Why does Hair Tangle and 3 Things You Can do to Get Rid of Them

Published on Nov 30, 2020

Whether your hair is long, short, curly, straight, coloured, permed or rebonded before, chances are you probably had dealt with knots in your hair at some point in your life. Why does it happen and what can you do about it? 

What causes Knots in your Hair

Every day, strands of hair drop. If your hair is smooth and straight, it has an easy time leaving the scalp as it will just slide off the head. Damaged or curly hair is not so simple; loose curls or damaged hair tends to get wrapped around each other due to their open cuticles that end up creating knots. These knots tend to happen more often at night when you are sleeping as you rub your hair against towels, shetes or pillowcases, raising your cuticles and causing them to intertwine even more with each other. These single-strand fairy knots can cause more knots to happen so it is important to get rid of them as early as possible.

What can you do to Prevent Hair Tangles?

Since stray hairs leaving your scalp is the main trigger for hair tangles, giving your hair the slippery surface to slide off easily is key to preventing those tangles. 

1. Sleep on Satin / Silky Pillowcases

Cotton absorbs moisture, while silk or satin pillowcases retains it, so when you lie on them, the oils from your strands are maintained rather than soaked up, leaving your hair nourished rather than dry. Super gentle on both your skin and hair, satin and pillow cases are also really smooth, allowing your hair to flow freely without friction, reducing once again the chances of tangles. 

2. Cut off those Split Ends, ASAP

It is natural for hair to become frayed over time. The longer we wait in between trims, the higher those split ends travel, damaging your hair. On top of that, these split ends make it really easy to trap those stray strands, creating the perfect storm of tangles. 

3. Brushing your hair gently

Brushing Hair in Tangled

Vigorous brushing or brushing your hair too much can cause friction and damage the cuticle, in turn causes breakage, split ends and yes, tangles. This is especially the case for fine and weak hair. As a rule of thumb, brush twice a day with head down, bending from the waist, slowly and gently brushing from nape of the neck, up through the sides of the crown, slowing to the front of the head is best. If you have long hair, however, work on the ends first so you don’t move the knots down by starting at the scalp.

4. Condition your hair before Shampooing

Although tangled hair can happen to anyone, hair that is dry, damaged and prone to breakage are also more likely to find themselves battling tangles. If you're facing such a problem, you may want to condition your hair BEFORE shampooing. Conditioning before shampooing keeps your cuticles laying flat during the cleansing process and lowers your chances of getting tangles. Just remember to apply conditioner away from your scalp to prevent your scalp from getting clogged.

P.S. there are other articles from international websites suggesting applying oil. According to Marcus from Focus Hairdressing and many other stylists, this is not recommended in Singapore as it tends to weigh your hair down and may make your hair so oily, some of you may even have facial breakouts. 

Hair Wash with Conditioner at Focus Hairdressing

5. Schedule a Regular Treatment to the Salon

You may shampoo and condition your hair daily but the frequency of deep conditioning may still not be sufficient to keep our hair from drying out under Singapore's hot and humid weather... especially when we subject them to frequent hair colouring or styling.

If your hair falls into that category, you may want to give your hair the requisite TLC with the right hair treatment. We recently came across a deliciously light treatment from Focus Hairdressing that uses a proprietary concoction of natural enzymes, mixture of oils gleaned from the Dead Sea and pure keratin to detangle your hair, strengthen it and give it soft, smooth shine for more than 6 weeks! 

Does it really work as effectively as claimed? We send Agent S to give it a go.

Hi I'm Agent S and I'm currently working in a front-facing job in Estate Management..This means I interact with lots of different people on a daily basis, and am expected to look put together to reassure them that they're in good hands.

Customers don't expect me to look like America's Next Top Model but obviously, crazy hair that is all over the place makes it difficult for me to inspire confidence in my capabilities.

The problem: My hair's been pretty parched since my early youth, full of fried flyaways that make me look frazzled. To fix this, I've always 

To fix this, my hair strategy since leaving secondary school has either been to rebond or perm, sometimes supplemented with a daily routine of tonging or flat-ironing my locks. I know I'm probably damaging my hair even further, but presentability is my number 1 priority. 

I also give my tresses TLC with occasional home treatments but never really taken the time to go for regular treatments. 

Recently though, these efforts haven't been enough. My tresses are so dry and frizzy, I'm starting to find knots in my hair! 

I think it has reached the point where I cannot afford to neglect my hair anymore. A friend of mine recommended me to go to Focus Hairdressing; she had achieved silky smooth hair via their plethora of rebonding and treatment services and believe that the stylists there can help. 

