Agent CW talks to stylists to see what we can do to make the hair colour last longer!

1. Don't wash it

Hair Wash on Coloured Hair

Hair Wash at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

The strategy that works best at delaying colour fading is... unfortunately is to NOT wash your hair. 

Before you get a shock, this is not forever... Well, unless you're like Agent C.W. and want to experiment the cavemen ways.

Our advice? Proceed with caution!

Whether you are bleaching or dyeing your hair, many stylists will tell you not to wash it for a few days after the appointment to preserve colour and oil. This is even more applicable when you bleach your hair because your hair is physically stripped of all its oils, so it's a great idea to sit with dirty hair for a while to let your hair replenish its oils. If you wash it too soon, your hair will not only feel more straw-like, but it might also over produce oil, making your scalp look greasy. 

Even after the first few days or weeks of getting your hair done, you should try to reduce your washing, especially shampooing. This is because the shampoo will strip off the colour more quickly no matter how gentle it is. 

This will only work if you can take the oily scalp. If you must, use dry shampoo to get rid of the oils. Don't rely on it too much though, dry shampoo will actually clog your scalp and cause hair loss in the long run!

2. Use Colour Shampoo

It is inevitable that colour pigments fade off with each wash. To keep your hair looking vibrant use the appropriate colour shampoo to refill the colour pigments.

Agent J recently went for #mydentity bubblegum rose colour at Full House Salon.

Mermaid Rose Hair Colour by Full House Salon

She faithfully used the colour shampoo and the colour still looked good weeks after

Weeks After Hair Colour at Full House

Here's how it looked like 3 MONTHS after!

3 Months After Hair Colour at Full House

How effective the colour shampoo is, however, depends on the initial colour you choose and how damaged your hair is as well. If you need to know which colour shampoo best suit your needs, read our top tips on which colour shampoo you should use.

3. Wash your hair in cold water

On the days that you actually do wash your hair, remember to do so with COLD WATER.

Hair Wash with Cold Water for Long Lasting Colour

Hair Wash at Pro Trim @ Ngee Ann City

Hot water opens the hair follicle and this causes the hair dye to wash out faster.

You don’t have to wash your hair with freezing cold water, lukewarm or room temperature water will make a difference too.

4. Give your hair extra TLC

This goes without saying, but you have to pay extra care to your hair post-chemical process. This doesn't just mean washing and conditioning it well, but everything in between too. Brush your hair to prevent knots from building, but also don't over brush. Hydrate your hair with at-home treatments once or twice a week, but don't make it too oily.

Sounds complicated, we know - but you get used to it quickly.

If you need some extra TLC, you can always head to the salon for more intensive hair treatment. 

We're most impressed with the newest No-Chemical Fukugen Water-based treatment from Rubik Salon recently. 

Fukugen Water Based Treatment at Rubik Hair for Coloured Hair

However, there are many more that you can go for. We're still in the midst of compiling the best hair treatments for 2019 so stay tuned to see what is best for your hair!

5. Apply Heat Protector before blowdrying and heat styling

Blowdrying with Heat Protector After Hair Colour

Blowdrying after #mydentity hair colour at Picasso Hair Studio

Blowdrying is essential to defrizzing your hair and even protecting your scalp as it keeps the scalp dry and away from the moisture that can lead to oily scalp. However, blowdrying and particularly heat styling can damage hair that can lead to faded colour. When your hair heats up above 130 °C,  a few types of damage occur:

  • The colour pigments change ie. bleached hair turns brassy
  • Keratin proteins that give your hair strength and elasticity breaks down
  • Cuticle of the hair cracks and frays
  • Moisture evaporates from the inside of the hair

The best thing you can do for your hair is therefore to apply a heat protectant. Heat protectants typically contain PVP/DMAPA acrylates copolymer, quaternium 70 and hydrolyzed wheat protein, all of which form thin films on the hair surface which slows down heat conduction and distributes heat more evenly. This means that the hair will heat up gently rather than suddenly, which causes less damage. They may also contain silicones, which have low thermal conductivities. This means that when they’re coating hair fibres, they transfer heat slowly. Silicones also seal the hair cuticle and reduce moisture loss, which also helps protect from heat damage.

6. Avoid Swimming

Chlorine and seawater can be very damaging for your hair... and washes out hair colour really fast!

So if you want to keep your hair colour as long as possible, you are going to want to skip the visits to the beach or pool for a swim.

Do not Swim with Coloured Hair

Like every hair process, nothing is fully permanent, except for the effects of bleach. Your hair colour will fade and your roots will grow out. Instead of being worried about colour fading, you can switch your perspective and see it as a good opportunity to switch up your look. After all your stylist has created a good canvas and now that you're light, your hair is able to take in many many colours, giving you the liberty to try them all!

That's what Agent CW did. She bleached and coloured her hair lavender in 2018 and have recently coloured her hair with an alluring Rose Gold at Be U Hair Design.

Brown Rose Gold Hair Colour by Be U Hair

Here are some articles for inspiration:

To make your money's worth though, opt for styles that prolong style even as your hair grows, such as ombre, balayage, and highlights. These are the techniques that look great, or better ... when your roots start showing through.

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