10 Reasons Why Head Spa is The Newest Hair Service We Can't Live Without

Published on Mar 28, 2019

Originating from Japan, a head spa is a head massage that incorporates Ayurveda techniques to promote scalp and hair health.

It is still relatively new in Singapore but the benefits have proven so significant that even Korean and local salons have been introducing their own version of head spas. 

Read on to find out what the benefits are and why they are becoming more popular in Singapore!

1. Cleans Scalp Thoroughly

How many of us really take the time to scrub every inch of our scalp to make sure that all the gunk and dead skin is removed from our scalp? 

A head spa is a much-needed service because that's when a hair and scalp professional to remove the shampoo build-up, dead scalp and flakes even from the hard-to-reach places you tend to neglect.

Get it done well and you can actually feel the cleanness down to your scalp and hair.

Hair Dandruff

AVEDA Head Spa at The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio

Agent G thought that her scalp was pretty clean but look at the number of flakes generated after the stylist at The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio used a special brush to gently remove the dead skin and flakes!

2. Carbonated Water Rebalances the pH for Scalp and Hair

Carbonated Water During hair wash at Art Noise

Carbonated Water used for Head Spa by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

One of the major reasons why we love Japanese hair salons so much is that a lot of them use carbonated water when washing customers' hair and that is a major highlight for their head spas as well. 

Hair and skin are both covered by a very thin fluid layer comprised of oil, salt and water, called the mantle, which is slightly acidic (pH = 4.5 – 5.0). This acid mantle is very important in maintaining the proper moisture balance in our hair and skin. It is also instrumental in making the cuticle scales lie flatter against the surface of the hair shaft, which makes hair smoother and shinier as the flat scales reflect light more coherently. Scales that lie more snugly against the hair shaft also prevent moisture loss more efficiently, which helps hair to be stronger and healthier. With the normal exposure to the environment as well as washing and styling, this acid mantle can become contaminated or removed and must be restored with the use of mildly acidic products or carbonated water.

Carbonated water hardens the outer layer, flattens the cuticles and shrink the diameter of the hair. This serves to make the hair glossy, shiny and less prone to tangling and snagging on adjacent hair strands. Hair that is close to its ideal pH of 4.5 – 5.0 is also at its peak strength. 

The sodium properties in the water also act as a clarifying agent to open up the pores on the scalp and removes gunk on the hair for a more thorough cleanse.

3. Alleviates Oily Scalp, Dry Scalp and Other Scalp Conditions

Viege Scalp Treatment at Act Point Salon

Viege Scalp Treatment at Act Point Salon

Many of the head spas don't just give you a nice scalp massage, they incorporate special scalp products to clarify and nourish your scalp. The Viege Scalp Treatment at Act Point Salon, for example, includes application of a scalp serum customized to your scalp condition. Especially after the therapist has given your scalp a good ol' scrubbing, your scalp is ready to absorb the vitamins and minerals within scalp serums more effectively, allowing it to better regain its protective layer against bacteria. Those with oily scalp will also find that regular head spas will help to reduce the oiliness on their head whereas those with dry scalp will find your scalp more moisturized on daily basis.  

4. Reduce Hair Fall and Promotes Hair Growth

Before and After Scalp Treatment at Follicle Salon

Scalp Treatment at Follicle Salon

Some salons such as Follicle Salon even offer a more intensive scalp treatment to make sure that your underlying hair problems are controlled. 

You don't have to go for such intensive treatments if you don't wish to but keeping your scalp clean and nourishing it with nutrients with regular head spas is the first step. Just like how plants need clean soil to grow, so does your hair.

Cleansing and nourishing your scalp gives your hair follicles a good foundation to grow.

5. Repairs Hair Damage Simultaneously

Head Spa at Focus Hairdressing

While the focus of head spas is usually scalp, certain salons like Focus Hairdressing offer a combined hair and scalp treatment so you can repair your hair while you're nourishing your scalp! 

