Painful but Effective: This Stem Cell Beaute Revive Facial Can Cure Acne if you can bear the pain!

Published on Sep 19, 2016

For those of you who've experienced acne, you know that pimples is a major cause of low self esteem in adolescence and even later, if the acne persists in adulthood.

No matter how much you wash, how many facials you go for, it doesn't seem to go away.

For those who've exhausted your options, here's a facial that actually worked for Agent T! The pimples are not all gone but at least we see visible difference after several treatments!

Read on to find out what treatment it is!

Hi I'm Agent T!

I'm a Japanese facial therapist who has been in Singapore for the past 1 year. I learnt to do facials in Japan and picked up even more facial massage techniques after studying and working in Korea. 

I've always taken good care of my skin. Hence, my complexion is quite acceptable.

agent t

However, after coming to Singapore, my skin experienced very bad acne outbreaks.

No matter what I did, the acne just got worse. 

Fortunately, I met Tomoko san, a facial therapist in Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon. She has done facials for many famous people in Japan. Tomoko san invited me to do the Beaute Revive Stem Cell Facial. 

What is the Beaute Revive Stem Cell Facial

Beaute Revive Stem Cell Facial is created by Bonheur Et Beaute, Japan's most famous company for stem cell beauty treatments. They work with Kyoto University and Osaka City University to come up with the latest and most advanced technology to use stem cells to activate your skin to rejuvenate itself and pause skin aging. 

This facial is apparently very popular among many Japanese celebrities who use it to pause aging! 

Beaute Revive Stem Cell Facial

The Beaute Revive Stem Cell Facial uses advanced herbal formulae to facilitate changes from beneath the skin surface by using plant stem cells. 30 different natural active ingredients and 5 varieties of plant stem cells are blended into a unique patented formula and penetrated to the skin's deepest layers during the facial process to activate skin cells and address various skin issues.

One of the skin issues that it is most effective for is acne. Acne usually emerges when enlarged oil glands produce too much oil, breaking down cellular walls in your pores and causing bacteria to grow. When you burst them, acne scars will form. 

This stem cell facial therapy will alleviate acne issues by:

  1. Reducing the appearance of acne scars by pushing up the hardened top layer (not by peeling but by oxidation proteins) .
  2. Removing acne bacteria naturally due to the active ingredient Cymbopogon citratus (Shinbopogon-Shitoratasu) or Remonsou, which has antiseptic properties.
  3. Bringing out impurities in the skin naturally as it contains Illite (French Clay), a mineral rich substance.
  4. Strengthening the skin via active ingredients within the herbal powder so that it can fight against acne bacteria after the facial

Hyped by the results of this facial, I made an appointment with Tomoko san. Although my acne condition is still there, my skin became a lot better every time I went for the facial. 

acne progress

My acne is not completely gone but there is a clear improvement each time I return for a treatment! 

I was so impressed, I decided to join Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon as a facial therapist to learn more about the products they use, the techniques and also, to share this with more people in Singapore! The treatment, however, is not for everyone because the process is rather painful and may even cause peeling days after the treatment. Read more about it below to see if its for you. 

(This is my third time having Beaute Revive done by Tomoko san!)

Step 1: Cleansing

Tomoko san is very thorough in her cleansing. She uses a cotton wool to clean my eye makeup.


Tomoko san gently rubs an oil based gommage that is suitable even for sensitive skin. It contains licorice extract, Sa helix Nigra bark extract, bilberry extract, essential oil, Damask Rose, bergamot fruit oil, rosewood geranium, yarrow oil and organic jojoba oil.  

Together, this concotion relieves muscle tension while cleansing the skin.

oil based gommage

A gentle massage follows to make sure all the dirt and makeup is dislodged. 


This is then followed by steaming to soften the skin's tough layers. 


Once the steaming is complete, any remaining makeup is wiped off. 

wipe off remaining make up

Step 2: Prepare for Herbal Extract

preparing herbal extract

Special herbs are mixed with a dedicated lotion for mixing the Herubabote (herb powder). This lotion contains six plant stem cell extracts and human stem cell culture extracts, as well as other herbs, including chamomile flower extract, olive leaf extract, chlorella extract, Dutch mustard extract, burdock extract, soapwort extract, ivy extract, sage extract, lemon extract and lavender extract.

mixing the herbal extract

The herbs contain illite, silica and many other herbs such as Asian ginseng root (6 years root), Pueraria root tow, calendula, rosehip lemon grass, chamomile, golden and mulberry bark Chlorella Suponjia. 

Step 3: Double Cleansing

herbal cleanser

After the oil cleanser, Tomoko uses another herbal cleanser to ensure that the skin is fully cleansed. 

