20 Most Popular Shades of Brown in Singapore RIGHT NOW

Published on May 19, 2020

Brown has always been a classic hair colour as it is appropriate for every occasion and adds dimension without causing too much damage - to both your hair and wallet as it fades beautifully and you don't even have to worry about retouch if you choose a shade that is similar to your natural colour.

If you need some inspiration on what browns are cool to carry off, here are the 20 most requested brown hair colours in Singapore right now ...

1. No-Bleach Matte Brown

Sometimes, the most beautiful brown is also the simplest one: the no-bleach matte brown hair colour. 

No Bleach Matte Brown Hair Colour

Risel Japanese Hair Salon

It is cheap and doesn't even damage your hair much since no bleaching is required, leaving your hair looking healthy and shiny afterward! Call us boring but this is still one of our favorite brown color styles yet.

No Bleach Matte Brown Hair Colour

2. Babylights

Want to add a bit of dimension while still looking naturally beautiful? Babylights is probably the right style for you. Babylights are delicate highlights created using a very fine hair color technique to mimic the subtle, dimensional hair color seen on children's hair. They look natural and sun-kissed yet gives your hair that extra something. 

Brown Babylights

Izumi Salon

Babylights often require bleaching and look especially gorgeous on dark hair. It makes your curls stand out you also don't have to worry about getting a touch up regularly as you won't experience that awkward growing out phase with babylights.

Brown Highlights (June)

Straight hair or curly hair, there's no type of hair that babylights won't look good on!

Colour-Caramel Brown

Kemistry Hair Salon @ Scotts Square

3. Highlights

Wanting something more obvious but still natural looking? Highlights will always be a classic. If you like a more obvious accent, this is great and will definitely feel worth the money to you. Stick to the subtle and classy look by avoiding chunky highlights.

Brown Highlights by No. 8 Hair Studio
Redken Chromatics Hair Colour by Jimmy from Kenaris Hair Salon

Kemistry Hair Salon @ Scotts Square

4. Ombre

When will the ombre trend fade? Not so soon apparently. We're not complaining because it's a fun way to incorporate two colours (or more) in your hair! Ombré is a seamless gradation from darker to lighter.

Brown Ombre Frapuccino Hair

Do it right and it can even look like your favourite coffee drink: Frappucino Hair!

Brown Frapuccino Ombre by Flamingo Hair Studio

Flamingo Hair Studio

You don't even have to worry about retouch if your stylist kept your natural hair colour as the base.

Straight Hair Brown Ombre by Michaela Tokyo Hair Salon

Michaela Tokyo Hair Salon

5. Sombré

Meet Sombré! Ombré's shy and subtle sister - the much softer version of ombré. According to an Aveda colour expert, "The key is to use more colours; taking the darker hue found at the roots and subtly weaving it through the lengths of the hair to ultimately create less of an abrupt contrast from roots to ends."

Brown Sombre by Bump Hair Design

Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista

6. Balayage

As hair trends are moving towards the more natural look, many people are opting for balayage instead of ombre. It is a more subtle and seamless transition, almost like a mix of babylights and ombre.

Brown Balayage

This makes for smooth gradients that are fun but suitable for the corporate world.

Brown Balayage

While it can look subtle, it can look really bright and radiant as well, depending on your desired design. 

Brown Balayage

Gene by Ginrich Hair Salon

We're especially in love with this Tiger Eye Balayage Hair Colour by Yang from Gene by Ginrich Hair Salon.

7. Warm balayage

For a more natural look, you can go for warmer tones as they usually match Asian hair colours well. Find your right shade by doing your research before heading to the salon and speaking to the stylist. 

Warm Brown Balayage

 Koinonia Salon @ Tiong Bahru

As you can notice, balayage starts very soft and close to the roots, leading to a thicker highlight at the ends of the hair. 

Warm Brown Balayage

8. Greyish brown

If you're on the other end of the spectrum and prefer cool, ashy tones, greyish brown is a great option too.

Grey Brown Hair Colour

Rubik Japanese Hair Salon

It does require bleach but with help of the brown base, it can last longer than other light colours.

