6 Ways to Make Sure Your New Hairstyle Does Not Turn Out to be a Dud

Published on Jan 17, 2020

Thinking of trying a new hairstyle but not sure how your hair will turn out? 

Cast your worries aside because here are some tips to make sure that your new hairstyle is a definite winner!

1. Research

Going to the salon (particularly a new one) can be a pretty nerve-wracking experience, but it doesn't have to be. With proper research done online and sometimes even offline, you can find the perfect salon of your dreams. That's actually the reason why we set up Beauty Undercover: to help you understand more about the salon and the stylists even before you go down. From the salon page, you can find out more about each salon, how it looks like and which stylists are stationed there. You can even take a look at the hair works done by each stylist (under Portfolio) and read about what customers think about them in the reviews section. 

Customer Review of Perm at Picasso Hair Studio

Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis

Don't just go to a salon because an acquaintance or an influencer says its good. The type of stylist / salon they think is good may not necessarily be a salon / stylist you think its good. 

Read more about the salon and even customers' experiences from our BU visits so that you can make a better salon decision. 

2. Communicate What You Want Clearly

What is Bright to you 

Burnt Orange

May not be considered Bright to the stylist. 

What is considered Short for you

Short Brown Hair Colour (Kazuki) by AUBE

Aube Japanese Hair Salon

May not also be short to the stylist.

Miscommunication is one of the biggest causes of bad hairstyles so do make sure that your stylist actually get what you're saying. 

Easier said than done, because Agent C.W. is guilty of going to a salon and simply saying, "Just give me pink hair." But pink has so many shades! Make sure you know which salon/stylist or hairstyle you want, because you can move forward if you have one of those.

To make sure that both of you are on the same page, bring along some photos to illustrate what you like AND also what you don't like (or acceptable).

3. Trust your Stylist

Assuming that you've selected a top-notch stylist for the price, the next thing you have to do is to trust them. They are after all the pros who have honed their experience for years and even decades. The good ones will know exactly what type of cut and colour will suit your face shape and whether your hair type is suitable for perming or rebonding. 

Soft Keratin at Be Salon

Soft Keratin at Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

If they say that a particular hairstyle may not look good for you, LISTEN. That's because they are the ones who will do the cut for you. If they can't envision a good result for you, how can the hairstyle look good? 

Your choice then is to

1) listen to their advice and go for something else that you find palatable or

2) change your stylist altogether to avoid any major problems. 

Don't try to fight for what you want (with this stylist) as it is likely to turn out disastrous. 

4. Be Open

Not sure about what you're looking for? Be open about the suggestions that your stylist gives you. 

Assuming that you are not sure about your own preferences, make sure you get a darn good stylist and let him / her recommend a hairstyle for you. 

Hair Consultation

The last thing you want is to be vague about your preferences then blame your stylist after when you are not sure about what you want. . 

5. Don't be too Shy to Speak Up

Did you feel very uncomfortable when the stylist cuts your hair a little too short with the first snip? Or perhaps the colour is too dark for your liking at the end of the service?

Haircut at Flamingo Hair Studio

Flamingo Hair Studio

If so, speak up immediately. Most stylists will be able to fix your hair there and then. Don't wait till you walk out of the salon as its too late!

6. Be prepared to spend a bit

It is not impossible but probably quite challenging to expect a stylist charging $3 to deliver a face-contouring cut. While its not always the case, the good stylists and usage of quality hair products do require you to spend a minimum. Grey hair for example require you to bleach 2-4 times which can possibly run the bill up to $500. 

We've seen MANY ladies getting a darker colour they do not really like due to budget... though what they really want is a pastel / grey hair colour.

Pastel Pink Hair Colour at 99 Percent Hair Studio

99 Percent Hair Studio @ Orchard, Bugis and Bedok

If budget is a concern, consider stalking our page on the Best Hair and Beauty Promotions for salons that offer Unlimited Bleaching to get the colour you really want!

Alternatively, you can always save up more and make sure you have enough set aside for that dream hair. 

7. Style It Right

We always say our hair looks different at home to as it did in the salon. Well, that's because almost EVERY dream hair requires you to do some styling. If you're not a genius at styling, consider bugging the stylist to share some easy styling tips for you so that you can have dream hair even at home. 

Men's Haircut at Do My Hair

Men's Haircut at Do My Hair @ Orchard Central

8. Don't be TOO Adventurous the First Time

If it's your first time visiting a stylist, our advice is NOT to go for a complete makeover immediately. You have just started a "relationship" with your stylist and it will take time for him/her to get to know your personality, preferences, what you like and dislike. Stay conservative with your hairstyle choices before you go for a major change so that he can craft one that is JUST RIGHT for you. 

Natural Korean Perm by Style NA

Agent YQ went for quite a few haircuts with her stylist Asha before getting a GORGEOUS perm from her. Read about her experience here!

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