3 Trends Making a Comeback Thanks to COVID-19 Coronavirus

Published on Feb 19, 2020

3 months ago, you'd never have expected these to be trending in Singapore (and in Asia) but the onset of COVID-19 coronavirus has changed everything

Read on to find out what 3 trends COVID-19 Coronavirus brought back in Singapore!

1. Masks

Long before the coronavirus outbreak, masks have already been used by celebrities to hide their identities, normal folks to combat air pollution in Asian countries facing the issue and in Japan where people are very conscious about not spreading their germs to others. However, you can hardly find anyone in Singapore wearing a mask in December 2019 given that we thankfully don't have air pollution and simply don't have the culture of wearing masks.

Fast forward 1 month+ and you can see masks appearing everywhere... from celebrities

Mask Trend During COVID-19

to influencers,


Wearing Mask at Salons

Kenaris Salon

and for some concerned pet owners, even their cats. 

Mask Pet

It is unclear if wearing masks actually reduce the likelihood of contracting the virus but well, people are not taking any chances if they can secure a mask. Unsurprisingly, this has led to a mask-wearing trend as more and more people look towards reusable cloth masks with designs. 

Creative Mask Design

No longer just a protective face cover, masks are now becoming the newest fashion statement!

2. Short Cuts

Those who have tried wearing a mask would know how inconvenient it is to wear a mask while you're having long hair. 

Mask with Long Hair

Other than looking not so aesthetically pleasing, strands of hair get stuck along the straps, leaving you wondering if wearing that mask is even useful at all. A group of people decided that enough is enough... instead of spending time on their hair, they decided to shave it all off. 

Yes, we're talking about nurses and doctors who are taking extreme measures such as shaving their heads to minimize the risk of contamination. 

People are not going as extreme as the nurses but hairstylists have been telling us that more and more people are cutting their hair short to make mask-wearing more comfortable.

Men Buzz Cut by Picasso Hair Studio

Buzz cut by Picasso Hair Studio

It's not only the guys. We hear that more ladies are opting to cut their hair shorter to reduce the risk of bacteria spreading, make mask-wearing more comfortable and of course, make themselves cooler in this warm weather. 

Short Hair Cut_Colour_Treatment (Tomo) by Flamingo

Short bob with highlights by Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar Neil Rd & Tiong Bahru

So if you're thinking of cutting your hair short, there is no better time than now!

If you need some inspiration, head over to our article on 30 short and chic haircuts you can actually get in Singapore.

Two Tone Hair Colour and Lob Cut (Jun Park) by Leekaja

LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

3. Sanitizers and Hygiene Products

Sanitizers and other hygiene products, along with masks, are in high demand as all of us step up hygiene routine to combat coronavirus. Such cleaning supplies have been wiped off the shelves the moment they arrive.

Some enterprising florists however, have gone one step further to create a new Anti-Coronavirus Sanitizer Bouquet. 

On top of giving flowers, these bouquets include masks, sanitizers and even condoms as they are known to be the hot items people panic buy in this season. 

COVID-19 Bouquet Gift Kit

This is not something we would have imagined giving in 2019 but hey, the arrival of coronavirus makes this a pretty fun gift for your loved ones, don't you think?

Do you know of other trends that come about from the Coronavirus?

Share with us below!

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