Grey Brown Hair Colour

You can also add an ombre to it so that it doesn't draw attention away from your face too much. 

9. Chocolate Brown

Who says that brown needs to be ashy all the time?

Chocolate Brown Hair Colour

Full House Salon @ Tampines

Warm chocolate browns may just be what you need to warm up your facial complexion and give your face some colour.

It doesn't have to be too red or warm. Your stylist can customize it for the warm brown to start at lower sections so that the colour isn't too warm for your taste.

Chocolate Brown Hair Colour

If you DO want more colour, here are some options.

10. Lavender Brown or Mushroom Brown

Purple and brown go really well together because their undertones match. When purple fades, it turns brownish so it is easy to maintain without looking too brassy.

This combination is so popular that it has sparked off a new name: Mushroom Hair!

Lavender Brown Hair Colour

Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

We're not talking about the shape of the mushroom but the hue of purple-brown you see under the mushroom.

Lavender Brown Hair Colour

Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

We love how the hair can be worn straight or curly depending on your preferred style!

Lavender Brown Hair Colour

Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

11. Greenish brown

Similarly, green matches with brown, specifically ash brown. 

Greenish Brown Hair Colour

You can wear it like ombre above

Greenish Brown Hair Colour

Or hide it beneath the brown streaks for a multidimensional look.

Greenish Brown Hair Colour

Full House Salon @ Tampines

12. Metallic Brown

If you don't want vibrant colours, go for a muted metallic brown. The shine will make your hair look extra shiny and smooth. 

Metallic Brown Hair Colour

[Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista](https://www.beautyundercover.sg/hair/bump-japanese-hair-salon-rochester-buona-vista/

Mix in a few other colours and it can look like you're in galactic wonderland!

Metallic Brown Hair Colour

Gene by Ginrich Hair Salon

13. Silver Brown

A level up from the metallics, you can go full on silver with lots of brown undertones to keep the natural vibes.

Silver Brown Hair Colour

14. Bronde

Blonde hair can tend to look a little yellowish and not suit most Asians but it's hard to resist jumping on the blonde wagon when famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian seem to have tried it at least once. If you really want to find out if blondes have more fun but not risk ending with a blond 'do that makes you look washed out, consider brown based blondes like this bronde.

Bronde Brown Blonde Hair Colour

99 Percent Hair Studio

15. Reddish Brown

Reddish browns are pretty common and tend to resemble copper. While not everyone would like to wear copper hair, you can determine if it's the brown for you by opting for an ombre style to test it out. How about a bronde + copper ombre inspired look like this below?

Reddish Brown Hair Colour
Colour-Balayage Copper Brown

Kemistry Hair Salon @ Scotts Square

16. Pinkish Brown

It's impossible to find someone who doesn't like Pinkish Brown. Even if you hate pink, you won't share the same sentiments after looking at Pinkish Brown hair. It's almost like rose gold but not quite, and at the same time looks blonde but also not quite.

Pink Brown Hair Colour For Short Hair

Pinkish Brown has stolen our hearts and you might feel the same way too! You can always keep this colour office-friendly by choosing to complement it with dark hair. It won't look rose gold but almost muave like.

Pink Brown Hair Colour

17. Blondish Brown

Want to go bolder? Want to try going blonde? You can go blonde-brown without bleaching your whole head. An easier and safer option for those who want to go brighter for the first time.

Blonde Brown Hair Colour

18. Multi-toned Brown

Can't decide between blonde, green or hazelnut? You can have a whole range of brownish tones as long as your stylist knows how to mix them together tastefully!

Multi-Colour Brown by Full House Salon

Full House Salon @ Tampines

19. Dip-dyed 

For those that want colour without bleaching their whole head - this is for you. Using any colour, you can add a pop to your brown hair. This is great for short hair as ombres might not be too much on a bob.

Blue Brown by Bump Hair Design

Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista

20. Black and Brown

If you still want to keep your hair dark, black, or just undyed, this is a fun option. You can use any of the above methods, but tell your stylist that you want the base to remain black!

Black Brown Hair Colour

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