10 Things Dads Want for Father's Day

Published on Jun 07, 2018

Celebrated Mother's Day but scrambling to think what you can do for Father's Day? You're not the only one! We talk to dads, both young and old, in Singapore to get some ideas on what they want for Father's Day this year.

1. FIFA World Cup Subscription 

FIFA World Cup

With World Cup just around the corner, a World Cup subscription is a dream come true for the sports dad. With that, he doesn't have to head out or spend money on drinks in the bars just to watch his favourite match. Don't just get the subscription though, make time to watch with him and better yet, organize family gatherings around key matches so that you can create memories as you watch it together. 

2. Drones

Is your husband a techie? Occupy him with a new project this father's day - drone-flying! It will take him a few weeks to find out where you can fly a drone in Singapore, master flying the drone and take videos or photos with it. Learn with him and bring it along for your family vacations to immortalize your memories from a higher perspective.

3. Perm

Does your Dad miss his curly-haired teenager days? Or does your husband crave a new change of hairstyle? Book them a surprise men's perm! There are lots of Men's Perm hairstyles that stylists can do in Singapore and there is bound to be one that fits his personality and style. 

You can always browse for more perm styles done for Singaporean men.

Perm for Singaporean Men

Best of all, some hair salons are running Father's Day Promotion during this period so don't miss them!

5. Go-kart

Go-Kart for Father's Day Gift

If your dad/hubby is the sort who enjoys driving, consider making a trip down to a karting circuit. Karting is an easy sport to involve everyone; screaming and competing will get your adrenaline pumping and your endorphins high!  A sure hit with dads that love driving and teenage kids who haven't passed their driving test yet.

6. Prawning

Prawning for Father's Day Gift

Prawning isn't as popular as it used to be but its a pretty memorable experience where the entire family can experience the joy of fishing without getting grubby. Some places even allow you to cook and grill the prawn you catch afterwards!

7. Scalp Treatment

Men's Scalp Treatment for Father's Day Gift Idea

Scalp Treatment at Follicle Salon

Men can tolerate many signs of ageing, be it wrinkles or even weight gain but few things bug men too like their hair loss issues.  We've seen lots of people (both men and ladies) improve their scalp condition after receiving treatment at Follicle Salon. Don't drag your feet too long because it gets progressively harder to improve hair regrowth when the follicle cells die and when the scalp hardens! However, do your research because there are a number of salons that hardsell without showing results. 

8. Barbeque 

Father's Day Gift Idea Barbeque

Credits: NPARKS

There is nothing like a great barbeque amidst lush greenery to get everyone together, eat delicious food and have a real celebration. This is a great opportunity to head outdoors and gather together without making your mom grouchy about cleaning. For BBQ novices, you can book a pit at East Coast Park, Changi Beach Park, Pasir Ris Park, Sembawang Park and West Coast Park as well as the Promenade at Labrador Nature Reserve ONLINE

You can cook just about everything on the grill, from seafood, poultry and meat to bread, potatoes and vegetables. Marinate some chicken wings with barbecue sauce, bake potatoes with cheese and bacon bits, and let the stingray simmer in aluminum foil with a generous amount of spicy sambal. Be a creative chef for the day and wow your families and friends with your culinary skills outdoors. Even little children can join in the fun, merrily roasting marshmallows on their barbecue sticks.

9. Write a Heartfelt Message

Father's Day Gift Idea Handwritten Card

Father's Day is not about giving expensive gifts alone. At the heart of it all, it's about showing appreciation for the role model in your life, the one who has always been your champion - Dad. Although they always seem to be there, you never know what's going to happen tomorrow. Therefore, show them you care by simple gestures such as writing them a card or a heartfelt message. Write down all the things you are thankful for, all the things you love him for and all the things you find it hard to say in person.

10. Take Family Photos

At the end of it all, all dads (and moms) want their family to be healthy and happy. Capture as many precious moments together on video and photos. Then, make the time to put them together so that they can reminisce every once in a while.

Father's Day Gift Idea Family Portrait

Bonus: Prank Your Dad

This may not be on the wishlist for most dads but do it right and it'll create unforgettable memories and laughter for the rest of your lives :D

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