12 Fun Things to do to Level Up this Circuit Breaker

Published on May 05, 2020

We're all stuck indoors for another month, so how are you going to spend it?

If you're torn between vegging out through this stressful time and spending those Skillsfuture credits to embark on a total transformation, here are some easy level-up suggestions for those of us in between, tried and tested by stylists and Beauty Undercover agents during this Circuit Breaker.

1. Level up your Social Media Game

People today get hired and fired based on their social media, so might as well get to know the system and put your best face forward! And with TikTok taking over the internet now, it's an especially great way to showcase your skills and personality to the masses.

Stylist Tiffany's antics on Tiktok certainly made Agent A's day.

Tiffany from Picasso Hair Studio

2. Level up your Singing Skills

Meanwhile, Agent JT put up her first ever public Youtube video with her husband since their usual live gigs were cancelled; getting a pretty decent number of views, nice comments, and even a little work out of it.

While you might not be thinking of going pro anytime soon, having your own karaoke sessions on Popsical or the wildly popular 全民party can be pretty fun too, and with all that practice, just imagine how you'll blow your karaoke kakis away with that Jacky Cheung song when you finally get to meet! Just don't sing too loudly after eleven so you won't get a visit from the cops.

3. Level up your Lookbook

Just because you're staying home doesn't mean you can't do your hair! If you've always been a low-maintenance ponytail kind of girl, take this time to follow youtube tutorials or just use hairpins, scrunchies, clips and your good old hairdryer to see how versatile your hair can really be. 

If you don't like the result, well, nobody has to see it. And if you find a style you like, you'll be able to wear the heck out of it once the circuit breaker is over!

Here's stylist Cheyra from 99 Percent Hair Studio and some of her home-made hairstyles:

DIY Hairstyling

4. Level up your Skincare 

If you're as desperate for a facial as Agent G, you can get your whole family in on the action to give you one. 

DIY Organic Herbal Facial Kit by Organics Beauty

Careful around the eyes!

If you're wondering how Agent G managed to get her husband and son involved, read more about their experience here: DIY At-Home Family Facial with Kids

5. Level up your Strength and Flexibility

It's the perfect time to hit all your fitness goals even though you can't go to a gym right now. With more free bodyweight workouts and challenges available than ever before, you don't need a gym to burn fat, build muscle and boost your metabolism.

Chief editor Agent G has been joining a free 10-minute plank challenge on Instagram with fitness trainer Henry Liu (@explorewithhenry).

Instagram Plank Challenge During Circuit Breaker

She may not be able to hold 10 minutes yet but with 4 weeks more to the end of Circuit Breaker, she just might... and hopefully gain a six pack (of abs, not beer!)

Yoga practitioner Agent CW, on the other hand, has been keeping up with her yoga practice at home, even if it has to be next to her drying rack.

Yoga Practice at Home

You don't have to struggle through that handstand on your own though! Take it from her - She's been attending free IG live classes from these yoga studios.

6. Level up your E-conferencing Skills

Missing your friends and family? Instead of relying on text messages and one-on-one video calls, try a big group video conference with your loved ones.

Preliminary research and surveys suggest that even after the pandemic is over, work and social life are going to be much different, with many things being conducted virtually. Might as well experiment with e-conferencing platforms now!

And while you're trying them out, have fun with it...Organise a time when everyone can sit down with a cup of joe and catch up. You can also do virtual dinners, wine nights and even Flower Jamming - spontaneously creating lovely flower arrangements.

Here's Agent G trying Flower Jamming with her son for the first time!

7. Level up on Local Culture

If you're sick of Netflix by now, watch some really heartbreaking, award-winning Singapore theatre productions, specially made available by Singapore theatre companies who can't stage live shows during this period but still want to share the magic of theatre.

Agent JT has been bawling and beaming while watching the likes of Emily of Emerald Hill at W!ld Rice's Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/wildriceltd, or Dragonflies at Pangdemonium's streaming site https://playdate.pangdemonium.com/, or for Mandarin productions, try The Theatre Practice's channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5PkZmwVxNjPR3chl1sC1Aw or Nine Years Theatre's shows at https://www.facebook.com/pg/NineYearsTheatre.

While screenings are free, if you like the show, consider donating some money to these excellent companies who have been making incredible art and are struggling during this crazy time.

Late Company, courtesy of Pangdemonium's Facebook Page

Or read some local literature. Agent JT highly recommends these two hilarious, weird and wonderful books by Yeoh Jo-Ann and Ng Yisheng, both award-winning writers. Both physical copies and e-books are available via https://shop.epigrambooks.sg/ or https://www.booksactuallyshop.com/

Singapore Award-Winning Books

Support the Singapore arts scene (and the local economy too, while you're at it)!

