7 Things to Note Before Going for A Haircut During Safe Distancing Measures

Published on May 06, 2020

Good news! With the gradual easing of Covid-19 Circuit Breaker measures, hair salons will be allowed to operate from May 12! Of course, at the present moment, salons are only allowed to offer basic hair-cutting services and not chemical treatments (though that alone will save many of us from DIY disasters) Also, do note that salons will have to abide by certain safe distancing guidelines.

Here's what you can expect from your haircut during the Circuit Breaker period:

1. You will have to provide your particulars and log in using SafeEntry

Most of us will already be familiar with having to provide our particulars for contact tracing before entering supermarkets. Similar requirements will apply to customers heading to the salon.

Safe Entry at Salons During COVID-19 Reopening

You can also expect to have your temperature taken and be asked to sanitise your hands before your service...All things to help us do our part in eradicating the virus. So if your temperature is a little elevated or if you're having the cough / flu, please stay home!

2. Expect to benefit from enhanced hygiene measures

Under newly implemented measures, all salon staff are required to wash and sanitise their hands before and after each service.

Enhanced Safety Measures at Fluxus Salon During COVID-19 Reopening

Fluxus House Japanese Hair Salon

Tools and workstations will also be disinfected before and after each service. Hence, if you are feeling a little paranoid about heading to the salon for your haircut, rest assured that salons and hairstylists will be adopting these enhanced measures to maximise customer safety.

3. You are still required to wear a mask

Both staff and customers are required to wear a mask at all times, and yes, that includes while getting your haircut. Skilful hairstylists like Danson from 99 Percent Hair Studio have found strategies to maneuver around mask loops and give every part your hair professional attention:

Of course, if you want to help hairstylists design the perfect cut for your face shape, consider taking a selfie before you head down to the salon so that your stylist can better customize your new look.

Consultation at SAD Hair Design

And since we're talking about photos, you're still encouraged to show your hairdresser a photo of your desired style to prevent any miscommunications.

Video Consultation at Picasso Hair Studio During COVID-19 Circuit Breaker

Video Consultation at Picasso Hair Studio

If you want to play it really safe, of course, check out salons that offer video consultations, and make use of this service before actually making your way down with your mask.

4. The haircut has to be kept under an hour

Did you know all hair services are to be kept under 60 minutes during this circuit-breaker period?

It doesn't mean that the stylists have to compromise on your cut quality though. A Circuit Breaker cut is just as thorough as a regular haircut with Consultation, Shampoo, Wet Cut, Dry Cut, Head and Shoulder Massage, Blowdry and Styling. The fact the salon has an inbuilt shampoo unit that comes with your seat, means that time is saved since you do not have to leave your chair till every strand is perfectly styled. 

Of course, to be absolutely sure that you do not have to spend time waiting around, do make advance appointments with the salons. According to the current safe distancing guidelines, salons are only accepting a few appointments each day.

5. Only basic hair-cutting services allowed

As previously mentioned, salons are only allowed to provide haircuts at present, and that colour touch-up or any other hair service you might need is going to have to wait. You can however get a home retouch kit from Risel Japanese Hair Salon, provided upon request to Risel's haircut customers. The Japanese stylist from Risel will personally mix the right colour tone to match the rest of your hair so that you can do your retouch back at home. 

Haircut Consultation at Risel Japanese Hair Salon

Meanwhile, you can survive the other circuit breaker hair woes with some of these stylist-recommended home remedies.

6. Food and Drinks CANNOT be served during the service

Love going to your hair salon for that free-flow wine? Don't blame them when you don't get any during this Extended Circuit Breaker period since salons are prohibited from serving any items for consumption.

No Food and Drinks Served During COVID-19 Phase 1 at Salons

This means that the wine bottles at salons such as Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place will have to stay corked.

No Drink

7. Strict Safe Distancing Guidelines are to be implemented.

To minimize chances of viral contagion, salons have to ensure that there has to be at least a 1 metre distance between customers at all times. You can celebrate as this is likely to mean more personal space...but once again, it also means limited slots, so best not to risk asking for a last minute appointment.

Safe Distancing GIF

For salons without an appointment system, do keep a 1 metre distance between you and the customer in front of you while queueing outside the salon!

Not all hair salons are open during this period though.

If you need a recommendation, these are the top hair salons in Singapore that are staying open during the Circuit Breaker!

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