From Tweety Bird to Manageable Curls: Tokio de Sinka Saved Agent SH's Bad Korean Perm

Published on Aug 26, 2016

Do you know the feeling when a hairstylist overprocesses your hair and leaves you with fried frizzy maggi mee hair? 

Yes, Agent SH was super distressed after a really bad Korean perm left her hair dry, frizzy and worse, unbalanced! 

Read below to see what Act Point Salon did to rescue her perm!

Ever since I've cut away my long hair, my friends and colleagues have been asking me this question, 

"Do you regret cutting your hair?"

Of course not!

Short hair makes me look younger, more radiant, and happier! :) 

Not long ago, I had to perm my hair for a commercial shoot shortly after I cut my hair short. With clumsy hands like me, I really have no talent in managing hard curls. The stylists always make it look  so easy. 

With a busy work schedule, I really wanted a style that is easy to maintain, yet looks chic and modern at the same time. Just in time, I was invited for a sponsored visit at Act Point Salon

Stage 0: Before

I did a commercial shoot that featured Korean hairstyles recently. I was therefore given a Korean cold perm to achieve the look. However, I was unable to style the Korean look on my own so I looked more like a mangled mess at best, an ajumma at worst! :0

I was helpless!

messy hair before tokio sinka perm at act point salon

Due to the cold perm, my smooth, short hair was gone once again. It was frizzy and messy. From the sides, my hair actually looked like a triangular pyramid. And I began to resemble more and more like a Tweety Bird. Hahaha

failed korean perm before tokio sinka perm at act point salon
before back view

Stage 1: Consultation

My journey up to Act Point Salon was pretty unique. As Midpoint Orchard building (which is opposite 313 Somerset) has been around for many years, the interior paled in comparison to the neighboring, newer shopping malls. The escalator broke down the day that I was there, so I had to take the stairs. Shops located there were old too. At the back of my mind, I was already wondering if Act Point Salon could deliver and meet my standards.

Totally unnecessary.

Act Point Salon is a whole new league by itself. The interior was beautiful yet classy. There were huge mirrors everywhere. You could even oversee the orchard road through the windows.

act point salon

After entering, I was introduced to Bro, the manager of Act Point Salon. He has very unique name! I guess probably guys like to call each other "bro". So in the end he adopted Bro as his name. Haha.

I spoke to Bro about my concerns and he too, felt that the hairstyle was not suitable for me. After running his fingers through my hair, I seemed to have inconsistent "bends" at the back of my head. He wasn't sure if that was a result of bad perm or that the bends were marks left behind by rubber bands. In any case, the best way is to wash my hair first and we would be able to know.

consultation at act point salon

Stage 2: Hair Wash and Second Consult

Hair wash at Act Point Salon

After washing my hair, Bro recommended removing the old hard curls and giving me softer, relaxed curls via digital perm. I'm open to his suggestion, as long as I look good. Hahaha

I didn't like my pyramid head, neither did Bro. The sides were not flattering.

after hair wash
after hair wash

And so, Bro did his magic and snipped away!

Stage 3: Hair Cut

Haircut at Act Point Salon

Cutting away the pyramid hair.

Haircut at Act Point Salon
Haircut at Act Point Salon

Stage 4: Pre-Treatment

And now, it's time for the digital perm. Before do so, Bro applied pre-treatment solution to the length of my hair where he would be perming to protect the hair before starting the treatment.

pre treatment
pre treatment

Stage 5: Perm Lotion

Perming your hair can leave your hair feeling dry and that is the case especially for my hair. In fact, Bro mentioned that he normally wouldn't recommend perming an already permed hair as it can cause the hair to be really frizzy.

 Tokio de Sinka is the only brand of perm lotion he dares to use on my hair because it contains many treatments and ingredients that help to repair the damaged hair while perming it, leaving your hair feeling smooth at the ends. 

Really meh?


Initially I was skeptical too. It sounded as if treatment was added to the perm lotion in order to make my hair smooth. But wouldn't it be counter effective to have that in the perm lotion or that it might affect the overall effect of the perm? Apparently not!! Continue reading and see the results yourself.

Tokio de sinka

Apparently, Tokio de Sinka contains this very special ingredient called Fullerene. It is a very powerful antioxidant that protects the hair from UV rays and damage from the hair chemicals. The Tokio company managed to create a new aggregation process to propel the Fullerene and other amino acids deep within the cortex of the hair so that it can protect my hair for a longer period of time!

