2020 Horoscope Forecast for Virgo Women and 5 Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles to Bring Out Your Inner Virgoan in 2020-2021

Published on Sep 02, 2020

Content starts here...Here’s a shoutout to all our readers born between 23 August to 22 September, with a summary of what to expect in the remaining quarter of the the year:

For Virgos, 2020 is the year for creative endeavours, so if you haven't yet, capitalise on this anything-could-happen period and invest more time in creative pursuits. Jupiter is in your sector, meaning that you'll discover new directions in your art, emerge from any blocks that 2019 might have found you in, and in fact are also be likely to find your perfect artistic and inventive collaborator. But for any new relationships on the horizon, remember to prioritise a positive outlook and respect each other's personal time.

Getting in this lighter, innovative mindset will also give you new perspectives on your existing priorities and relationships - perhaps it's time to focus on the things that you can't put a price tag on, like causes you are passionate about, and making time to support loved ones. While you may have experienced some business conflicts or financial troubles, take it as an opportunity to regroup and rethink if there are any long-term underlying issues, such as irregular sleeping schedules, or a general lack of healthy habits - both physical and emotional.

With so many prospective projects and partnerships on the horizon, you might feel like you want to put your best face - and hair - forward. Not to worry, we've got you covered with hair inspo from some celebrity Virgos that you can draw from on your next salon visit.

1. Immaculate Hollywood Waves

If you're going to highlight your artistic side, why not take a cue from some of the world's most famous artistes? There are few looks more beloved on the silver screen than the immaculate Hollywood Waves.

These consummate curls also a perfect showcase for the twin Virgo values of passion and perfection.

And with both Zendaya and Hyoyeon from Girls' Generation strutting those spirals, you know they're a classic look that work on just about anyone. 

Where you can get it in Singapore

Hollywood waves are best perfected with curling tongs, or other heated styling tools - you can bet it takes some primping to get those screen goddesses red-carpet ready.

Hollywood Wave and Hair Colour Silver balayage by Ravissant

Colour + Styling at Ravissant Hair Studio

If you want to minimise work and seal those spirals in place, however, certain perms can approximate that A-List allure. 

Perm (Michelle)

LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

Perm (Catherine)

LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

If you have relatively long, thick hair, ask your stylist for larger rollers, a low-damage perm solution to maintain your hair's shine, and a lasting cut. Get ready to summon your inner siren!

2. Long Tousled Waves

While Virgos are known for their perfectionism, the emphasis on creativity this year might be a good opportunity to slack off on the flawlessness of the above Hollywood ringlets and instead go for a more boho, beachy vibe. 

Virgo vamp Padma Lakshmi looks just luscious letting loose at 50, but anytime is a good time to give this carefree look a go.

And as Blake Lively demonstrates, you can wear those lightly mussed waves and still look like you mean business.

The look is also great for channeling Korean actress Kim Yoo Jung, when its time for some casual neighbourhood charm.

Where you can get it in Singapore

Unless you're blessed with natural waves, this effortless-seeming look is anything but. However! It is easily achievable - and maintainable - with a perm...much more so than Hollywood curls.


Perm at The Space Korean Hair Salon

Perm (Darren)

Airy Wave by Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

Perm (Tetsuya)

Flamingo Hair Studio

Perm_Cut (Jenny)

LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

3. Mid-Length Bob

While one popular symbol for Virgos is a woman with long flowing hair, this year is a year to buck trends, so why not go shorter and sweeter?

Cameron Diaz certainly rocks a bob, as does Bebe Rexha. 

It's a do that's full of movement and motivation, as we imagine this pivotal year will be for you. Not to mention - it's hot as heck, as exemplified by Virgo girl Nayeon (from Kpop outfit TWICE). 

Where you can get it in Singapore

Bobs are eminently customisable. Get them longer with a Hollywood perm....

Perm-Dainty Soft Curls_Cut-Air Bangs (Jol)

Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

...Shorter with a tousled perm to channel Cameron and Nayeon...

Cut (Chiho)

Fluxus House @ Outram Park

Or short and slick to channel Bebe. And feel free to add colours too, of course...it's all about surfacing that artistry this year.


MODE Studio @ Wheelock Place

4. Embrace Your Heaven-Given Hair

Of course, one look that authentically screams artistic is just to celebrate your individuality. Love your hair in its natural glory, forgo excessive taming and styling, and take  a leaf out of Queen Bey's book as she embraces her riotous 3C curls this year. Not sure what 3C curls are? Read our article on curl and wave types in Singapore

And guess what? She's not the only one. 

Natural 3C Curl

Thanks to lockdowns across the world, we see many more Virgos like Emmy Rossum and Salma Hayek fully embracing their natural hair texture, and letting it all grow out, roots and all. It's tremendously liberating and we're here for it.

Salma Hayek Natural Curl

Where you can get the look in Singapore

Of course, celebrating your natural gorgeousness doesn't mean you can't get your hair cut. A good crop by a stylist who knows your hair type can often be what's needed to best bring out its texture.

Curly Haircut by Ann's Studio

Ann's Studio @ The Adelphi

Natural Curly Haircut by Ann's Studio

Ann's Studio @ The Adelphi

Ann's Studio is known to be one of the best salons for bringing out the beauty of curly-haired girls.

Curly Haircut by Art Noise

Haircut at Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Art Noise is great at handling a range of hair textures too!

5. Peppy Pixie

Actually, with such massive overhaul on the horizon this year, you might just want to get all your hair out of your face to best take anything that comes your way. Time to pull a Pink, and get a pixie!

Where you can get it in Singapore

Short Pixie Blonde Colour and Cut (Kelvin) by The Urban Aesthetics

The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics

Love Pink's undershave? The precision cuts at The Beauty Emporium can help you get it just right, or temper it to pass muster with more conventional bosses.

Short Haircut and Brown Colour (Shota) by Fluxus House

Fluxus House @ Outram Park

Want something a little more feminine? Something more one-length is still full of derring-do, while being girlishly cute.

Short Haircut (Shuji) by SAD Hair Design

And wearing a pixie, of whatever length, always highlights your drive and professionalism, signaling a readiness to roll up your sleeves and work. 

Short Haircut (Asako) by Flamingo Hair Studio

Flamingo Hair Studio

Don't want to go super short? Japanese hair salons are great at splitting the difference between a pixie and a bob for some cheeky chic.

Short Pixie Haircut by Art Noise

Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Also, this might be the year to bust existing boudnaries, and for some androgynous allure, there are few cuts better than a pixie.

Happy birthday, Virgo pals! What 'do will you be wearing to kick off a brand new year? Let us know at Beauty Undercover!

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