Give your Holiday Hair Volume without Frizz with Tokio de Sinka Volume Rebonding

Published on Aug 11, 2016

Before going for a vacation, invest in your hair to make every holiday photo an instagram-worthy one!

If your hair is thin and flat, a low-damage volume rebonding like Tokio de Sinka can give your hair easily manageable volume without causing frizzy ends or needing to tong your hair every morning!

(Yes, it means that you don't have to bring along your hair curler as well!)

Check out Agent J's experience with Tokio de Sinka Volume Rebonding at Koinonia Hair Salon to see how it turned out for her!

July 2016

Hi I'm Agent J, a university student in my third year!

I've just completed my internship and will be headed for an overseas exchange in Italy in a month's time.  Just before I go, however, I wanted to fix my hair since it’s been a while since I've done anything to it. In fact, the most recent thing I did was to get some highlights in January.

Before Volume Rebonding using Tokio Sinka
Before Volume Rebonding using Tokio Sinka

While I have always liked my naturally wavy hair, I find that my hair tends to frizz and become rather untenable especially when Singapore gets too humid and wet. Even after applying various hair products like argan oil, it can still be very uncooperative. 

I wasn’t sure if Italian salons could do anything much for Asian hair so I was hoping to change it up a little in Singapore before I go. When Agent G heard about my predicament, she suggested that I try the latest Tokio Sinka Volume Rebonding.

I’m not sure if you guys know, but contrary to what its name suggests, volume rebonding isn’t only about rebonding at all! Rather, it combines both curls, to give you volume where it’s needed, and rebonding, to tame any frizz or flyaway hairs that most of us living in Singapore are so prone to. 

 Tokio Sinka is the latest Japanese straightening solution that incorporates many treatment ingredients within the rebonding service. Furthermore, it contains the Nobel-prize-awarded ingredient Fullerene - currently the world's best antioxidant that protects our hair as well. I made an appointment with Koinonia Salon, one of the first few Korean hair salons offering this service, to try it out for myself!

Although the service was done about 2 weeks prior to this review, I chose to write this post only now so that I could have some time to observe the new hair – some treatments only last a week max at most and I definitely don’t want to introduce anything like that to you guys!

I'm happy to say that Koinonia really delivered! So please read on if you think my review could possibly help you decide whether to get their volume rebonding done for yourself!

The process is rather lengthy (~ 4.5 hours), so I’ll break it up into a couple of steps:

Step 1: Consultation

The stylist who attended to me is Cynthia, one of Koinonia's Creative Directors. 

Consultation at Koinonia Salon

Cynthia was extremely thorough with the consultation, asking me various questions to ascertain the style of Volume Rebonding I wanted. As my hair texture was slightly fine, she suggested S-curl hair ends that would give my hair the volume I hoped to get (instead of the C-curl ends which seem so popular now) 

Cynthia also shared with me that the Tokio Sinka Rebonding was especially suited for my hair texture. Mainly because it incorporates many treatment ingredients (such as keratins and amino acids) from their patented Tokio Inkarami hair treatment technology that help to protect the hair even as it rebonds and perms. That's why even those of us with thin hair textures can go for this rebonding / perm without the worry that it will make our hair too frizzy.

In fact, my hair may even be softer after the rebonding since Tokio Sinka would repair any existing hair damage as well.

Isn't that quite amazing?

Really couldn’t wait to bid my dry and listless hair goodbye!

Consultation at Koinonia Salon

Step 2: Haircut

Hair Wash at Koinonia Hair Salon

I also got one of the best hair washes ever in a salon by Gino, the hair technician at Koinonia! 

This was only the first of many hair washes of the day and I can only say that he is so good, I dozed off every single time.


After my first wash by Gino,  Cynthia trimmed my hair and did away with the split ends.

Step 3: Application of Rebonding Lotion

Before applying the rebonding lotion, Cynthia first put on a visor-like plastic film for me to prevent any of the lotion from getting onto my face and messing up my makeup.