Can't wait to see the results!

applying perm lotion

Bro applied the perm lotion to the mid of my hair where it would be permed.

Perm lotion
applying perm lotion
applying perm lotion

Stage 6: Blow dry and Treatment

After washing away the perm lotion, my hair already felt smoother! 

after wash

Leave-on treatment was then sprayed onto my hair and eventually blow-dried.

Leave-on treatment
blow dry

Touch, touch, smell, smell. Hair feels so smooth :)

Smooth hair

My hair smelt of lemon-grass, which was very refreshing!

Hair smelt like lemongrass

Stage 7: Curling hair

Time to create the curls. Digital perm uses heat to create the curls that are much more natural and less damaging to the hair. The curler rolls were then heated to just 80 degree celsius. For a lot of other perm lotions, the average temperature used is at least 120 degree celsius to 200 degree celsius... literally burning your hair with heat to achieve the curls.

That's what's special about the Tokio Sinka Perm - it allows the curlers to be heated to a lower temperature without sacrificing the result of the perm! 

curling hair
Curling hair
curling hair
curling hair
curling hair
curling hair
curling hair
curling hair

No more UFO look-alike machine. Look at the tiny machine. Although it is small, it's power is big enough to do the job perfectly. Never underestimate the power of small things, and small people. Hahaha. 

perm machine

After 20mins, my curls are ready!

removing the rollers
removing rollers

It looked really curly after the perm, but I wasn't afraid at all. I am sure Bro wouldn't leave me like that.

rollers for neutraliser

Stage 8: Applying Neutraliser

As part of the perming process, neutralizer has to be applied in order to "lock" in the curls. 

applying neutraliser

Stage 9: Post Treatment

No matter how mild the perming process, it is still a chemical agent. Hence, treatment is recommended to be done after perming in order to ensure that your hair remains smooth and healthy. Tokio de Sinka's treatment lotion was used for my hair.

Post treatment
Post treatment

Stage 10 : Final Cut

 Now that we were all set, it was time for the final cut to achieve that chic look that I wanted.


Can you already tell how smooth my hair is now ? :)

hair trim
hair trim
hair trim
Final trim

Stage 11: After

Here we are! 

Before and After Tokio Sinka Perm on Messy Hair at Act Point Salon
Before and After Tokio Sinka Perm on Messy Hair at Act Point Salon

Just look at how much volume Bro gave me at the top and how he managed to sculpt my hair shape to make me look more human :D

Now I'm gonna spam your page with photos of my face. Haha

After Tokio Sinka Perm
After Tokio Sinka Perm
After Tokio Sinka Perm
after perm
After Tokio Sinka perm
After perm
After tokio sinka perm outdoor
After perm
After perm
After perm
After perm
After tokio sinka perm
After perm

I love it!

Bro also advised me to get the Tokio de Sinka shampoo and treatment to go with the perm as it helps to prolong the perm results. Given that my hair is still soft and moisturized a month after the perm, I think it works!

According to Agent G, the shampoo and treatment are ESSENTIAL to make sure that the perm stays non-frizzy as it replenishes the Fullerene and amino acids that may be lost through shampooing your hair. Therefore, do purchase their shampoo and treatment (conditioner) if you want your curls to last long.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it was a pleasant experience perming my hair at Act Point Salon. Stylist Bro was very friendly, patient and rolled in the hair curls meticulously by himself. He was very knowledgeable. He knows what he is good at and delivers the results. My hair doesn't have any chemical smell too. Location is very convenient and easily accessible. The only downside is that you probably have to climb two or three levels up to their salon if the escalators break down again. Hahaha.

For major salons, business is usually very good over the weekends. Stylist's off days would then fall on weekday as they would want to ensure they have sufficient manpower on weekend.

Over at Act Point, they are closed on Sunday.

I thought it was crazy. But then again, it also reflects how good their businesses are during weekdays that they could afford to close doors on Sunday. Not just for the outlet at Midpoint Orchard, but also at Bugis Shaw Towers and Singapore Shopping Centre. 

I think the purpose of visiting a stylist is to make you feel confident and pretty when you leave the salon.

Act Point nailed it.

Hope you all will have nice permed hair too!

Signing off,

Agent S

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