10 Reasons Why Wheatgrass is the New Miracle Acne Ingredient You Should Include in Your Diet and Facial Regime

Published on Mar 25, 2020

Pimples can be annoying, and it can be particularly frustrating when you get inflamed acne that just doesn't go away. Some over-the-counter medications can be downright scary (Accutane, for example, is known to cause birth defects and increase risk of miscarriage) while some at-home pimple wash / creams may actually cause more breakouts than prevent them.

Recently though, we came across a SUPERFOOD you can drink AND apply to the face to help clear acne NATURALLY. Whether you have sensitive skin or are pregnant, this is one acne solution you can safely intake without worrying about any chemicals they may put in that you can't pronounce. In fact, taking or applying this superfood will help make you healthier!

That's right, it's the unasssuming wheatgrass! Keen to find out why it is so good for you? 

Read on!

1. Wheatgrass is the SUPERFOOD Safe For Everyone to Consume

You may have heard of wheatgrass but you may not exactly know what it is. Wheatgrass is actually the freshly spouted first leaves of the wheat plant. It is commonly served freeze dried or fresh as food, drink or dietary supplement. 


Wheatgrass is nutrients-packed and extremely beneficial for your health. It contains iron, calcium, magnesium, phytonutrients, 17 amino acids, chlorophyll, proteins and vitamins A, C, E, K and B complex that will enhance your overall well-being. 

2. Wheatgrass Detoxifies the Body

One of the biggest benefits of Wheatgrass is detoxification. Its detoxification function is largely attributed to its high content of chlorophyll, which is well known to aid liver and other organs break down toxins. This tends to help in reducing acidity in the body; slightly alkaline blood and tissues delay the proliferation of bacteria and other pathogenic microorganizations. While human trials are still at its early stages, there are some studies that suggest that chlorophyll may aid in limiting ingested aflatoxin, a cancer causing compound!

With toxins removed more easily from the body, less toxins will travel to the skin as pus (hence, fewer pimples). 


3. Wheatgrass Aids in Digestion

Aside from detoxification, another highly touted benefit of wheatgrass is in digestion. It contains high levels of enzymes that help your body break down food and absorb nutrients. It also cleans your intestines so you experience less gas, bloating and abdominal discomfort.

Wheatgrass Juice

A healthy digestive system prevents the build-up of toxins as the beneficial ingredients are absorbed by the body and the toxins removed more easily. 

4. Wheatgrass Repairs Damaged Epidermal Tissues

Aside from enhancing detoxification function of your liver, studies have shown that the chlorophyll present in wheatgrass also helps to repair damaged epidermal tissues and reduces the appearance of blemishes and scars. 

5. Wheatgrass Improves Immunity

Wheatgrass is high in phytonutrients, which are natural chemicals foundin plant food. These phytonutrients are converted to Vitamins A by our body which enhances the overall function of your immune system. This helps you ward off not only flu and diseases (possibly even cancer), it also helps you fight against skin infections, which are the root causes to your pimples. With improved immunity, you can also recover much faster from breakouts. 

6. Wheatgrass Helps to Rebalance Hormones and Promote Regular Menstrual Cycle

By detoxifying an overburdened liver, wheatgrass is helping to cleanse the blood and rebalance out hormones which fluctuates throughout the menstrual cycle and is also affected by our stressful lifestyle and bad eating habits. The potassium and vitamin E in wheatgrass are also responsible for relaxing and expanding the blood vessels and reducing the blood platelet ability to form clots, allowing for a smoother, less painful period. Wheatgrass also has a clarification effect as it cleans out the uterus by shedding old menstrual clots for a clearer womb. 

7. Wheatgrass Controls Blood Sugar 

Acne is formed when excess oil is produced in the skin. This is often caused by hormonal imbalances which is aggravated when you comsume food that is high glycemic and high in sugar. Wheatgrass helps with that as it contains compounds that have an effect similar to insulin, lowering the glycemic index of food we eat, thus having a positive effect on controlling our blood sugar level. 

Effect of Wheatgrass on Glucose Level

8. Inhibits Acne Breakouts

Wheatgrass has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that will ease your pimples and keeps your skin looking and feeling its best.


As you can see, there are many benefits to wheatgrass that gets us excited. Whether you have just a minor or a more serious pimple problem, wheatgrass is a natural treatment you should definitely try to enhance your overall health and skin condition.

Do however note that this has to be consumed over time for detoxification to take effect. So persevere on! 

Eating Wheatgrass

As crunchy as Adele may make it look, the bitter taste for wheatgrass may not be for everyone. If you're not keen to consume it daily, another way of harvesting the goodness of wheatgrass is to apply it on your face. We recently found one of our favourite acne specialists Apple Queen Beauty using wheatgrass as part of their Anti-Acne Facials. Read on to see how its used!

Hi, I'm Agent N. I've dealt with acne for as long as I can remember and have tried so many facial salons that I've lost count. I've been to small neighbourhood salons but also all the big chains you can name... all in the hopes of having clear skin. 

