10 Things You Can Do To Look Like Princess Jasmine from Aladdin

Published on May 22, 2019

When you think of Disney princesses, you're instantly reminded of childhood excitement and frilly dresses. You might also associate the lovely princesses with untouchable beauty, dream-like dresses, and perfect hair.

7 Ways to Look and Feel Like a Disney Princess in Singapore

Did you know that you can actually achieve the hair of the princesses? In fact, it might be easier than you think. Some princesses like Cinderella might take a little longer because of her neat top knot, but for more carefree and loose styles as seen on Ariel, Aurora, and Rapunzel, it's very attainable.

Just like this Beauty and The Beast inspired perm!

Disney Princess Perm

Princess Jasmine is part of that category too! If you've seen the trailer for the latest Aladdin movie, you might be hooked on her hair just like us writers at Beauty Undercover. Her hair does go up into gorgeous updos when she's in a royal setting, but other times, her hair is more casual. Which means, it's wearable for us commoners. 

If you haven't watched the movie yet, you can still read this article. We only included screen captures from the trailer so there are no spoilers ahead. And if you do plan on watching it soon, why not gather some girlfriends so you can all play sophisticated dress up? People won't even know, only focusing on how nice your hair looks.

As Jasmine floats through the air on her magic carpet and as she wanders around the town, her large waves gently cascade over her back and shoulders. Though her hair mainly looks black, some scenes and lighting also give it a reddish or brownish appearance. Here, we break down some of her best looks, covering colour, cut, and curl!

You can easily explore your area and go on adventures with friends, but here's a little push if you want the courageous princess Jasmine aesthetic to go with.

1. Grow your hair out

Throughout the movie, Princess Jasmine has long hair. And we mean LONG!

Jasmine in Aladdin The Movie

It's past waist-length even when her hair is in braids.

Jasmine in Aladdin The Movie

So while this isn't attainable for everyone, it will definitely be easier to recreate her hairstyles when your hair is at least below your shoulders.

There are many tips to speed up hair growth, but we're warning you now that constant trimming doesn't help it grow. You're simply cutting the length off! You can find out more hair myths here.

2. Go for her signature bubble ponytail

When you think of Jasmine, you think of the cartoon princess in the gorgeous turquoise costume. You'll also visualize her long hair tied in bubble ponytails!

Jasmine in Aladdin The Movie

Her signature look was obviously not excluded from the movie. Isn't it super simple? All you need are a few rubber bands, and voila.

If you want a bigger change, the next points will dive into her colour, cut, and style!

3. Go to the dark side

Jasmine in Aladdin The Movie

As seen in the trailer, pictures above, and in the cartoon, Jasmine has dark hair, so most shades of brown or even black will help you with this transformation.

Here are more colours that are similar to her hair colour!

The classic brown.

Argan Oil Brown Hair Colour

Argan oil brown by Kazz @ FiNDER by COVO

A soft ashy brown adds to the romantic vibe.

Flamingo Brown

 Ash brown by Flamingo Hair Studio

Jasmine's hair looks black or dark brown in most of the shots, but in certain angles in the trailer (possibly due to lighting), there are instances where it has reddish and brownish hues too. 

Jasmine in Aladdin The Movie

In reality, it's pretty dark. You still can have fun with ombres, highlights, babylights, and balayages for some extra texture and dimension!

Go for gold with a faded brown to blonde.

Faded Brown to Blonde Hair Colour

You can also go for a classy balayage.

Classic Balayage by Picasso Hair Studio

Or go lighter if you (like our Agent C.W.) can't bear to go to the dark side.

Brown Balayage by The Threes

 Brown balayage by Aya @ Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Since they are easy to achieve brown hair colours, it's a good idea to go for an organic hair colour.

Read about the 7 things you need to know about organic hair colours here!

4. Get a natural perm

In most scenes, Jasmine has her hair down. Whether she's running around town or on the magic carpet, you can see her with this casual look which is easy to replicate and rock daily. 

Even when she is getting escorted by guards, her hair looks very desirable!

Jasmine in Aladdin The Movie

It's styled in big curls that aren't too defined since she's meant to look a little unkempt compared to when she's in the palace.

This can be achieved at many of Singapore's top hair salons for perms.

Here are some loose waves and curls that look similar to Jasmine's.

Natural Digital Perm by AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

Digital perm by Yuki @ AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

We have Japanese style above and Korean style below!

Korean Perm Burgundy Hair Colour

It's suitable for shorter hair lengths as well!

Medium length hair perm at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

 Digital perm by Yuki @ AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

5. Try natural rebonding 

She mainly has her hair up or down in waves, but in one scene from the trailer, she also has it in a naturally straight style.

You might not need to go for rebonding as hers is not pin straight. Instead, you can blow dry your hair straight at home, or go for a services like Volume rebonding and soft perms.

Rebonding is suitable for most hair lengths. Whether you have shoulder length or waist length hair, it tames frizz and adds silkiness.

Having a soft rebond looks dreamy and feminine because it is so sleek.