8. Level up your Gaming

Need to get rid of some pent-up tension? While team sports are tricky in these times, you can still beat your friends at free or cheap boardgames from sites like Board Game Arena.

Online Board Games

Agent ZF has been hooked on Rummy these days while Agent G is still finding majong kakis to fill her table... 

Agent HB has been mesmerized by games by Sokpop Collective these days, like Pupper Park! Sokpop Collective is a small indie developer team from Utrecht, Netherlands, who's known for developing quirky jam-style games. They are able to release a new game every 2 weeks, an impressive feat considering there are only 4 members in the team! You can subscribe to their Patreon, where you can get 2 brand new games for just 3 USD every month!

9. Level up your Culinary Skills

While you don't have to emerge from Circuit-Breaker a Masterchef, there's no harm learning how to cook better and thus also feed yourself better during this period. Whether you choose to stick to recipes you're familiar with or experiment with brand new ones is completely up to you.

There are so many free resources online available for cooks of all different levels. YouTube has a ton of recipe videos from celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver, who's uploading easy-to-follow recipes every 2-3 days.

If you're really new to cooking, there's no shame taking things slow and simple, like Agent ZF who made her first ever porridge!

First Time Cooking Porridge at Home During Lockdown

If you don't like fast-paced cooking, oily woks and big fires, baking might be a better match for you, and the whole family can be involved in the different steps of the process from beating eggs to sifting flour, to piping on icing.

Baking Cake During Lockdown

With cakes still hard to come by, Agent SK baked a Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake with this recipe over at Joyofbaking.

While the ingredient list seems a little unexpected, we have it on her assurance that it tasted amazing.

10. Level up your Pictorial Skills

Can't fly to Italy during Circuit Breaker? No problem.

You can reimagine your flight there... with a simple camera and some Photoshop!

Creative Photo Taking with Washing Machine

Source: Jansson on Facebook

The unedited photo can be taken right in front of your washing machine.

Creative Photo Taking with Washing Machine

Source: Jansson on Facebook

Other than its entertainment value, learning how to do photo / video editing can help to enhance memories, bump up your social media following, or even increase your value as an employee.

If you prefer drawing instead of photography, grab a cup of coffee or tea, a pencil and a piece of paper and sit near a window to start etching away. It's a creative exercise that opens you to new perspectives. 

Try not to focus too much on how well you're drawing, but how you're feeling when you're working on your piece. You can explore various drawing styles like doodling, sketching or photorealism to find out what works best for you.

More into bright colours and more abstract art? You can take a paintbrush to the paper (or canvas) instead. You may be surprised how different this skill is from drawing!

There are so many mediums to choose from: acrylic paints are great for bold colours and clear lines, while watercolours are great for softer, more abstract art pieces. Although the paints are different, you can use whatever you have because it's just about creating. Painting is such a relaxing activity but so many people stop doing it as they enter adulthood because they're not 'good at it'. But you don't have to be a professional at something in order to enjoy doing it. And remember, a professional was once an amateur too!

Not a fan of creating your own drawing or painting? You can always get an adult colouring book and just fill in those empty spaces! This is a therapeutic, meditative exercise that helps you tune out the external environment while you focus on colouring. You'll still be making art, just collaboratively.

Source: Happy Branch

Agent G stumbled upon local florist Happy Bunch who created three floral motivational posters (of our favourite flowers) that you can print out and colour-in to decorate your house. And we all could use something that reminds us of nature and the outdoors while we're all cooped up these days!

11. Level up your Language Skills

For those who've always dreamed of speaking French in Paris, Japanese to your Japanese stylists or Korean to your beloved Oppa, now is a great time to pick up a new language. There are lots of online apps for that but if you want to find a more entertaining way of doing so, you can consider watching dramas, anime, or even read some manga to get a headstart. 

Japanese Manga Akagami no Shirayukihime Volume 22

A  good-looking fantasy character is always a bonus, don't you think? 

At least we think that's why Agent ZF started reading all these shoujo manga. 

12. Level up your Planning, and help others level up on theirs


We can't do a whole lot at the moment, but we can plan for the time when we can do those things. And while much is still uncertain, we know that some things will be opening up very soon, including salons. From news reports around the world, salons are among the first places to get swamped once self-isolation requirements are relaxed, so if you're thinking of caring for your neglected hair, read about the different salons on our website and make an advance appointment ahead of time to avoid disappointment!

Or if you'd like to help other people in their planning and have gone for a hair or beauty service earlier in February / March, we'd like to ask you to review those salons on our site. Whether good or bad, this will help make sure that others will have a good experience during their way overdued haircut. If you do decide to help out, here's our profuse thanks in advance!

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