Flowerfall Treatment at Focus Hairdressing

They call it the Flowerfall treatment as it features dripping solution that nourishes the hair at the same time.

Agent M tried it and loved how soft her hair felt afterwards! 

Other than saving time, the price for the combined service is also very attractive. 

6. Alleviates Migraines and Promotes Better Sleep

Head Spa at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Head Spa by COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong

With everyone looking down and straining your neck when using your mobile, it is no wonder why so many of us are experiencing stiff necks, migraines and difficulty sleeping. 

The primary focus of a head spa is actually the head massage. A good stylist should be able to give a head massage so good, it should make you more refreshed than even an hour body massage... at least, that's what Agent G experienced when she went for the best head massage in Singapore at COVO Japanese Hair Salon. 

Head Spa at COVO

Head Spa by COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong

The head and shoulder massage helps to relax your mind and muscles while promoting blood circulation, which is why some customers swear by head spas as it help reduce migraines and help you sleep better afterwards. 

7. Depuffs Face 

Head Spa at Picasso

Head Spa at Picasso Hair Studio

Your scalp isn't the only thing that benefits from increased blood circulation. The improved blood circulation helps to boost lymphatic fluid drainage which for some ladies reduce facial bloating as well. 

Go for it regularly enough and you may even end up with a less puffy face as the massage helps to lift your face naturally. For best results, talk to your scalp therapist to see if they know about the scalp massage techniques to give you the best facial benefits.

8. Stress-Relieving and Pampering all at the same time!

Luxurious Scalp Treatment at Leekaja

Decadent Chaebol-Worthy Head Spa at LeeKaJa Korean Salon

Of course, any massage is relaxing. With your eyes closed, a soft towel draped over your face, it's hard to not fall asleep.

For head spas done in a private room like that of the Decadent Chaebol Worthy Head Spa at LeeKaJa, the experience is particularly pampering as they include a foot massage

Luxurious Scalp Treatment at Leekaja

aromatherapy with essential oils

Luxurious Scalp Treatment at Leekaja

and even steam to warm up your scalp

Luxurious Scalp Treatment at Leekaja

together with head massage and the scalp treatment. 

It is therefore one of the most luxurious hair services you can treat yourself to to relieve your stress and say thank you to your brain for working so hard 365 days a year.

9.  The Price Need NOT break the bank

While there will always be some salons offering head spas out of our price range, we are glad to note that there are some salons that intentionally keep the price within reach.

Such salons include Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon that offers head spa at an incremental $50 if you go for their haircuts

Sparkling Scalp Spa by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Head Spa at Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Walking on Sunshine too offers an express head spa at $60. Interestingly, Walking on Sunshine has started offering EVERY customer a complimentary 5 min shoulder massage... so you can enjoy a more relaxing experience even if you're just there for a haircut or colour.

If 5 minutes is not enough for you, you can consider adding $20 to get an extended 15 minute head and shoulder massage!

Head Spa at Walking on Sunshine

Head Spa at Walking on Sunshine

10. You End Up with Beautifully Blow Dried Hair Afterwards!

We love head spas as they help to deep cleanse the scalp and hair but another reason is also because the stylist will give you a nice blow out after that!

blowdry after AVEDA Scalp Treatment at Gene by Ginrich

AVEDA Hair and Scalp Treatment at Gene by Ginrich

Other than the heavenly head massage by junior stylist Vynn, their blowout is one of the reasons why the head spas at Gene by Ginrich is one of our favourites. The stylists here give an AWESOME blowout (without using tongs) so you walk out looking and feeling pretty afterwards.

After AVEDA Treatment at Gene by Ginrich

Agent KZL after her AVEDA Treatment at Gene by Ginrich

Keen to try a head spa but not sure which suits you the best?

Stay tuned as Agent G tries Head Spa at various hair salons for herself and gives you the lowdown on which she thinks of each head spa.

FYI, head spas need not be expensive. 

If you've already tried some, share your experience on BU.sg!

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