Volume Perm is Your Best Chance at Victoria Secrets Hair

Published on Aug 05, 2016

Many ladies with thin hair texture want to have volume on their hair but there just aren't that many hair salons which can give them a lasting voluminous perm!

We hear that Picasso Hair Studio has just created a new perm technique to give your hair that extra volume while making sure that it can last for at least 2-3 months for those with thin hair (and even longer for those with normal hair textures)

Read about their new Volume Perm below... especially if you're lusting after Victoria Secrets' Curls!

(Note that the volume perm is highly recommended for ladies a month before the wedding as it can help your MUA create more beautiful and lasting curls as well!)

Hello, I’m Agent S!

I'm a scientist working at a R&D department of a renowned MNC.

Despite what you may think about female scientists, we are still women! 

Dr Amy from Big Bang Theory

Dr Amy from Big Bang Theory

We may not be the most sophisticated fashionista out there but we like to look good and doll ourselves up once in a while.

In fact, beauty has become more of a concern for me simply because... I'm GETTING MARRIED! 


I have been growing out my hair in the hopes that it will look good on my wedding photos.  

Having seen and heard many wonderful things about Picasso Hair Studio from friends, it was pure serendipity when they offered to try their volume perm on my limp and lifeless hair!

First Impressions

Picasso hair studio

When I first visited the salon for them to assess if my hair was suitable for the perm, the first thing that caught my attention was the gorgeous mural: a splash of vibrant reds blues and purples.

Picasso hair studio

The mirrors were surrounded by easels; it was as if the hairstylists were creating works of art on the canvas of the guests’ faces. Such an inspiring environment to get a new hair style!   


The stylist who attended to me is Carmen.


She was very professional in explaining how she would first cut my hair in layers to show off the curls, and then how the volume perm would give shape to my hair.

She cautioned that the perm might not be successful because of my long-term treatment with henna, and also because my hair was very fine. However, she said my hair was healthy and in good condition because it had never been chemically treated or dyed.

Despite the difficulties, Carmen reassured me that she would do her best to give me the volume I've always wanted for my wedding!

Having seen so many stunning photos of the beautiful volume perms, I knew I was in good hands.

Thus mentally prepared, my transformation began!

Hair Wash + Haircut + Pre-Treatment

At the basin, the hair assistant gave me a relaxing hair wash and head massage. This isn't the most luxurious head massage I've experienced but its pretty good! 

hair wash

I hear that Picasso will be hiring some new staff specializing in head massage after they move to their new place in August 2016! So can't wait to experience that the next time I'm here!

Next, Carmen skilfully snipped away at my hair.


I mentioned I wanted to maintain the length, so she trimmed the edges and gave it more life by adding layers to it. She then sectioned my hair and coated it liberally with pre-treatment lotion from Redken.


This anti-damage protein reconstructing rinse-off treatment is especially effective for strengthening distressed hair before chemical services such as perming! 

Applying Perm Lotion

The next step is to apply the perm lotion. What the perm lotion does is to break the disulphide bonds so that the new shape can be formed again later.

(Sorry, my scientific background makes me a really curious about the chemistry of the process!)

While the process is harmful for the hair, gentler perm lotions can be used to reduce the damage. In fact, Carmen mentioned that she decided to use the Arimino Cosmecurl perm lotion for me because it is known to be gentler and suitable for thinner hair types like mine!

Perm lotion

Carmen first applied lotion nearer the roots and left it for a longer period of time to make sure it was properly absorbed. This is because the hair near the roots is the most healthy and therefore has most of the disulphide bonds still intact. For the ends of the hair (which are drier and more damaged), she used a lotion that was less strong and left it for a shorter period of time. This personalized treatment impressed me, as this demonstrated her expertise and experience, as it was customized to the unique characteristics of my hair! 


The timing which the perm lotion is left on your hair is very important to the results of the perm. Leave it too short and you'll barely see any waves in your hair. Leave it too long and your hair will become overprocessed and damaged. 


I like how Carmen has a very systematic way of testing if the hair is sufficiently processed. First, she wrapped some hair around the rod. If the hair maintains the shape after removing the rod, the hair is sufficiently processed!

Maybe because my hair had henna done before, Carmen says that this part of the process require a longer period of time than other ladies. 

Curling the Hair

After a quick rinse, it was finally time for the curling to begin! 

Curling the Hair

She sandwiched the hair between foam insulation pads and rolled it up in big curlers. The insulation pads prevent your head and hair from being burnt. She deftly repeated this process all over my head, making sure the curlers were evenly distributed so the curls would be symmetrical.

Curling the Hair

She also used big curlers instead of small ones, as the effect she was looking for was to create volume in loose sexy waves, not tight aunty-like ringlets. After the curlers were in place, she attached each one to a computer that can be programmed to heat to very specific temperatures. This allowed her a greater degree of control over the process, so she could be sure of creating the exact curl that she wanted. In my case, she set it to 150 degrees and left it for 22 minutes (how precise!).

Curling the Hair

As I was new to perming and felt worried about the heat, the stylists were very considerate and always helped me adjust the rollers/ foam pads to make sure I was comfortable.

Applying the Neutralizer

The next step in this process was to apply the neutralizer to fix the curls to the desired shape.

Applying the Neutralizer

Carmen dripped neutralizing solution into my hair, placed a U-shaped container above my shoulders to make sure the solution would not drip on my clothes.

Yet another small but thoughtful touch to ensure that their customers have the best possible experience!


Carmen also mentioned that the solution appeared more creamy than usual because small amounts of henna were also removed throughout the process. 

Fortunately, my previous henna hair colour was still intact!

Post Treatment

Post Treatment

After this, she removed the curlers and washed my hair and applied a quick treatment to make sure the hair would be protected. 

Blow Dry

And… Voilà!

after dry

I was super excited at seeing how feminine and curly my hair was even before it was dried! 


The Picasso staff stayed beyond the official closing time to make sure my hair was blow dried to perfection, explaining how I should take care of my hair when I got home. As this was the first time perming my hair, I was getting super confused about the direction I should twirl my curls to achieve the desired effect! Despite the late hour, my stylist was very patient in repeatedly demonstrating the proper method, letting me try it myself, and making sure I remembered the correct procedure. 

So here's the finished result!


Just to remind you how I looked like before:



volume perm
volume perm

When I saw the photos of my hair from the back, I was so happy to see how beautifully my stylist had shaped my hair, with a careful combination of layer creation and positioning of rollers.

volume perm

I just love how bouncy my curls have become!

volume perm

Final Thoughts

I was very impressed at how much volume the perm created – just look at it!

volume perm
volume perm

Despite my hair being a little more challenging than most because of my fine hair texture and henna treatment, the perm turned out wonderful.

These beautiful soft curls rejuvenated my limp locks and breathed life into my hair.

I feel feminine in a very natural way…

volume perm

now I’m ready for my beach wedding!

volume perm


I will be back!

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