20 Ultimate New Year's Resolutions for Singaporean Superwomen

Published on Dec 29, 2018

There's no better time to look back upon 2018 and look forward to 2019 than now.

What have you tried or done differently in 2018?

What can you do to improve upon yourself in 2019?

We've come up with the ultimate list of New Year Resolutions for the Singaporean Superwoman.

Health & Beauty

Health is wealth, and it's important to take care of your mind and body in order to perform all the tasks that await you.

1. Hit 10,000 steps a day

There is always not enough time for exercise, the goal that tops the list of almost everyone's New Year's resolutions. Instead of writing something generic down like 'keep moving', get a health tracker and set a specific steps goal to get you moving. Some say the purchase of a tracker or a fitness watch motivates you to start walking as well. 

The National Steps Challenge Season 4 is here as well so get people around you all excited and get prizes just for hitting your daily steps target!

2. Slim down with dietary changes

You know what the pros say - abs are made in the kitchen. If you want to slim down and look good, the first step is to examine what you put into your mouth. Agent G managed to stick to the high protein diet for about 9 months she read and researched about here and lost 12 kg in the course of the year.

Weight Loss Journey

It, however, doesn't work for everyone as you've got to be committed to cutting carbohydrates out as much as possible and stay wholesome wherever possible. Eggs alone may not cut it but learning to cook your favourite lean meats may just help bring your diet to the next level. 

3. Go for a Health Screening

You never know what's going wonky within your body so instead of working it to death, go for health screenings yearly to get a gauge of where your body stands and what areas you can improve upon. We've heard too many stories of friends succumbing to cancer in their thirties so one can't be overly cautious, can we?

If you find it expensive in Singapore, you can always head across the Causeway for cheaper screenings that are more comprehensive! They even email the results to you after that.

4. Sleep by 11pm

There are 101 things that can distract you from sleeping earlier - that Netflix drama, undone work, IG. Commit to sleep by 11pm and wake up earlier if you have to. That's because many of your body systems including your skin and scalp, liver and gallbladder repair and regenerate itself between 11pm to 3am. Grace from Geranium Skin Boutique cautions that you will find yourself looking more haggard and ageing really quickly if you lose sleep during these times! No amount of serums can restore your skin faster than a good night's rest: the easiest and cheapest solution for healthy skin and hair.

If you need help falling asleep, the usual advice is to

  • Keep gadgets away at night
  • Avoid eating too full for supper or dinner
  • Make your bedroom as dark as possible to promote sleep

5. Take Better Care of Your Scalp

Hair loss is the very first sign of ageing for both men and ladies and it comes especially early for us here in Singapore due to the climate and high levels of stress. It is unsightly and very difficult to hide except when you take extreme measures like wearing a wig or spraying hair fibers. 

Don't wait till your hair starts thinning before you start taking care of it, because it may be too late by then. Good scalp health starts with good shampooing techniques. Use the right shampoo, not one that is too harsh and instead, should be one that keeps your scalp and hair clean at the same time. You should also dedicate enough time to scrub through your entire scalp.

A piece of advice we hear from scalp therapists is to double-shampoo as this can help you get rid of dead cells more thoroughly on a daily basis. 

Scalp Treatment

If you need any further advice though, consider going to Follicle Salon. Follicle is by far the most professional hair salon that helps with scalp treatment without hardselling. Our favourite is the meso scalp remedy that has helped Musician SL and Agent A improve their hair loss problem significantly.

Otherwise, ask your usual salon about any scalp add-on you can opt for when doing your regular hair colour or perm!

6. Don't give up on your skin

It may sometimes feel like you've done everything you can... but your skin just doesn't want to listen and be good. 

Severe Acne Before Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

Well, don't give up! Let 2019 be a year of self-renewal and hope as we found facial therapists that have successfully healed acne from the above to the one below at Apple Queen Beauty

Pimples Cleared After Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

The transformation is so great, it's unbelievable given that it happens only over 2-3 sessions but sometimes, it's really all about meeting the right people.

Facial at Face Plus by Yamano

Facial at Face Plus by Yamano

For those of you with pretty good skin, don't forget to go for regular facials to keep your face supple and wrinkle-free!

Love, Friendships and Family

No one knows what's going to happen tomorrow so cherish every moment with your loved ones while you can!

7. Show You Love Them

It is all too simple to take for granted the presence of your spouse, your family and your friends because they've always been there for you when you need them. Make this year's birthday or anniversary a little more meaningful with handwritten cards and surprises that show you love them... you never know when it would be the last time so make every experience count. 

Father and Son Haircut at Kenaris Salon

Father-Son Haircut for Father's Day

8. Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

Words aren't enough. Your presence and company are what your loved ones crave the most so set aside a date night, friend's night or family night each month to maintain a close relationship with those you care about. You don't have to wait till you get an invitation, make the plans yourself and be the party-starter!

9. Do One Kind Thing each day

As life gets busy or stressful, many people forget how crucial kindness is in keeping love alive and relationships strong. Cultivate kind daily habits like taking the trash out, making a cup of coffee every morning can go a long way. 

