Agent A Experienced Thinning Hair in his 30s. Here's where he went to get his scalp treatment!

Published on Jun 16, 2017

Hi, I'm Agent A.

I just did a career switch and am now a full-time property agent. Even though it is more stressful now, it gives me a lot of satisfaction when I manage to find the perfect house for my clients. Aside from property-searching, appearance is more important in this job than it was before. I don't mean that I need to look cool or stylish all the time but looking presentable and trustworthy is essential as it makes it easier for clients can put their trust in me. 

Naturally, hair is a big part of that. I go for a haircut every two or three weeks to keep myself looking good. In recent years though, my hairstylists have been telling me that my hair is thinning. At first, I brushed it off, thinking that they were trying to upsell me some products.

However, I sat up and took note when Agent G, a good friend of mine, made a similar comment about a year ago.

OMG A, are you losing hair??? I know you're very tall, but I can see a lot of lobang in your hair when you sit down, you know?

I didn't tell Agent G but after that, I actually went to try a scalp treatment near my neighbourhood. I chose a herbal treatment because it appeared to be more "natural". However, I stopped after a few tries. There were a few reasons why:

1) The ladies used a bit too much force to massage and scrub my scalp. As they used their nails, it was rather painful.

2) Although Chinese herbs are more "natural", it had a strong smell and prevented me from going out as I had to let the herbs sit on my scalp for awhile before washing it off.

3) I stopped because it didn't appear to help my oily scalp nor my hair loss issues.

I was actually very turned off by this scalp treatment experience after that. With the memory of my last experience in my mind, I was very hesitant when Agent G asked if I was keen to try Follicle Salon's Scalp Care. What if it turned out to be a huge waste of time? What if the scalp treatment hurt my scalp further? 

My interest was piqued when I heard that they won the Women's Weekly Best Scalp Treatment for Men...

and when Agent G raved about it after experiencing Follicle Salon's Scalp Care for herself

Why not give it a chance, I thought? 

First Impressions

Follicle Salon is a little hard to find because its located on the 8th level of Ngee Ann City, the medical level. 

Hence only certain lifts will get here. 

The place looks really premium and scientific when I first walked in. 

Calvy, the scalp therapist attended to me soon after. She gave me a consultation form to fill in. The questionnaire was thorough and asked various questions about my daily habits such as how frequent I wash my hair. This feels very thorough and more professional than what I experienced before. 

Once the form was filled up, I was ushered into a private consultation area. I really like that because it enabled me to open up about my concerns without prying eyes and ears that would otherwise make me feel embarrassed.

Calvy went through the questionnaire and asked me a few questions about my answers to find out a little more about my lifestyle habits.

She then followed up with a scalp scan to diagnose my scalp condition. 

As you can see, my hair is really thinning quite a bit!

Here are some images of my scalp scans. According to Calvy, there are some alarming issues:

1) Usually in one such photo, I should be able to see at least 15 hair follicles growing out. This is a picture of the scalp from another hair loss customer in Follicle. 

However, my scalp only had about 7 follicles in certain areas.

2) My scalp is very reddish, indicating that it is very sensitive.

3) My scalp is also covered with a thick layer of oil and skin cells, which appears to be suffocating some of the new hair follicles that are coming out. 

To facilitate my understanding, Calvy drew a graphic to explain what's happening to the follicle. As my newborn follicles are starved of nutrients due to the oily scalp and thick layer of skin cells, the follicle itself is becoming shallower and shallower, producing hair that is thinner and thinner and more prone to hair loss. 

Overall, I'm experiencing consistent Alopecia throughout my entire scalp with the crown area being a little more serious than the rest. She herself is a little surprised because my scalp age is about 40-50 even though I'm in my thirties. 

Although the results wasn't good, this was something I somehow suspected. After all, this isn't the first time that I had it scanned (the last place had it too). It's just that this time, the consultation was more more thorough and scientific somehow as Calvy did the consultation systematically and was able to answer any question I have. 

Can't wait to see how the Follicle Scalp Care treatment itself can help.

Aromatherapy Massage

Calvy passed me a black gown to change into before embarking on a relaxing aromatherapy massage. 

When I asked her why it is necessary to have the aromatherapy massage, Calvy mentioned that there will be a lot of heavy duty treatments later. Going into a relaxing mood actually helps to promote absorption of the treatment that is to follow.

Well, I'm certainly not going to complain as I get lulled into a relaxing state with her firm and comfortable massage using essential oils. 

Galvanic Massage

Calvy then proceeds with a galvanic massage that is designed to stimulate blood circulation, drain the lymphatic system and aid in muscle relaxation.

There was no electrical pulse or anything but I could feel the stress leaving the body with the massage.

it was also a nice touch to provide hot towel after.


This is when the treatment truly begins, in my opinion.

Would the scaling process be as painful as it felt at other salons?

It appears not. 

From what I could see, the way scaling is done here is vastly different.

At the other salon I've tried, they applied the peeling treatment onto my head and began scrubbing my scalp vigorously. (ouch!)

Here at Follicle, she dipped a disposable wooden stick with some cotton wool fixed to it in a specialized scaling liquid imported from Korea. This liquid can be customized to the customer and in my case, she chose the scaling liquid more suitable for sensitive scalp. 

Calvy then uses it to rub on different parts of my scalp.

Starting from the back to the sides and the crown. 

This softens the excess sebum and dead skin, making it easier to remove.

There was no pain at all because Calvy was firm but gentle... instead it felt like she was scratching an itch I've had for a long time.

I'm actually pretty amazed at how innovative this scaling process is. 

Definitely a lot more hygienic and less painful!

