6 Hassle-Free Ways to Get Really Long Eyelashes Right Out of Bed in Singapore

Published on Aug 28, 2019

Long, thick and dark lashes are on the wish list of every woman.

According to a video by Money magazine, an average woman spends $15 000 on makeup during her lifetime, and $3770 of that each to mascara alone. Yes, you read that right! And to think that amount doesn't include how much you are spending on falsies!

You can't deny there's something about long fluttery lashes that completes your look and even when you are rocking the no-makeup look, there are lash extensions to help you look flawless straight out of bed - #wokeuplikethis. So just how and what other ways can you go about achieving the lash of your dreams?

Lash Extension at Allongee Japanese Beauty Salon

These fine strands of hair have the ability to transform our entire look just like our eyebrows and tresses, but eyelashes are actually sensory hairs that reflexively shut the eyelids to prevent dust and dirt from entering our eyes. The number of eyelashes differs for each individual, but it's common to have anywhere between 90 to 150 lashes on the upper eyelid, while the bottom eyelid has between 70 and 80 lashes.

Eyelash Growth Cycle

Eyelashes falling out is nothing to be worried about. This is simply part of the eyelash growth cycle which consists of 3 stages - anagen, catagen, and telogen. If you want the short answer as to how long it takes to replace an eyelash after it falls out, it takes between four and eight weeks. Your eyelashes grow at the speed of about 1.25 centimeters or 0.5 inches per month. 

Eyelash Growth Cycle


Anagen (Growth) Phase: During this phase, your lashes are actively growing. This is the first stage in the eyelash life cycle and lasts between 30-45 days. Ever notice your eyelashes grow at different lengths? This is because only 40 percent of your upper lashes and 15 percent of your lower lashes are in the anagen phase at any given time. Each lash stops growing after it reaches a particular length and drops. If all your eyelashes were in this phase at the same time, your eyelashes will all fall out at the same time!

Catagen (Transition) Phase: The catagen phase lasts between 2-3 weeks. Once your eyelashes have reached a specific length, they stop growing, and the hair follicles shrink. If your eyelash were to fall out or is plucked when in the catagen phase, it won't start growing back immediately, not until the catagen phase is over. 

Telogen (Resting) Phase: Also known as the resting cycle, the telogen phase takes 100 days to run its course before an eyelash falls out and a new one starts growing. As each lash is at different stages of the eyelash growth cycle, don't be alarmed if a few of your eyelashes naturally fall out each day.

How to get long lashes

1. Mascara 

It goes without saying that mascara is the go-to solution if you are looking to darken and lengthen your lashes. There are countless of mascaras available at the various price range leaving you spoilt for choice, but all promise to thicken and volumise your lashes. Some of them, like the DDK 4D Silk Mascara, lengthen your lashes SO MUCH, you can actually look kinda crazy with them! Check out the video below to know what we mean.

For the rest of us, normal waterproof mascara is probably good enough. Just remember to replace your mascaras every 3 months as mascaras can be a hotbed for bacteria which increases the risk of eye infections and weak eyelashes.

Another tip? Apply a lash primer before applying mascara. Mascaras dry out your lashes and using a primer helps to prep your lashes with specially formulated lash conditioning ingredients to protect them against the negative effects of mascaras!

2. Falsies 

Eyelash Falsies

Besides a good tube of mascara, many women have also resolved to purchase fake lashes or also known as falsies. Though some wear falsies on a daily basis to work, others prefer to save them for a more glamorous occasion. And just like mascara, there's a huge variety available that come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from wispy lashes to ultra glam falsies. 

Be careful with the application as some come with glue that may cause allergic reaction. The extra pressure caused by the false lashes can hurt the hair follicles, causing breakage and halting proper growth.

3. Eyelash Extensions

Lash Extension at Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon

Lash Extensions at Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon

Eyelash extensions are similar to falsies but they are more permanent as a one-time application can last through a full eyelash growth cycle, around six to eight weeks. It saves you the hassle of applying falsies, especially important for busy working people. 

What we love about lash extensions are also that the lash stylist can design the lash for you in such a way that flatters your eye shape. If you haven't already read about it, read about which lash design is best for EVERY eye shape here!

Lash Extension at Allongee Japanese Beauty Salon

Chief Editor Agent G is now addicted to lash extension after lash stylists at Allongee Beauty Design managed to balance her double lidded eye with her single lidded eye with just lash extensions!

4. Perm Your Eyelash

Natural Lash Perm at Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon

Lash Perm at Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon

An eyelash perm does not lengthen or increase the number of lashes, instead, just as a perm turns straight hair into curls, an eyelash perm is a semi-permanent beauty treatment that is designed to curl natural lashes upwards.

Curled lashes give the illusion that your lashes are long and make your eyes look bigger. The effect can last for about 1-3 months, after which, the lashes will go back to its original shape. Learn more about the differences between eyelash perm vs eyelash extensions here.

5. Apply Eyelash Serums 

Mascaras, falsies, and lash extensions are all temporary solutions to lengthen your lashes. The real goal is to get naturally thick and long lashes. This is where lash serums come into play. Lash serums contain a cocktail of ingredients designed to strengthen and lengthen your lashes.

If you want to supercharge your lash growth process, you can even go for Geranium's Lash Revival Growth. It cleanses the lash and uses a special dermapen to encourage the lash serum to penetrate more deeply!

Signature Lash Revive at Geranium Beauty Salon

Geranium Signature Lash Revive at Geranium Beauty Salon

6. Making Sure You Moisturize and Give Your Lashes the Right Vitamins

Your skin and hair needs TLC... and so does your lash! Strengthen your natural lashes by conditioning them with castor oil or vaseline and apply them using a disposable mascara brush.

Another thing to take note of for stronger lashes is your nutrition. Are you taking in enough Vitamin H / biotin? Vitamin H increases blood flow to the hair follicles, encouraging lash growth, thickens eyelashes and prevents eyelashes from thinning. You might be familiar with this vitamin known more commonly as biotin which is widely touted as a supplement for promoting overall hair growth and gives you healthy hair and nails. Hence, if you are experiencing hair loss or thinning eyelashes, it could be simply due to a biotin deficiency. But you don't have to take supplements to get a good supply of biotin as biotin occurs in eggs, sardines, nuts, soybeans, whole grains, cauliflower, and bananas.

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