The cleanser contains olive leaf extract, Sa helix Nigra bark extract, Houttuynia cordata extract, burdock root extract, soapwort extract, sage leaf extract, lemon extract, Dutch mustard extract, ivy extract, soybean extract and rosemary extract. 

As it also contains a new type of vitamin C derivative and micro-encapsulated formulation, it helps to kill and sterilize any bacteria, which is especially effective for acne!

wiping off with a sponge

Cleanser is wiped off using a gentle sponge. 

wiping off residue with cotton wool

Residue is wiped off using cotton wool

Step 4: Apply Herbal Blend

This is the really painful step. 

applying herbal blend

I may look really peaceful but it's actually really painful inside! 

This is because the Spongilla (seaweed) within the herbal powder acts as a natural exfoliating agent and other active ingredients make my skin feel like lots of micro needles are hitting the skin. 

Painful herbal facial

The massage actually makes it more painful but it is necessary to improve penetration of the herbs into the skin!

massaging the herbal powder

Tomoko san massages the herbal powder throughout my skin to ensure that every part of my skin gets the goodness. It also helps to improve penetration and activate the cells within. Even though it's good for me, the pain was quite unbearable.

removing herbal extract

I was so relieved when she began to remove the herbal extract using the two sponges. 

redness after facial

My acne looks a lot redder than usual after the facial but this redness will last for a few days.

Step 5: Apply Activation mask

applying activation mask

WOW! It feels so much better with the mask on! Other than soothing and calming the face, the mask includes 6 types of herb and 2 essential oils to further enhance the penetration of active ingredients and the herbs earlier.

aftercare moisturizer

After the mask is removed, an aftercare moisturizer made from licorice is then applied. This, once again promotes the absorption of the herbs and enhances the whitening effect as well.


Finally, a sunscreen made from geranium oil, damask rose oil, armature crane extrac and chlorella extract is applied to protect the skin from UV rays and help the herbal ingredients settle within the skin.

after facial

My skin is significantly more red right after the facial and will get even more red over the next few days. Though not everyone will experience peeling, I usually experience quite a bit of peeling over the next 2 days.

peeling 2 days after facial

So yes, there is downtime for this facial! It looks bad on my skin but really, its different for different people.

This is the extent of skin peeling for another customer.

skin peels

Yes, beauty is pain but its all worth it as long as it helps my acne get better! 

This is however only for the first facial! The aftercare facial a week after is much more relaxing. 

(The Beaute Revive Facial includes two facials - the first is the herbal facial seen above and the second, an aftercare facial!)

Aftercare Facial 1 Week After

The objective of the complimentary aftercare facial a week after is to check on the customer's skin condition 1 week after - the skin should have stopped the peeling process by then and looked more renewed... even though the full effect can only be seen 2 weeks after the initial facial!

Aftercare Facial 1 Week After

This is how my skin looked like after removing makeup, a week after my 3rd Beaute Revive Stem Cell Facial.

My skin has stopped peeling and looked even clearer than before!

aftercare facial

Tomoko started the facial after verifying that my skin has renewed well!

makeup remover

She used an additional makeup remover to ensure that my makeup is fully cleansed. 

Herbal Bijou

Tomoko san then applied the Herbal Bijou and began massaging the lymphatic area!

Lymphatic Massage

This helps to remove any toxins accumulated in the area and readjustment of hormone level to slow down sebum production and acne growth!

Facial Massage

She then began to massage the rest of my face to increase cell metabolism for the now-activated cells on my face!

The massage felt so good, I wished it wouldn't end!

hot towel

Unfortunately, all things must eventually come to an end. 

It felt really comfortable when Tomoko san applied hot towel on my face to warm it up and further improve blood circulation around the face. 

brightening mask

Due to the existence of various pimple scars, Tomoko san chose the brightening mask to improve the appearance of the scars.

aftercare facial

Here's how I look immediately after the Aftercare facial! 

It felt moisturized and brighter than before! 

This is not the end of it though - my skin should continue its renewal process till at least 1 week later!

Final Update 1 Week Later

Hi I'm back for a final update 1 week after the aftercare facial! 

1 week after the aftercare facial

Although there are still pimples, my face has actually cleared up even more than before, especially on the left side of my face! 

acne progress

For those interested in Beaute Revive Facial Treatment, Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon is having the following promotion: 

25% off 2g Beaute Revive Acne Facial NOW $280 (UP: $415)

  • Valid only for First Timers to Allumer Japanese Facial Salon
  • This treatment is especially effective for ladies with Acne and includes two separate treatments 
  • Customers returning within 1 week of a Beaute Revive Treatment will receive 40 minutes free Aftercare Facial, so its really two facials in one!

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