Can Tokio Inkarami Save Miss Singapore Universe Finalist from Fried Hair

Published on Oct 07, 2016

Hi I'm Agent SW! 


You may have seen me hosting some variety shows or TV dramas as I was a freelance artiste with Mediacorp for the past 3 years. I had previously participated in several beauty pageants including CLEO It Girl 2015, MediaCorp Hey Gorgeous 2013, Silkygirl Miss Confidence, NTU Next Top Model 2013 and I'm now a finalist in Miss Singapore Universe 2016. 

I haven't felt so nervous and excited in a long time...possibly because I'm hoping to end the beauty pageant journey here with Miss Singapore Universe and concentrate on my career after this. 

Although I am no stranger to beauty pageants, I am still slightly overwhelmed by the preparation required before the big day. There are events to go for almost every single day and my hair and face are expected to be flawless at all times. While I have my facial routine down pat, my crazy frizzy hair has been really difficult to manage. Basically, I've had my hair bleached and coloured for many years. I was hoping to perm my hair but as you can see the perm did NOT go well. 

before Tokio Inkarami at Branche

My hair ends are basically FRIED!

Branche isn't just a typical Japanese hair salon. Go read it on Beauty Undercover and you'll realize that it is one of the very best hair salons in Singapore for its great service! Although they haven't seen my hair yet, I was hoping that they can do something about it.

September 2016

Branche Hair Salon is located in the posh Capitol Piazza and has a decor befitting of its luxurious status. 

Branche Hair and Nail Salon

Kai was attending to another customer so I waited awhile at the reception area before he came over. 

Branche Hair Salon reception area

The other stylists were very friendly - they came over and provided me with beverages and ensured that I was okay! 


Soon, Kai came over and escorted me into the VIP room. A very charming Japanese stylist, Kai was relatively fluent in English and easy to talk to. He was however, perceptibly worried when he looked at the state of my hair. 

damaged ends

"Ah, your hair ends are too damaged! It is best to cut it off..."

Ah... I need the hair length for Miss Singapore Universe... 

After explaining to him about my concerns, he suggested to do the Tokio Inkarami Treatment and iron my hair with the special HairBeauron Iron (more about it later!) from now till the Finals. Although my hair ends may not be able to retain the goodness of the Tokio Inkarami treatment for long, the treatment can at least nourish the hair and make it more amenable for at least a few weeks! 

I am not expecting any miracles here but am just very grateful that Kai took my opinion into consideration to come up with a solution for me! 

Carbonated Hair Wash

The scalp treatment began with a hair rinse using carbonated water. I didn't know what to expect as its my first time getting my hair washed using carbonated water. I was expecting a bubbly head jacuzzi but it felt more like a gentle wash.

Carbonated Hair Wash at Branche Hair Salon

I may not be able to see it but the carbonated water works more within the hair. The carbonated water acts as a clarifying agent to clear the hair from chemical buildup, dirt, silicones and even magnesium found in tap water that may make the hair appear dull. 

Kai may look like a very cool Japanese hairstylist on the outside but he's actually very gentle. His head massage was a little too gentle for me but oops, I should have said something as well. 

Head massage at Branche Hair Salon

Don't blame me though.. I was blown away by the very amazing Yume chair. For the very first time in my life, I'm sitting on an automated salon chair connected to the wash basin!

BRANCHE Hair Salon

So cool!!!!!!! Not sure if this is the only salon in Singapore using this "dream chair"!

Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment Begins

Following the rinse, Kai proceeded with the 5-step Tokio Inkarami hair treatment.

The first is the Pre-Treatment Tokio 0. It contains various ingredients to soften the hair cuticle and improve penetration of treatments after this step.

Next, Tokio 1 and Tokio 2 are applied together to replenish lost keratin within the hair and build up the hair core.

Application of Tokio 1 and Tokio 2 at Branche Salon

Kai continuously massaged the treatment to ensure maximum absorption. 

massaging the treatment

To seal the treatment within the hair, the nanomist machine is used. Nanomist basically breaks down water molecules into smaller particles and uses these smaller water molecules to improve absorption of the treatment.

nanomist machine

The third solution, the 3M treatment was then applied next. This step was extremely interesting because Kai ended up (very gently and ever so slightly) kneading and pounding my hair. It is a “hair massage”, to encourage the nutrients and nourishment to fully integrate into the hair.

3M treatment at Branche Hair Salon

The goodness we are talking about here is Fullerene. It is a Nobel-winning ingredient that is one of the world's most powerful antioxidants now! What this means is that Fullerene helps to protect our hair against UV damage and repairs existing damage! This treatment also contains 4 different types of keratins to repair different parts of the hair within via their patented aggregation bond reaction. 

hair wash at Branche Salon

It was time for another rinse. During the hair wash, the final Tokio 4M hair treatment is applied liberally on my hair. 

Tokio 4M hair treatment
Tokio 4M hair treatment

The Tokio Therapy Oil is then applied before blowdrying.


This is how my hair looked immediately after blowdrying (no iron is used at this step!)

Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment at Branche Japanese Hair Salon
after tokio inkarami on damaged hair at Branche Hair Salon

Although my hair ends are still damaged, it was already tangibly softer and easier to comb through. If you saw my previous hair texture, you'd understand that this is a big improvement!

before Tokio Inkarami

Still, my hair was far away from the flawless Beauty Queen hair I was envisioning in my mind.  Can Kai perform any miracles for me? 


He took out a seemingly normal straightener and said to me, "Don't worry, I will make you look like Miss Singapore Universe."

With that, he began ironing my hair with the HairBeauron Straightener. 

HairBeauron Straightener

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the results.

HairBeauron Straightener

OMG! My hair actually became SOFTER and MORE Moisturized after the straightening!

after using HairBeauron Straightener

It sounds counterintuitive I can a straightener make my hair more moisturized when it is supposed to be damaging? 

According to Kai, this is a flat iron that not only styles but also REPAIRS and RESTORES moisture to your hair by fiddling with your hair's natural genetic programming! I don't know what it does exactly but when I saw how soft my hair looks after the straightening, I could understand why this is now Japan's BEST SELLING straightener! 

after using HairBeauron Straightener

Look... just look! My hair looks like it was never damaged at all! 

after using HairBeauron Straightener

Super blown away when I saw my fried damaged hair transform into sleek and smooth right in front of my eyes! Apparently, the manufacturer's website also says that your hair will actually look better and better if you use this daily! 

Immediately, I inquired for the price of the straightener - $480. It may sound expensive but given that this is one of the few options left to make my hair look good, it looks like an incredibly good deal! So far, we hear that only Branche Hair Salon retails this recently ran out of stock so do check with the salon before you go down to purchase it!

Overall Thoughts

Branche Hair Salon indeed lived up to its name as Singapore's best Japanese Hair Salon. Other than its superb service (which included a champagne drink or two!), the stylists are honest and very skilled at what they do. What really stood out for me was their commitment to bring the best of Japan's hair products and equipment to Singapore. The Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment, Yume Chair and the HairBeauron Straightener are examples of how they differentiate themselves from all other salons. 

Although a single treatment may not be sufficient to restore my hair, they are able to innovate and use a multitude of solutions to give me the hair of a beauty queen!

Thank you Kai and Branche for the amazing experience! 

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