Why is the Hime Cut Trending and 8 Things You Need to Know Before Getting It in Singapore

Published on Feb 07, 2021

Can't decide between chopping your hair off to start the year fresh or keeping your hair long in fear of regretting it?

You can get the best of both worlds with the Japanese 'hime cut' or 'hime katto' a.k.a. the 'princess cut'. 

What is the Hime Cut?

It combines blunt cheek-length sidelocks and face-framing frontal fringes with long, straight hair. 

The style originated from the Heian Period of Japanese history when noble women would grow out their hair for their entire lives. 

Japanese Heian Hime Cut Illustration

Illustration by Bunny Bissoux via Tokyo Weekender

When a woman turns 20, the hair around her ears will be cut in a ceremony called "binsogi". The combination of amasogi  (blunt shoulder-length fringe haircut) and binsogi produced the hime cut.

It is first popularised in the 1970s by Megumi Asaoka and is now most commonly seen in the world of gothic Lolita culture, anime, as well as K-pop fashion - lots of your favorite idols have sported this fresh, chic twist to the everyday casual look! 

Keep reading to find out why this haircut is so well-loved right now.

1. K-pop idols are loving this hairstyle

Everyone from Hyuna,

Hyuna Hime Cut
Hyuna Hime Cut

Credit: Instragram @hyunah_aa

to Girls' Day's Hyeri,

Girl's Day Hyeri Hime Cut

Credit: Star Daily News

TWICE's Momo,

TWICE Momo Hime Cut with See Through Bangs

Credit: Instragram @twicetagram

and GFriend's YuJu have the hime cut now.

GFriend Yuju Hime Cut with Bangs

Credit: Yuju Station

Even top actress Han Ye Seul is in on the fun. 

Korean Actress Han Ye Seul Hime Cut with Highlights

Credit: Instragram @han_ye_seul_

2. Is it long or just a bob?

Tired of flat, boring hair? The Hime cut is an extremely versatile hairstyle that can definitely shake things up, it can look like a bob one day and regular long hair the next!

Simply throw your hair up into a half-up-half-down style to hide the shorter layers.

Or tie it up into a low ponytail if you want to make it look like a blunt bob.

Short Bob Hime Cut

Credit: Instragram @hyunahaa

Short Bob Hime Cut

Credit: Instragram @_rianess

3. Suitable for ladies with long faces and high cheekbones

For those with an oblong-shaped face, the most flattering styles will work to make your face appear shorter than it is, via bangs, layers, or lots of volume, bringing people's attention to the upper half of the face too. 

Hime Cut with Bangs for Long Face

Credit: Instragram @_rianess

If you want to highlight your facial features, bold microbangs like those on Rian and Hyuna will be great for you! 

By sitting high on your forehead, it chops the length of your face down and helps add width to frame and highlight your facial features.

4. Traditional Hime cut is not suitable for ladies with square faces

The only problem is that the typical hime cut isn't the most suitable for ladies with square faces because the hime cut creates a number of sharp edges that will highlight the angularity of your face. 

Instead, you can go for a chin-length hime with chunky chin-length layers to soften your strong jawline. Just like how rapper Lee Young Ji, winner of High School Rapper 3, is reppin' it. 

Hime Cut with Rainbow Bangs

Credit: Instragram @youngji_02

You can even skip the bangs like Hyo Yeon!

Hime Cut Without Bangs

Credit: Instragram @hyoyeon_x_x

5. Combine the hime cut with underlayer hair colours for a special pop

For those who've gone for earloop highlights or underlayer hair colours, you'd be glad to know that you can combine that with the hime cut to spruce up your style - at least, that's what many celebrities like @hyunah_aa is sporting right now!

Hime Cut with Earloop Highlights

Credit: Instragram @hyunah_aa

6. It requires more maintenance than you think

Since your hair is cut at different lengths in this hairstyle, it requires a fair bit of maintenance to keep it at the desired length.

Otherwise, it may look kind of awkward when your hair grows out, kind of like your fringe. 

Short Bob Hime Cut

Also, those with wavy or curly would also need to straighten your hair to get the same effect. 

7. Salvages your overly damaged earloop highlights

Did a stylist bleach your earloop highlights so much that it starts to break off at awkward lengths? 

Salvage your hair with the hime cut as it gives you the stylistic permission to cut off the sides of your hair without making it look like an accident.

Hime Cut with Earloop Pink Highlights

8. You can get it from these stylists in Singapore

It's not easy to get this cut and make it look intentional; the stylists has to be skilled in making sure that the cut balances off your face shape well... or else it will just look like a badly done haircut. 

Fortunately, we know of a number of stylists who do hime cut extremely well. 

By Koichi from Fluxus House @ Outram Park

Given that this style originates from Japan, it is unsurprising to find Japanese stylists fairly skillful in this cut. We're particularly in love with this soft style by Koichi from Fluxus House as he manages to make it pretty wearable with both an air fringe and a lip-length princess cut. 

Hime Cut with Blue Highlights by Room Japanese Hair Salon

Room Japanese Hair Salon @ Amoy St

Want something more outstanding? You can always combine it with an earloop highlight and an above eyebrow bangs for the otherworldly hime vibe. 

Japanese Hime Cut by Shun Sakurai

By Joe from Shun Sakurai @ Chijmes

It's not just Japanese stylists who are in on the hime cut.

Local stylists like Joe from Shun Sakurai have been experimenting to see how we can adapt to the local style.

Hime Cut and Caramel Hair Colour by Joe from Shun Sakurai

We love this intriguing rendition of outer highlight that accentuates the hime cut with its brighter external sections vs the darker inner hair.

Two-Toned Burgundy Hair Hime Cut by Joe from Shun Sakurai

For a more festive vibe, you can also opt to combine it with red highlights like this hime cut by Ricky from The Bund.

Caucasian Trendy Hime Cut by Salon 5

Salon 5 @ Katong

If you're not too hung up on the straight hime look, this hime cut can work very well in contouring and framing the face too.

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