WARNING: DO NOT Try #CoronaCut and Other Beauty Fails At Home During the Circuit Breaker

Published on Apr 14, 2020

Ok, we know everyone might be going a little stir-crazy with the COVID-19 circuit breaker measures due to COVID-19, but attempting certain self-improvements out of boredom may result in you wanting to hide at home longer than you have to.

To paraphrase those TV warnings: Do not try these at home.

Some things are best performed by highly-trained professionals. Such as...

1. Cutting your own hair

We know it can be tempting to do some 'touchups' to your hair when you're stuck at home, especially if you notice any dry and brittle ends. But if the first snip doesn't make the cut, you might have to even it out with another, and another, until.....

Fail DIY Self Haircut at Home During Lockdown

The first snip is that gateway snip. And then even your partner might not be safe.

Hubby needed a trim and we figured, why not? How bad a job could I possibly do? #coronacut #thehorror pic.twitter.com/oRCRZOcgj8— LeAnne Cantrell (@kidsensela) April 6, 2020

If you can't seem to stop playing with your hair (or other peoples' hair), we suggest putting it up in some gentle hairstyles like a low ponytail, a loose braid, or a simple bun. Not only will this prevent you from obsessing over your hair, it'll also prevent extra damage to your hair from constant touching and twirling.

If you must mess with your mane, do it by putting on a hair mask or leave-in conditioner. This will make your hair super smooth and healthy after the circuit breaker period.

2. Shaving your head

This is one major step up from cutting your own hair. There are so many Twitter threads circulating of people shaving their heads, but before you join the club, here are some things to consider.

A shaven head might seem like an edgy, low maintenance makeover, but know this: There's a reason why you need barbers and hairstylists for a one-length shave. 'Just a shave' is actually one of the hardest styles to do because it's so easy for it to turn out angular, uneven, or boasting stray strands poking up in surprising spots. And when you give it just a couple of days, it's likely that the hair will grow back in uneven patches. Avoid putting yourself in a situation where you'll have to cover up that already sun-starved head with a hat, for a whole month or two, before you're able to go to a salon to ask a stylist to sort you out. 

Also, do consider that shaven heads are really not that edgy considering every NS boy has one.

3. Bleaching your hair

First of all, your hair will probably end up looking something like that... (Sorry JT, we love you but this isn't the look for 2020.)


Secondly, bleaching your hair without salon-quality materials can be extremely unhealthy, since drugstore bleach and developer is often excessively strong. They can burn your scalp, dry out your skin, and seriously damage your hair. In some cases, hair can become stretchy, weak and even break off! 

Even if you do manage to get your hands on some salon-grade products and follow the directions carefully, your pre-treatment, post-treatment and skill level is not the same as a hairstylist, so you'll likely end up with bright orange/yellow hair that is not one even shade. Observe JT's picture above.

No matter the end result, you'll likely end up waiting for circuit breaker to be over before going back to a salon to fix everything. That's more time AND money wasted. Do yourself a favour and take this time to save your hair and money, then go book yourself a nice appointment when the circuit breaker period is over. You can even use the myriad promotions on the Beauty Undercover page to score some really sweet deals.

4. Doing your own acrylic nails

With a hair crisis, you will at least personally be spared from looking at it most of the time.

If you give yourself misaligned, smudgy talons though, you will be looking at them almost every second of the day.

Fail DIY Nail Art

Source: Twitter

Whenever you touch something, every letter you type, they'll be getting in the way, mocking you with the promise of perfection that they so horribly failed to live up to.

DIY Nail Art Kit

Source: Twitter

5. DIY Facial Extractions

Daily TLC from home - face masks, good moisturisers - can definitely help keep your skin up to scratch when you're missing out on facials during the circuit breaker period. But as your grandmother has probably told you a thousand times, self-care does not include scratching, pinching, poking, peeling and rubbing your skin until it is red and raw.

Yes, it can be hard to resist touching your face when you're bored at home when you have extra mirror-time and acne/whiteheads/blackheads are basically begging for your attention. You can address some of your skin issues gently, with cleansers, exfoliators, and proper moisturiser, but be sure not to over-exfoliate as that can sensitise the skin and make it worse.

Cystic Acne Before Facial Treatment at Indulgence Beauty

Cystic Acne before Facial Treatment at Indulgence Beauty

Please do not extract everything yourself. We've had a few customers who come to us with deep cystic acne and scars caused by self-extractions without the right expertise and tools. These can last months to treat... much longer than the Circuit Breaker so just try NOT to touch your face if possible!~ Anna from Indulgence Beauty

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