Step 1: Visiting the Salon

It's my first time at Focus Hairdressing. While it is not exactly at the most glamorous part of town, it is conveniently located close to Somerset MRT, so it's really easy to get to. It's on the first level of Cuppage Plaza and so is really easy to spot from the outside. 

The place was pretty spacious and staff were friendly. Speaking of which, it was time to meet the stylist my friend recommended - Sito. Interestingly, we both came from Penang so it was pretty easy to warm up to her. I came in thinking that perhaps I should go for another round of rebonding but Sito shared a viable alternative: an anti-frizz hair treament. 

Truth be told, my hair wasn't really curly. I only wanted to rebond to get all the frizz out of the hair but if this new treatment can smoothen out my frizz, why not? 

Step 2: Wash

Once I gave my okay, we began on the treatment without further ado. While most chemical treatments will require your hair to first be washed with standard shampoo so there is a clean base for product absorption, here the customised treatment programme begins direct at the washing stage with its Luxury Extreme Celanse Shampoo. It's specially formulated to remove excess product build-up in the hair fibers and open the cuticles so each strand can soak up the maximum amount of upcoming nutrients.

Sito, being the consummate professional that she is, actually shampooed my hair twice to prepare it for absolute saturation with treatment goodness.

Not to mention, the wash was pretty relaxing too.

Then, my tresses were towel-dried instead of blow-dried to reduce potentially damaging heat exposure.

At this point, I think it makes sense to just pause and admire... the hair horror I'm confronted with after every shower. 

Thankfully, it was time for finally make a change. 

Step 3: Applying The Treatment solution

Just after towel-drying is the best time to apply the Luxury Smoother Spa Treatment solution, because the strands aren't too waterlogged to absorb other substances, but there is still some moisture, which facilitates absorption.

Starting 1cm from the root, Sito generously spread the Luxury Smoother Spa Treatment over my crowning glory with a brush.

She sectioned my mop into fine locks before application, to ensure that every inch would get its ample share of the precious liquid.

After the solution had been slathered on, its distribution was evened out using a fine comb.

Notice how smoothly the comb goes through my hair?!

I wish my hair could be like this afterwards!

The treatment was left on my locks for 30 minutes, and every ten minutes, Sito would comb through my coiff to make sure that it emerged from this session smooth and tangle-free.

She also deployed a heat-free infrared device while combing.

This technology was to promote even deeper, more effective absorption of the treatment nutrients.

Get in there and do your work, nutrients!

Step 4: Wash and hydration

Now that my tangles had been dealt with, it was time to rinse off the mixture, and replace it with yet another elixir!

Sublime Luxury Fluid - with ingredients taken from the Dead Sea and enriched with rosemary extract, seed oil, argan oil and pure keratin - was applied to my washed hair, to promote immediately perceptible hydration, vitality and shine, while eliminating frizz.

Step 5: Flat Ironing

Then my locks were dried off with a blow dryer...

...And flat-ironed to maximise smoothness and evenness.

Sito informed me that the straightening effects of this ironing would last a good long time, so there would be no need for further ironing at home. Sleep-ins, here I come!

Wow I thought this was just a treatment but hey, I'm glad to hear that it has some straightening component to it. 

The heat introduced at this point also had the benefit of activating and sealing in the nutrients that had been introduced to my strands...

...From the treatment ingredients which were also designed for thermal protection to close up the hair cuticles before this point and prevent heat trauma from the ironing.

And that was my hair given a new lease of life, in just about 90 minutes!

Before Treatment

After Treatment

I felt transformed.

My crowning glory was silky smooth, free of frizz and flyaways, and also eminently bouncy. This was something I had not expected - while I had previously achieved comparable smoothness with rebonding, the resulting hair also tended to be limp and lifeless. This was certainly not the case here.

It also didn't have the trademark dryness that chemical treatments like rebonding left me with. It felt lush, hydrated.

I adored its texture, and to prolong that same texture for months, Sito recommended me to try two haircare products: Luxury Smoother Spa Shampoo enriched with thermal water and vegetable glycerin to nourish and hydrate while cleansing, and Luxury Smoother Spa Conditioner enriched with thermal water, shea butter and macadamia oil to leave locks stunningly soft.

Overall thoughts

Needless to say, I am properly pleased with the results of my first visit to Focus Hairdressing @ Cuppage Plaza.

It may just be a treatment but I feel more confident about my hair already. It delivers on its titular smoothness, and more - I now have a fabulous, fuss-free hairstyle to take me into both work and play for the next few months.

I'm glad to finally find an alternative to rebonding that doesn't make my locks look healthy but actually are, and feel full of lovely life.

This treatment is definitely something I'd recommend to my fellow frizz-fearers as a holistic alternative to standard straightening solutions.

Thinking of trying out this treatment? When you do, share your experience at BU.sg!

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