10 World Cup Haircuts Singapore Men Can Pull Off

Published on Jun 27, 2018

Are you religiously following the World Cup matches every night?

Aside from the exciting last minute goals during stoppage time that got us hanging onto every minute of the tournament, there's something else that got our attention: hair!

The World Cup may be about football but it's also a stage for footballers to get the attention of men and women around the world. With the jersey all decided, most footballers choose to make an impression with their choice of coiffure. 

We've spotted quite a few stunning haircuts for World Cup 2018 and here are 10 that we think Singapore men can pull off!

1. Neymar's Spaghetti Hair

We all know that Neymar is very adventurous in terms of his hairstyle and fashion choices. 

Neymar Blonde Spaghetti Hair

But this time, he has certainly made an impression with a blonde hair colour that somehow made his dry hair look like a bale of straw, strands of spaghetti or even bird's nest. 

Unsurprisingly, Twitter users started passing their judgment when he unveiled his hairstyle at the opening match against Switzerland.

Roasted over his hairstyle choice, he eventually cut his hair shorter for a neater look. 

Men Blonde Hair Colour World Cup

If you're keen to have a similar look, prepare to get your hair bleached if you have natural curls to achieve the same look. 

Men's Blonde Hair Colour by Mane Made

Hair Colour by Mane Made @ Hougang

Sport the hairstyle above and all football fans will know who you're trying to emulate!

2. Cristiano Ronaldo's Buzz Cut

No male hairstyle listing is complete without the inclusion of Cristiano Ronaldo. Beyond being a world-class footballer, this man is a style icon whose haircut is widely replicated off the soccer field. No matter which hairstyle he sports, each of his new haircuts instantly become the hottest haircut EVERY man asks for at the hair salon. 

This World Cup, Ronaldo is going shorter than ever before with a cross between a buzz cut and crew cut with a high part razored in.

Christiano Ronaldo's Haircut

He pairs that with a Goatee that makes him look sexier than ever. That Goatee, though, wasn't an intentional style choice. 

According to an interview with the Mirror, "It’s a joke I had with Ricardo Quaresma ‘We were in the sauna and I started to shave and I left the goatee. ‘I said if I score I would leave it for the rest of the me luck, so it stays,’ said Ronaldo.

Christian Ronaldo Buzz Cut on World Cup

It should not be a difficult haircut to achieve but you have to get used to the fact that your hair will be really short. 

Men's Buzz Cut

Men's Haircut at Evolve Salon

Do also check with your stylist if your head shape is suitable for the cut. Some of us have flatter heads at the top so a buzz cut or crew cut may not look as good. 

3. Toby Alderweireld's Pompadour with Fade Haircut

When polled, the slicked back pompadour with high skin fade haircut on Tottenham and Belgium defender Toby Alderweireld has recently come up tops!

Toby Alderweireld's Pompadour with Fade Haircut

Your hair would probably have to be 3-5 inches at the top to pull off the look. 

We note that Toby's hair isn't very voluminous at the top but you can always modify it to your taste with the right haircut if you wish. 

Men's Pompadour with Fade Haircut by Flamingo

Silver Ash Hair Colour and Pompadour by Flamingo Japanese Hair Studio

Remember to go for some colour if you want the exact look! 

4. Rurik Gislasdon's Man Bun

Rurik played only 30 minutes as a substitute in the Iceland-Argentina game but his Instagram account grew from 30,000 before the World Cup to 1.1 million as of 26 June 2018, thanks in part to his good looks and sexy man bun. 

Instagram @rurikgislason

Honestly, it is not as easy to maintain it in Singapore but then you never know until you try!

Man Bun by Kenaris Salon

Who knows if you turn out looking like the heartthrob after the new hairstyle?

Man Bun with Hair Tattoo by 99 Percent

Man Bun by 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok

You can even add a hair tattoo for that extra personality!

5. Tomoaki Makino's Side Part

The centreback from Hiroshima has stolen the hearts of many with his chiseled good looks and a side-part that brings out the best of his features. 

Tomoaki Makino Side Part Hairstyle

Though simple, the side part is short, easy to maintain and looks professional on and off the soccer field. 

Tomoaki Makino Side Part Hairstyle

Best of all, you don't have to do much maintenance and you're still likely to look good with this classic haircut. 

Just style with a gel-based pomade and you're good to go!

6. Cho Hyun Woo's Blonde Mohawk

Other than being known for his sensational penalty save against Sweden, the 25 year old Korean goalkeeper Cho Hyun Woo is celebrated for his signature hairstyles back in Korea. 

Cho Hyun Woo's Blonde Mohawk World Cup Hairstyle

Nicknamed "Dae-Hair", Cho Hyun Woo chooses to style his hair into a puffy mohawk dyed blonde this World Cup. 

Men's Brown Mowawk

Mohawk with Brown Hair Colour at Follicle Salon

While Blonde may not be so wearable in Singapore, the mohawk is definitely doable if the cut is good and if you're able to style it well. 

7. Robert Lewandowski's Nike Haircut

Robert Lewandowski's Nike Haircut

Poland's star striker Robert Lewandowski debuts his Nike Haircut in the Group H match between Poland and Senegal. 

We like how his "almost pompadour" was puffy enough to make an impression but small enough to be kept in place throughout the match.

Men's Fade Haircut with Side Part by Style NA

Style NA Korean Salon

To go for this hairstyle, a standard fade haircut at the side is needed but keep a certain length at the top so that it can create the faux pompadour effect without being combed back.

Add a colour if you wish for that extra oomph!

Grey Fade Haircut by Kenaris Salon

Kenaris Salon

8. Eiji Kawashima's Spiky Haircut

Spiky haircut is a staple especially among Japanese footballers, and so it is not surprising to find Japan's goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima sporting the cut. 

Embed from Getty Images

It is easy to maintain, easy to style and makes one look a lot more alert!

Men's Spiky Haircut by Gene

Men's Spiky Haircut by Gene by Ginrich

9. Hwang Hee Chan's Korean Perm

Although he didn't manage to make much of a headway this World Cup, Striker for both Austrian Red Bull Salzburg and the South Korean National Team Hwang Hee Chan has gotten our attention with his boyish good looks and wavy Korean Perm!

Embed from Getty Images

His hair isn't curly per se but is very textured, making him look extremely stylish throughout the game. 

You,too, can achieve a similar style with a wavy perm that makes it easier to style your hair. 

Men's Texturized Korean Perm by No. 8 Hair Studio

Men's Perm by No. 8 Hair Studio

Do however refer to our article on Men's Perms in Singapore to find out the possible styles out there to get the best result. 

10. Ramin Rezaeian's Bouffant

Beyond Ramin's strong dribbling, play-making and speed, Iranian footballer has been making waves for his good looks and bouffant hairstyle this World Cup. 

Ramin Rezaeian's Bouffant Hairstyle

Of the entire tournament, Ramin's hair is possibly the puffiest, particularly after running several times across the football field halfway through the game. 

Ramin Rezaeian's Bouffant Hairstyle

Still, it matches well with his carefully groomed beard, giving him the raw masculinity so many women love.

Men's Bouffant Hairstyle

Men's Haircut at Evolve Salon

See what we mean with the beard?

Men's Bouffant Hairstyle

Men's Bouffant by Project Hair @ Jurong East

But of course, you can still look good without!

Men's Bouffant Hairstyle

Men's Bouffant by 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok

What do you think about the World Cup inspired hairstyles above?

Are there any that catches your eye?

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