Soft Rebonding For Medium Hair

 Soft Rebond by Mavis @ Picasso Hair Studio

Instead of a typical soft rebonding, you can also add a C curl perm to your ends for a neater and softer touch. Many locals love C curl perms because they are easy to get and relatively easy to maintaing. 

You don't have to commit to a head full of curls, but you'll still be able to have some fun with your ends. This means less damage and less hesitation on your side.

Soft Rebonding by The Space

 Soft Rebond by The Space Korean Hair Salon

You can also define your face and add shape to your hair with volume rebonding. It will still make your hair look sleeker and smoother, but you don't have to worry about your roots looking too flat.

There are many methods to volume rebonding, so you can consult with your stylist to see where you can add volume and shape. Some people also add light waves to give their hair more dimension.

Volume Rebonding by Flamingo

 Volume rebond by Flamingo Hair Studio

This perm looks natural and straight, but the subtle waves add just enough definition and shape. We'd recommend this if your hair tends to fall flat or you have highlighted layers like the picture below.

If you like things to be a little more casual, this is the option to go for!

Care Perm by Bump AVENTA

 Care perm by Daisuke @ Bump by AVENTA at River Valley

6. Treat your hair right

And if you already have straight hair, you can still get closer to achieving this princess look by keeping your straight hair healthy.

This can mean conditioning it at home or going for treatments at a salon. In-house writer Agent C has fallen in love with keratin treatments!

10 Reasons Why Hair Botox + Fillers Therapy Is Our Favourite Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment in Singapore

 Why people love hair botox

7. Cut a fringe

A queen wears a crown and a princess has her hair!

You will see that princess Jasmine almost always has her hair parted to the side with a voluminous fringe. It always makes her look so done up even if she's opening her door in the middle of the day.

Jasmine in Aladdin The Movie

All you need for this look is a side fringe or longer front pieces that you can push to one side. You can then choose to style it in a big "poof" like Jasmine, or in an au natural look like this:

Side Swept Fringe by Ann's Studio

Side swept fringe by Annie @ Ann's Studio @ The Adelphi

When Jasmine is out and about, it might look a little more relaxed to suit the atmosphere. What she often has, though, is a few wispy strands of hair at the sides of her face. It adds some definition and style while making her look less like she came from the palace.

Jasmine in Aladdin The Movie
Japanese Styling at Bump by AVENTA

 Styling by Konomi @ Bump by AVENTA at River Valley

8. Try one of her princess updos

Jasmine in Aladdin The Movie

When she is on palace grounds, she often abandons everything we wrote above to go for a neat updo instead.

Jasmine in Aladdin The Movie

When she is in the palace, those wispy ends are nowhere to be found. She looks extra put together with her fringe tucked under.

Jasmine in Aladdin The Movie

Here are two more formal looks,

Braided Bun

Braided bun by Natsumi @ COVO Hair Salon

Messy Bun

Messy bun by Gordon @ Number76 Hair Salon

and 2 that are more wearable everyday looks.

Japanese Classic Bun

Classic bun by Steve @ Number76 Hair Salon

Japanese Messy Bun

 Styling by Misaki @ Bump Hair Design

On more casual palace occasions like when she's just in her room, her hair gets let a bit looser with half updos.

It's so simple that you can do it yourself. If you all a nice bow or brooch like she does, it looks much more intricate than it is.

Jasmine in Aladdin The Movie

For special occasions, you can go to a salon for styling and they will revamp the simple look with special braids and curls.

Medium Hair Braids

 Braided Styling by Flamingo Hair Studio

This type of styling looks beautiful on long hair of any colour. Even if you're not inspired by Jasmine or the whole Aladdin movie, it's still a nice hairstyle you might want to try.

Long Hair Braids

 Styling by Aya @ Threes Japanese Hair Salon

9. Try a small face correction treatment

Played by petite Naomi Scott, Jasmine has a small face to match her body frame. If you're hoping to achieve a slimmer and sharper jawline without any invasive surgeries, why not try a face correction treatment?

Small Face Correction is a Painful but Effective Facial That Reduce Facial Bloating and Sharpen Jaw for Japanese Nail Therapist M

Small Face Correction

The Small Face Correction service that works by massaging the deeper muscles and tissues of your face. 

Small Face Correction
Small Face Correction

10. Get eyelash extensions

We don't know if Naomi Scott was simply blessed with beautiful lashes or it's thanks to the makeup team on Aladdin, but her lashes looked super long and luscious in the trailer!

Jasmine in Aladdin The Movie

It's likely a combination of both. But if you're not a fan of piling on eyeliner and mascara when you want to run out the door, try getting eyelash extensions.

They're a one-time service (which lasts up to a month) so you can wake up with beautiful lashes. You won't have to apply much makeup - in fact, less is recommended to help the extensions last. 

Lash Extension by Branche Salon

Extensions by Ayami @ Branche Hair Salon

Lash Extension by Leekaja

Extensions by Lumy @ LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

Are you interested in trying any of these looks? Share your experience on BU.sg!

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