Tokio de Sinka Perm at Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Published on Aug 04, 2014

Hello, I'm Agent G, Chief Agent here at Beauty Undercover!

While I love looking at beautiful vibrant hair colours, the hair service I truly can't live without is... PERM! 

Ever since I got my hair permed at Zinc Korean Hair Salon years ago, I simply couldn't stop going for more!

before and after

Look at the volume... and how the perm frames my face so much better!

Before after

I have since tried different hairstylists from various hair salons using different perm solutions.

3 weeks after perm and colour
5 weeks later in Ireland after perm

So I consider myself some sort of a connoisseur for perms :D 

From my experiences, the hairstylist is important because it determines the style of your perm. 

However, the perm lotion too makes a difference as it affects the definition of the curls and how long the curls last!

(Of course the hairstylist is still important as he/she must know how to use the perm lotion well!)

Some perm solutions (e.g. some proprietary Korean perm solutions) can create beautifully defined curls but can be a little too damaging for some people, causing frizzy hair. 

Other perm solutions are not as damaging but the curls are not as defined or as long lasting... even for the same hair type! 

While thinking about what I can do for my next perm, I chatted with my trusty Korean stylist Nicky from Zinc Korean Hair Salon about this dilemma. Nicky acknowledges that the tradeoff between definition and hair damage still exists but haircare manufacturers are making advances in the field so fast that this will become less of an issue in the near future.

"You heard about Tokio de Sinka? This new Japanese Tokio perm very good. There are many treatments so customer hair not so dry!" - Nicky

Intrigued, I turned my search online. Resources on Tokio de Sinka are limited as it has JUST launched its line of hair treatments and rebonding / perming chemicals in Japan, France and other European countries.

So I turned to a Japanese hairstylist friend for help to find out more about Tokio... and he came back raving! He shared with me that TOKIO is offered as a premium new rebonding / perming solution in top Japanese hair salons! The special thing about TOKIO is its active ingredient: Fullerene. Fullerene is a newly discovered, Nobel Prize awarded chemical that is 175x stronger than Vitamin C in its antioxidant powers! Among many other benefits, Fullerene helps to shield the hair against harmful UV rays to prevent cuticles from frizzing. TOKIO de Sinka also contains a special patented aggregation technique to propel Fullerene and other amino acids deep into the hair cortex so that it can repair the hair during the perm itself. 

After hearing this, I was super hyped! 

Could TOKIO de Sinka give me and other Beauty Undercover readers beautiful curls without frizziness?

Immediately, I made an appointment with Zinc Korean Hair Salon to try it out for myself!

July 2016

This is how my hair looks like before the perm began.

Yes, my hair has grown quite a bit. 

I have not had the time to perm my hair for the past 9 months thanks to motherhood :D 

before perm back

The top half of my hair is mostly straight because thats my natural hair texture. 

The bottom half still retained quite a bit of curls from my last perm by Justin... although they have turned dry and frizzy. 

Can't wait to chop off some parts of the hair for a shorter perm!


The stylist who attended to me is Enya, the bubbly young Korean stylist who joined Zinc not too long ago! As she came from Korea a few months ago, her command of English still needs improvement. However, consultation was not an issue for me as we communicated via broken English + iPad of hairstyles she had in her hands. 

After sharing with her my preferences for an above-shoulder perm, she sent me off for the first step in the perm: hair wash.

Lemongrass Scented Hair Wash

Tokio inkarami shampoo (lemongrass scent)

A whiff of lemongrass filled the air as the hair assistant massaged the shampoo onto my head and gave me one of the most awesome head massage ever! 

Sorry for looking unglam - I'm simply enjoying the massage and entering into dreamland!

hair wash


tea and biscuit

Back at the seat, I was offered some biscuits and tea while Enya prepared for the haircut!


My hair immediately felt lighter after she cut several inches off!


Application of Tokio 0 Pre-Treatment

Perm lotion is usually quite damaging (regardless of brand) as it needs to break all the existing bonds for retexturizing to be possible. A good salon will therefore apply pre-treatment to make sure that the hair is strengthened before applying the perm lotion. Some salons may charge you additional cost for application of pre-treatment. 

Fortunately, for Tokio de Sinka, the pre-treatment is already included as part of the perm process! The pre-treatment uses the Tokio Inkarami 0, a treatment that contains keratins and amino acids to repair the hair and strengthen it before application of perm lotion. 

It also contains various ingredients that help to promote penetration of the perm lotion and next few treatments!

tokio o pre treatment

Application of Perm Lotion

tokio de sinka perm lotion

As usual, there are 4 different types of perm lotion catering to different hair types with different levels of damage.

