7 Types of Ladies Who Are NOT Suitable For Eyelash Extensions

Published on Jul 12, 2017

Eyelash extensions are long lasting and require less daily effort than falsies or makeup. They are basically synthetic lashes that are placed onto your existing lash. There are a few ways it can be done but generally lash by lash extensions are better than cluster lashes as we have previously explained here.

According to Akane from Allongee Beauty Salon, results may not be ideal if you happen to fall into one of the following categories even if you fall under the following categories!

1. You have eczema and/or sensitive skin

Eyelash extensions can irritate your eyes as the more intense the curl and the longer the lash extension, the lashes might brush against your upper eyelid when you blink or close your eyes. This can cause itchiness and slight discomfort which is not ideal for those with sensitive skin, especially those suffering from eczema.

Even if you resist rubbing your eyes, the irritation brought on by the lashes hitting your upper eyelids can aggravate your eczema. 

2. You have dry eyes

According to Guillermo Amador, a researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology, "long lashes catch the air and guide it to the eye surface”. This simply means longer lashes make eyes more vulnerable to dust, dirt and dryness.

Dry eyes are common among those who wear contact lens as contact lens hinders the transmission of oxygen to the eyes. Though soft lenses allow more oxygen to pass through, your eyes are still somewhat deprived from oxygen, which makes for a less than ideal combination to wear both lash extensions and contact lens.

Dry Eyes not suitable for lash extension

If you can't resist, always have eye drops at hand and remember to apply it frequently!

3. You have permed eyelashes

Permed Eyelashes not suitable for lash extension

Eyelash extensions are applied directly to your natural lashes and having them permed will make it harder to attach them. It also might look weird or fall off easily.

Just like our hair weakens after a perm, your eyelashes are likely to sustain some damage after eyelash perming. Permed eyelashes also make it difficult for the therapist to determine your natural curl. If the therapist assumes your curl type incorrectly, the extensions can fall off due to the high pressure.

4. You have weak lashes 

Lash extensions are attached to your actual lash. If you have few or weak lashes, it might not be the best option as the extensions will weigh down your natural lashes, causing them to eventually break. The new lash extension will also not last as long!

Weak or Broken Eyelashes

Weak / Broken Lashes

If your lashes are weak because of frequent lash extensions, Akane from Allongee Beauty Salon advises that you take a break from lash extension and apply lash serum frequently to strengthen your lashes before going for extensions. 

Otherwise, go for a thinner lash that will exert less pressure!

P.S. Did we mention that Allongee Beauty Salon sells really affordable lash serum? :D

Before and After 3 Weeks Application of Lash Serum on Broken and Weak Eyelashes

Application of Lash Serum daily for 3 weeks (by Allongee Beauty Salon)

5. You have sensitive eyes and/or underlying eye conditions

Longer lashes make eyes vulnerable to dust and dirt. If your eye flares up or gets inflamed easily, you should rethink eyelash extensions because you may face more eye irritation when the longer lashes drop or when the glue accidentally gets into contact with your eye. 

If you really must, we would highly recommend you to try Mari, the salon manager from Allongee Beauty Salon. She has a following among ladies with sensitive eyes because she knows just what to do to minimize usage of the glue while ensuring long lasting lashes. Her strong technique also means that any irritation or pain is minimized... something we tested on Agent J. 

Sensitive eyes are not suitable for lash extensions

Before and After Lash Extension by Allongee Beauty Salon

6. You just had Double Eyelid Surgery

Credits: seoultouchup.com

Double eyelid surgery is often done very close to the lash line. 

If you've just gotten your double eyelid surgery (ie. within the last 3 months), it may not be advisable to go for lash extension to avoid complications. Complications can come in the form of unintentional contact with glue and simply irritation due to the longer lashes.

7. You're having flu 

When you're down with an infection, your body is on high alert and the rise in white blood cells will make your eyes more susceptible to inflammatory reaction and inflammation.

Do not do lash extension during flu

Therefore, consider rescheduling your lash extension appointment till you're fully recovered to minimize chances of eye infection.

It doesn't mean that you can't get eyelash extensions if you have the above problems...

It just means that you need to find eyelash therapists who are able to deal with them.

We would highly recommend you to go for a complimentary consultation with Allongee Beauty Salon @ Keong Saik Rd if you are concerned; the therapists here are very experienced and are very honest in giving you their professional opinion!

Even if you are not suited for lash extensions, there's always falsies.

Click here to learn the difference between the two!

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