Working Professional Agent Z Loves The Cut and Colour Hair Makeover at Evolve Salon

Published on Mar 09, 2018

Agent Z checking in!

As a professional working in a non-profit organization, my job requires me to meet partners and clients on a day-to-day basis. Looking well-groomed look is part of the job requirement. The intensity of work commitments and late nights dedicated to event organization and general work however often leaves me with little time and energy to any complicated beauty regime.

My Hair History

Since my younger days, my hair has always been a challenge to upkeep. The hereditary sparse crown coupled with fine and dry hair, and oily scalp, is practically a nightmare. It is hence practically impossible to contour my round face using (nice and voluminous) hair. 

A lazy bone by nature and the manliness in me means that I am basically a newbie when coming to hair regime. My daily hairdo ritual would be basic cleaning, conditioning and leaving it to dry naturally (aka no blowing). VERY occasionally, I will indulge in a hair mask or hair treatment if there are any key events or business dinners coming up.

What I observe recently is that my crown got sparser while the loose strands of hair on the floor and bathroom seems to get more and more every day. My previously straight hair looks seemingly more unkempt and strangely, started to get wavier. The long straight hair I have been spotting for the past decade began to look tired. It all signalled to a need for a good haircut to freshen the look and commit to a better hair upkeep regime.

Why Evolve Salon?

The breaking point happened when my previous disastrous hair colouring session (to spot an ombre look which required bleaching) at another salon left my hair in a mess. It was extremely fizzy and brittle. Determined to snip off my damaged long hair (which was reaching my lower back) to spot a fresher look and lessen the weight burden which could have partially contributed to my worsening hair loss, I began searching online for a trustworthy salon. I was never a ‘loyal customer’ to any salon, as I seldom visit one to begin with. It meant that I had to start with a clean slate and literally search through the sea of salons in Singapore, with the hope to ‘miraculously’ or ‘luckily’ chance upon a good one. With a stroke of luck, I chanced upon which proved to be one of the best sites ever.

With a requirement in mind, I searched under the various categories (eg. Best Haircuts under $50 for Women) to look for recommendations and positive reviews. I scoured through salons after salons and eventually, settled on Evolve Salon.

Why Evolve Salon? Because I was sold by the consistency of good reviews on how good they are (remember, word of mouth is often the most trustworthy source of recommendation), coupled with the profile of the hair stylists (who boasted a good profile of experience), reasonably priced and near my workplace (just a couple of MRT stations from CBD).

My Experience @ Evolve Salon

During my first visit to Evolve in September last year, I was attended by Leading Stylist – Sandy Yeo. He is such a charming, friendly and professional hair stylist.

Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Hair Salon

I shared my hair woes briefly and he recommended what kind of haircut would be most suitable for me while sharing enthusiastically on hair upkeep and styling tips. Unlike some of the hair stylists in other salons who tried subtly (or directly) to upsell their products or packages, Sandy was nothing like this. He was genuine and with the customer’s best interest at heart when he told me that I should not subject my hair to excessive harsh chemical treatments in the short time etc. Finally, a hair stylist with the heart to match the skills!

The result of the haircut was beyond my expectation. It was so stylish, clean cut and easy to maintain. I never knew shoulder hair length hair suited me and my hair looked much healthier with the ‘damaged’ portion snipped off.

I was in awe and left the salon feeling more confident.

Gratified at receiving such great service, I figured that I should do my part to contribute to Beauty Undercover's community. Hence, I decided to share my experience back at home. 

Customer Review of Evolve Salon

Closer to Christmas, I received a present from the Beauty Undercover team; I was selected to be the Reviewer of the Month and was eligible for a complimentary hair colour from Evolve Salon itself! The invitation came just in time as I was leaving for a vacation weeks later. 

I arranged an appointment on a weekday afternoon. 

The decor in Evolve Salon is minimalistic. Nothing fancy but is relatively spacious and comfortable. 

Sandy attended to me and the first thing he did was to perform a consultation. 

I always preferred a brown (in my terms, a “milk tea” colour) tone but Sandy shared that given my hair texture and volume, and in accordance to my preference for a colour that would be hassle-free, a darker tone of violet/maroon hue would be more suitable. Feeling assured about the skills of Sandy, I left it entirely to him to decide the colour and trimming that would best suit me.

Before Hair Makeover at Evolve Salon

Just a quick look at how my hair looked before the hair service:

Before Hair Makeover at Evolve Salon
Before Hair Makeover at Evolve Salon

He began with a trim to remove the damaged hair ends without changing my hair length too much. 

Haircut at Evolve Hair Salon

Sandy then proceeded with hair colouring with the suggested colour. 

Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Hair Salon

followed by a relaxing hair wash

Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Hair Salon

the second round of trimming

Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Hair Salon

blowdrying my hair

Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Hair Salon

And the final round of trimming to make everything perfect. 

Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Hair Salon

The whole session took slightly over 2 hours, which included consultation, washing, colouring, trimming and blowing. Throughout the session, I felt at ease. The environment was cozy and welcoming while they constantly topped up water to keep me hydrated. Sandy was cheerful and helpful as usual, sharing more tips on hair colour choices and the upkeep during the process.

I could feel my excitement building as he was drying my hair after the colouring, ready to reveal how it all turned out.

Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Hair Salon
How I Look After Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Salon
How I Look After Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Salon

The result? A beautiful hue of dark maroon with a shimmer of red and violet under sunlight!

A very interesting choice of colour that I would never think of getting and surprised that it suited me so well! The overall new look made me beam with confidence, complementing my overall (big) built and job nature – it was clean cut, modern yet somewhat made me look sophisticated.

Kudos to Sandy for a job well done, SO glad to have found a reliable hairstylist I can trust entirely!

How I Look After Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Salon

Sandy didn't just stop there though. He went a step further to try on a different look using the curling iron.

The last time I recalled ever used a curling iron was more than 5 years ago. It usually turns out rather disastrous for me as I never knew how to curl properly and the optimum time required. With a fast touch, Sandy worked his magical fingers through my hair and the curling iron. Soon enough, my straight hair was quickly transformed into streaks of beautiful waves.

For a moment, I felt as beautiful as those magazine models! I was wowed at how easy it could be to try out different permutations to spot different looks. Most importantly, Sandy unselfishly shared how to achieve the same look at home with some simple tips.

How I Look After Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Salon

Wow, again.

Just a quick reminder of how my hair looked before. 

Before Hair Makeover at Evolve Salon
Before Hair Makeover at Evolve Salon

And now after.

How I Look After Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Salon
How I Look After Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Salon
How I Look After Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Salon

The Days After

It has been months since my experience at Evolve. As I looked into the mirror, I am constantly reminded how thankful I am to have found Evolve Salon through BU.

I loved my shoulder-length look. It looks lighter and fuller now due to the cut and colour. While the maroon colour has faded after 1 over a month (red hue tends to be less lasting as we all know), the base colour of dark brown remained.

How I Look After Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Salon

It is now more manageable than ever as I continued to practise some of the simple hair styling tips Sandy shared to keep my hair looking tamed and fresh throughout the day (eg. Blowing dry my hair after shower to prevent moisture from trapping within and causing oil to form easily over it, causing hair to look flat and oily).

I have since referred a couple of friends to Evolve/Sandy and their feedbacks were positive too.

A big THANK YOU and kudos to Sandy and Evolve Salon for being the saviour (no exaggeration, really) to my problematic hair!

I look forward to my next appointment at Evolve with Sandy real soon. 

For those interested to try Evolve Salon, they run several promotions for First Time Customers from Beauty Undercover.

Hence read more about Evolve Salon here. 

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