(EX1 is not pictured here!)

applying perm lotion

Enya mixed various levels of perm lotion for different parts of my hair. To speed up absorption, Enya then massaged the perm lotion into the hair. 

For normal perms, the stylist will then leave the hair for 15 to 30 minutes for the perm lotion to penetrate the hair.

However, for Tokio de Sinka, Enya actually applied the Tokio 2M Treatment on top of the perm lotion afterwards to replenish any amino acids lost during the process! The fullerene within the Tokio 2M Treatment also helps to reduce oxidation and damage.


After washing off the perm lotion, Enya began rolling my hair to create the desired curls!


She even rolled my fringe for a slight wave!

fringe curl

The rollers are then connected to a digital perm machine to be heated up.

Application of Neutralizer

The rollers were removed and my hair re-rolled for the application of neutralizer. 

Application of Neutralizer

After she was done, I had to wait for another 15 minutes for the neutralizer to be absorbed. 

waiting foe neutraliser to be absorbed

Hair Wash + Blowdry

Tokio 4M Inkarami

Soon it was time for my last hair wash of the day.

Tokio 4M Inkarami is applied at the basin and massaged into the hair! This contains 13 types of vegetable oils, ceramide and 18MEA to form a protective barrier around each hair strand, so the hair remains soft and smooth after the perm!


Back at the seat, the Outkarami therapy oil is applied to the hair before blowdry.


A blowdry later... 

after tokio de sinka perm
after tokio perm
after tokio perm
after tokio perm

I love the shorter bouncier curls!

Right after the perm, I've had friends telling me how the shorter perm suited me better. 

(Yes I know :D)

However, the litmus test isn't how good the perm looks that day.

For me, it is 

1) how well the curls hold

2) is my hair smooth or frizzy days after!

I have therefore taken photos of my hair 2 days after the perm and 20 days after the perm to let you see the results!

2 days after the perm

2 days after tokio perm

These are my curls after some simple blowdrying. (Love how the curls fall into place so easily after the perm!)

The curls are still there (whew!) and nicely framed my face to make it look smaller.

The curls were soft. However, it was not as soft as I expected them to be. 

I asked Nicky for help again and he asked me about the shampoo I was using.

Oops... I was using Shiseido Fuente Shampoo, which is supposed to be a scalp shampoo that strips off the scalp's oiliness. This however also causes the hair moisture to be stripped off, making it not as soft as I wanted it to be. 

So I went to get the Tokio IE Shampoo, Treatment (conditioner) and Outkarami Therapy Oil, the 3 products which were used in the process. 

I could feel the difference immediately after using the full Tokio set.

My hair immediately became softer, more moisturized and more bouncy!

What I did not expect is that my scalp also became less oily and my hair loss condition also improved after 1-2 weeks of use. Now, I'm not saying that the Tokio Shampoo helps with oily scalp and hair loss. (I'm not sure about that)

However, the previous shampoo I bought from Qoo10 may have been too strong for my scalp. It was stripping off so much of my natural scalp oils that it made my scalp more oily (I think). 

The Tokio IE Shampoo is significantly gentler on the scalp and is also much more moisturizing for the hair. As a bonus, I LOVE the lemongrass scent!

Will continue using it to see how it goes!

20 Days after the Perm

So this is how I look like 20 days after the perm after some simple blowdry (by myself). 

I've been using the Tokio IE Shampoo and Treatment everyday. I also apply the Outkarami Therapy Oil before blowdry to protect the hair!

20 days after tokio perm

Yes, the curls were still obvious where I want it to be obvious. 

And this time, it is clear even from the photos that my hair has become softer!

Amazingly, my hair still feels as soft as the first day my hair got permed! 

Overall Conclusions

The newly launched Tokio de Sinka Perm isn't yet the Perfect Perm but its pretty close! 

I've permed my hair for a month now and it still feels like I did a hair treatment a day before. My hair also looks visually more moisturized (not as dry) so I also stopped getting comments from hairstylists to go for hair treatments.

The curls were also visibly bouncier than my previous perms, especially after I switched to using the Tokio Shampoo, Treatment and Outkarami Therapy Oil!

I'm happy with the curls overall although a teeny tiny bit of me wished that the curls could be just a little tighter this time. Nicky mentioned that it is possible to go for smaller curls but Enya believed that this level of curl would suit me best. I did get lots of compliments so I'm happy with it. 

Overall, I would highly recommend readers to go for Tokio de Sinka perm at Zinc Korean Hair Salon! My hair remained moisturized a month after the perm and the curls held on well. As Tokio de Sinka is newly launched, do go for perm specialists who've tried the Tokio de Sinka perm numerous times like Zinc Korean Hair Salon and Act Point Salon for best results! 

If you want to find out more about the Tokio de Sinka perm, read on here.

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