I thought this was really attentive of them!

visor-like plastic film

With Gino's help, she then proceeded to apply the rebonding lotion to my hair. 

rebonding lotion

Essentially, what the lotion does is to break the existing bonds so that my hair is no longer wavy.

This step is usually quite damaging but because of what is added into Tokio Sinka (specifically Fullerene and Keratin), the damage is minimized. Instead, it helps to improve our hair's elasticity to achieve long-lasting curls / straightened hair!

cling wrap

To speed up the process, a plastic film was used to cover my hair so that the body heat would improve absorption.

heat machine

Heat was then used at the end of the process to further speed up absorption.

Step 4: Creating the Shape

Once Cynthia was satisfied to the extent to which the hair was processed, I went for yet another hair wash.

The wash prepped my hair for the next step: creating the shape!

straight and curl

As I specified that I wanted easy-to-maintain hair at the top and some volume at the bottom, Cynthia used a straighter to straighten the top half of my hair and created curls at the bottom half.

She did it in one stroke, making it more voluminous. As both the rebonding and perming was done at the same time, the process was also greatly accelerated!


Still, this is the longest part of the process. After the ends were sufficiently curled, they were then curled around the rods and fixed using digital clips.


This is how it looks like when the curlers are all up!

root perm

The curlers are then connected to the digital perm machine to be heated up (for the creation of the S curls).

In the meantime, Cynthia worked to give me a little bit of a root perm at the top.

Step 5: Applying Neutralizer

As the shape is now created, the next step would be to set it with a neutralizer.

Applying Neutralizer

After unwinding my hair from the clips, Gino and Cynthia applied a generous amount of neutralizer for me before I went for yet another wash.

Applying Neutralizer

Step 6: Wash and a Quick Blow-dry

Blow Dry

By this point, I could hardly wait to find out what my new curls looked like (I’d been in the salon for 4 hours by then!) so you can see me being ridiculously excited when Cynthia started the blow drying.


Ready to see my transformation?

before and after
before and after back view
before and after front

This was what we achieved after the team’s effort on my hair!

after back view

It was a really relaxing 4 hours for me while they worked their magic and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I kept asking my boyfriend who was there with me to touch and feel how soft my hair was!



To sustain the effects of soft, bouncy rebonded hair, Cynthia suggested that I use the Tokio Inkarami Shampoo, Conditioner and Tokio Outkarami Therapy Oil religiously. 

Tokio inkarami shampoo

Although I wasn’t the kind to do any sort of maintenance for my hair after the session, Cynthia assured me that a simple application of the Outkarami Therapy Oil would be sufficient to maintain the shape of my curls. 

Tokio inkarami

Update: Two Days After

I washed my hair the day after.

Loved the shampoo's lemongrass scent because it made my hair smell really fresh and citrusy in the shower!

Using the Therapy Oil was also a breeze and I must say that it isn't sticky at all.

My hair is much more manageable now with some volume at the ends!

This is how my hair looks after a simple blowdry.

2 days after
2 days after

Update: 10 Days Later

I’ve been using the aftercare products religiously for the past week and I’m honestly very impressed that my hair still feels just as soft as it did when I left the salon 10 days ago.

10 days after
10 days after
10 days after Tokio Volume Rebonding at Koinonia Salon

Update: 20 Days Later

Updating this page from London, where I'm currently on vacation! 

This is how my hair looks without any further styling on normal days, other than blowdrying it daily. 

20 days after Tokio Volume Rebonding at Koinonia Salon
10 days after Tokio Volume Rebonding at Koinonia Salon
20 days after Tokio Volume Rebonding at Koinonia Salon
20 days after Tokio Volume Rebonding at Koinonia Salon

- End of Updates - 

I’ve always been switching it up between different salons but after my experience with Cynthia, Gino and everyone else in the Koinonia team, I think I’ll be sticking with them for quite a while now!

Thank you Shua for welcoming me so warmly to your salon, Cynthia for your incredible skills and Gino for your amazingly gentle hair washes!

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