She followed up with a scalp massage that felt super relaxing.

(No nails involved!)

Nanomist Ozone

To improve absorption of the scaling lotion and increase moisturization of the scalp, ozone gas is miniaturized into nanomist and applied to the scalp for about 15 minutes.

The perfect time to sneak in a quick snooze as Calvy left the room for about 10 minutes!

Hair Wash

Up next is hair wash.

It's quite interesting here as they use a special machine to produce bubble shampoo to cleanse the scalp.

It is infused with ozone so that the scalp can be cleansed more thoroughly!

She then brought me into another hair wash area for a second wash with the Follicle Sensitive Scalp shampoo. 

Calvy proceeded to blowdry my hair in preparation for the next step!

Meso Solution and Dermapen

Now that the scalp is clarified and purified in the above steps, it is now important to nourish the scalp with ingredients that will hydrate the scalp, calm its sensitivity and promote hair growth. This meso solution is also customized to my needs.

The solution is kept in a fridge and removed using a syringe for maximum freshness.

Before application to the scalp, Calvy used a wipe to sterilize the area.

I also like how she uses gloves to make sure that the procedure is absolutely hygienic.

What she does next is that she will apply the meso solution on the scalp.

Calvy then proceeds to use the Dermapen to gently prick the scalp so that the meso solution can penetrate deeper into the dermis.

Although it sounds painful, the pricks feel more like ant bites. She used only 0.25mm needles for me so the pain (if any) is more than manageable. Calvy mentions that some of her customers actually prefer using deeper needles (1mm). However, my scalp is still sensitive and therefore, it is not advisable to create too big an artificial wound, until the scalp condition improves.

So many details in a seemingly simple step!

For those who are worried about the use of needles, well, there's no cause for worry. Mesotherapy (needles) are frequently used in Korea for scalp treatments and have proven very effective. In Singapore, the more mild version ie. the Dermapen is used because it is medically approved. 

Calvy also mentioned that she received vigorous training to administer the Dermapen. The needles are immediately disposed of after the treatment so a new needle is used for every customer each time (a reason why this treatment is so pricey!)

Laser Therapy Light

Next up is laser light therapy. Studies have shown that laser light at specific wavelengths encourages hair regrowth. It works synergistically with the earlier steps to improve the absorption of meso solution. The blue light is also chosen to further calm the scalp down after the administration of the meso solution earlier. 

Scalp Scan

Even before she did the scalp scan, I could feel that my scalp feels a lot cleaner and more rejuvenated. 

However, a scan is always useful to confirm what I feel visually. 

Even though the scalp is a little reddish, it actually looks less reddish with just one treatment. There is also a lot less dead skin on the surface of my scalp! 

If you look carefully, the follicles are now "open". This is great news as it allows my baby hair to grow thicker and stronger.

This is however just one treatment. Obviously, I don't expect my hair to grow immediately after this. For more accurate results though, I would probably have to go back a few more times!

Calvy finally sprays a cooling mist to soothe the scalp, followed by blow-drying and styling to complete the treatment.


Lychee Tea and Snacks served during blowdry

My first experience was a pleasant one! I love the overall vibe of the place as it is very welcoming and felt exclusive.

Although there was minor bleeding (this is expected), there was no pain during the subsequent hair wash. Everything still feels the same except that my scalp feels a lot cleaner and healthier.

I will be back in 2 weeks for my next treatment so stay tuned to see if there is a real improvement in my scalp condition and hair growth!

1 Month Later

Hi everyone! I'm Agent A, reporting on my scalp condition after my 3rd scalp treatment at Follicle Salon.

I didn't use to believe in scalp treatments because of my previous experiences but Follicle really blew all my expectations away.

Just look at the scalp scans after my third scalp treatment to know what I mean. 

Scalp Scan at the Top

I can scarcely believe it. In just 3 weeks, my scalp has become A LOT less sensitive (no more redness) and a lot more dense with many baby hair growing! 

Scalp Scan on the Left

Whether you're talking about the hair at the top, the left, the right or the back, I'm seeing a lot of baby hair growth!

Scalp Scan on the Right

The new hair growth are still very small and fragile so you can't see an immediate increase in hair volume. However, my scalp did feel more itchy due to the new hair growth, which I think is rather amazing.  

Still, Calvy isn't satisfied with the progress. She mentions that my hair is still dropping more than I should and advises me to take hair-related supplements to support the hair growth. 

Will definitely be doing so before my next update!

2 Months Later

Today is the last treatment that I'm going for at Follicle. 

I invested much hope and time in the past two months, throwing aside my doubts to believe in what Agent G strongly recommend: Follicle Salon.

I'm glad that I put my trust in the right place because my scalp has since improved SO much.

Scalp Scan at the top

Scalp Scan on the left

Scalp Scan on the right.

My hair has not just grown quite a bit; it is now a lot thicker than it was 8 weeks ago and I'm very thankful for that. It is not purely due to the scalp treatment as I started taking hair-related supplements as suggested by Calvy to accelerate the scalp growth... and it seems to be working! 

Although I was really skeptical about scalp treatments previously, Follicle's unique scalp treatment really opened my eyes and surprised me with its very visible and quick results within just 8 weeks (5 treatments). 

It may be more expensive than what I see elsewhere but this is one of the few that really works... and works very quickly. 

I will definitely recommend this to all looking for a effective and professional (no hardselling) scalp treatment because this is simply one of the best available in Singapore. 

Terms and Conditions

For those interested to try, Follicle Salon is having 50% off Scalp Care for First Time Customers!

  • Just quote Beauty Undercover to enjoy the promotion.

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