10. Cut out Toxic People from Your Life

Living is hard enough without having to put up with longstanding emotional abuse from toxic friends who talk behind your back or passive aggressively put you down. 

Let 2019 be the year you start saying no to them and cut these toxic people out of your life. This can mean deleting them from your social media page, ignoring their messages and most importantly making new friends who can take their place!

11. Self-Improvement

Humans are creatures of habit, so by introducing small changes to your daily life, your mindset and actions will change over time.

12. Read more

So many things have happened all around the world in politics, environment, and economics. New movies are being released back to back and old movies are getting recreated for the new audience. Expand your knowledge by reading books of all genres - fiction when you need a creative escape and non-fiction when you want to learn more about people or the world.

Let 2019 be your year of growth and improvement by committing to read more!

13. Stop waiting, start doing!

It's a new year, you want ABC and XYZ, you want things to change and you want it now. However, most people merely dream about it, expecting miracles to happen and things to fall in place.

Yes, opportunities can come, but it's much faster to pave your own path. You'll be able to lay the basis for things that are important to you as you carve your own route to where you want to be. Don't wait for work to get done or for people to help you, or for things to happen. Be the starter, doer, and finisher yourself!

14. Be kinder

Try to be kinder to everyone around you, including yourself. Mistakes are very common and apparent in everyone, so give forgiveness when you can. Be the bigger person by not mirroring anger and annoyance when someone shows it to you. It can be tough, but when you blow your top, the person who feels it the most is yourself.

15. Make your hobby a money maker

Have a hobby that you're good at? Why not turn it into a mini business? You don't have to be an entrepreneur to make a few extra bucks. Crafts like sewing, candle-making, and painting can all turn into ways to make more money. Think you're still too young as a student? Try tutoring in subjects you're good at. Love beauty? You can paint nails or do someone's makeup. Enjoy reading and writing like me? Find some freelance writing gigs that will build your portfolio while putting some money in your pocket.

And if all works well? You can make that your main source of income! It is not necessary to quit the other job unless you want it, but now, it is not uncommon for people to have non-traditional jobs as their focus. Modern companies and online sources are known to pay generously and offer many perks, which is changing the way people are working now. Find what works best for you, what you love, and go pursue it! The world is your oyster.

16. Help those in need

Poverty remains a big problem in 2019. The poor get poorer and the rich get richer. Instead of hoarding your beauty, hair, or fashion items, why not give it to someone who needs it more? There are various shelters and donation drive that appreciate a little help.

Even if it is hard for you to contribute monetarily, consider going for blood donations because our nation's blood bank has run low on several instances for certain blood groups. Here are some places which are currently organizing blood donation drives.

17. Dedicate some me-time

Your work, your family and your friends take a huge chunk of your time away but it's always important to recharge by dedicating some me-time to reflect upon your current state. It could be a solo-trip, meditation, yoga, facial or massage but regardless of the activity, it should be reflective and help you get more in touch with your inner self. 

lavender essence

Facial at Organics Beauty

That's to us is what self-love is all about!

You can't take goal setting too seriously. Remember to introduce fun ones that you will actually look forward to for a perk me up. 

18. Try a new hair service

We can't forget about hair, can we? For us, hair makeovers aren't just about the physical change. Your hair is your crown and changing it will affect what other people see and consequently how they act towards you. 

Usher in the new year with a new hairstyle.

Mydentity Pink Bubblegum Hair Colour at Full House Salon Review

It need not be as dramatic as the bubblegum rose #mydentity hair colour Agent J went for at Full House Salon.

Keratin Treatment at Flamingo Hair Studio

A keratin treatment or straightening/rebonding can work as well in managing curls.

For those with straight hair, you can always consider perms to give your hair that extra volume.

A hair makeover will let you see a different side to yourself and possibly even give you a confidence boost to leave the old behind. 

19. Plan for a different type of holiday

Have you ever gone on a spontaneous holiday where you take off on a Saturday morning without any firm plans for accommodation or itinerary in mind? You don't have to venture far but the spontaneity can help you get out of the comfort zone and open you up to more opportunities to interact with locals without simply snapping your photos away.

20. Learn a new language

An activity that helps you connect to another's country and culture is to pick up a new language. You don't have to be absolutely proficient in it, although proficiency in a foreign language is something you can definitely add to your resume. 

Most importantly though, learning a new language challenges your mental faculties as you need to remember more, listen more and analyse more. And it is not all that difficult. You can do it with friends, interesting apps, or even by binge-watching some of the local shows. 

21. Become a better cook

There are an abundance of cafes in Singapore but nothing beats eating homecooked food... especially food you cook yourself! Surprise your friends with that awesome Aglio Olio you learnt in Italy or sesame chicken from your mom or even a cake from Cake Boss. Other than helping you eat better, cooking can also be pretty therapeutic after a hard day's work!

We at BU.sg wish you a happy new year ahead!

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