But guess what? Even after spending thousands, my skin still ended up looking like this:

Severe Acne Before Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty
Severe Acne Before Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

You know the frustration and sadness when you've tried EVERYTHING but nothing just seems to work? 

It had a huge impact on my self-confidence, made me doubt myself not just in my appearance but also in many areas of my life. 

But sometime last year, my life started turning around. 

What triggered the change? 

Me coming across Apple Queen Beauty on Beauty Undercover. Reading through the many articles of how Apple transformed their faces got my hopes up.

Severe Acne Before Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty
Severe Acne Cured After 5 Visit of Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

Severe Acne Outbreak cured by Apple Queen Beauty

After so many failed attempts, could this be my answer to a clearer skin? 

I made an appointment to go down. Apple Queen Beauty was unlike all the facial salons I've been before. It was small but Apple herself was very knowledgeable. She explained to me about my skin condition and shared with me why my face was like that. After my consultation with her, I realized that my skin is severely dehydrated. This caused my skin to secrete excessive oil that enabled acne bacteria to grow, causing it to be inflamed and red. My chin and lymphatic glands were also swollen, indicating that I had a lot of toxins that my body not able to be removed naturally. Hence, she recommended for me to not just do extractions but also change the facial products I was using, as well as changing my lifestyle habits to promote detoxification. 

On top of her superior knowledge and skill, I could feel that Apple was sincere in helping me get better so I came back time and time again. My loyalty and trust in her was rewarded with this improvement in my skin.

Severe Acne Cured After 5 Visit of Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty
Severe Acne Cured After 5 Visit of Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty
Severe Acne Cured After 5 Visit of Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

Obviously my skin is not perfect yet but I'm sure you'll agree that this is very good progress for my 5th visit given that my face USED to look like this!

Severe Acne Before Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

This is the FIRST and ONLY salon that has given me such great results without any negative side effects. Hence, I've recommended Apple to many of my friends already. 

Wondering how my usual facial at Apple Queen Beauty is like? Read on below:

Step 1: Cleansing

Apple always starts the facial with cleansing. 

Pimple Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

She uses a gentle facial wash that doesn't strip the skin of its moisture, keeping my skin protected even as the facial wash clears the dust and bacteria from the surface of my pores. I can actually feel the difference as my face doesn't feel dry or tight after the facial. 

Step 2: Extraction

Once the cleansing is done, it is time to get to extracting. 

Pimple Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

I've been to many facial salons in Singapore but I can tell you that Apple is among the BEST in Singapore for extractions. 

Pimple Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

Even though the extractions hurt, she is VERY thorough with her extractions and more importantly very precise, so she is able to remove LOTS of blackheads and whiteheads.

Pimple Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

She is especially skilled in using the needle to remove ripe, hidden ones that that are deep within.

Pimple Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

As she goes pretty deep, the extraction is more painful than the rest... but that's probably why I can see results faster. 

Pimple Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

Unsurprisingly, my face will be redder immediately after. 

Pimple Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

To calm the skin down, she'll place cool cotton sheets soaked in toning lotion to moisturize the skin.

Pimple Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

Step 3: Vitamin B5 Mask

This may look like a normal paper mask but it is actually a Vitamin B5 mask which has a ton of benefits. It keeps the skin hydrated to retain moisture and prevents my skin from drying out. It also reduces skin inflammation and heals the wounds created from the extractions by providing collagen and other nutrients necessary for rebuilding the skin. It also promotes production of glutathione in the skin to heal wounds and make scars less visible.

Vitamin B5 Mask During Facial Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

Applying it straight after extractions allow the skin to get maximum benefits from the mask while at the same time, calming my skin down. 

Vitamin B5 Mask During Facial Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

Step 4: Application of Wheatgrass

Now for the highlight: Wheatgrass!

Apple first takes some wheatgrass grass using a dropper

Application of Wheatgrass to Detoxify Skin at Apple Queen Beauty

and apply them sparingly around my face.

Application of Wheatgrass to Detoxify Skin at Apple Queen Beauty

According to Apple, wheatgrass contains chlorophyll and many other nutrients which helps to stop the growth of bad bacteria. While it is good in detoxifying the liver and improving digestion, topical application actually helps inhibit skin infections such as streptococcal infections really quickly. 

Application of Wheatgrass to Detoxify Skin at Apple Queen Beauty

Aside from treating skin infection, it can also eliminate pustules and repair damage on the skin!

Step 5: Caviar mask

Last but not least, she applies a caviar mask on my face.

Caviar Mask at Apple Queen Beauty

This caviar mask is made of 25% protein such as collagen, keratin and elastin. Such proteins are necessary for the skin and they help to stimulate the skin in producing its own collagen and keratin. 

These are important once again in repairing the skin and making sure my skin retains its elasticity and youthfulness! 

That's all for my sharing of my experience at Apple Queen Beauty.

I was actually very reluctant to put my photos up online (who wants their ugly pimples available for everyone to poke fun at?) However, I just wanted to let those of you who're facing the same struggles to know that there is hope, you just need to find the right treatment for your skin.

Hope you find my sharing useful!


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