6 Women Share Their Worst Facial Experiences in Singapore

Published on Mar 29, 2017

Facials are supposed to help you improve your complexion and give you a pampering good time

but these ladies got the WORST facial experience of their lives at some of Singapore's biggest brand-name salons!

Read on to find out what happened.

1. Super Painful Extractions Left Ugly Scars

My WORST facial experience so far is at this local salon *****. I was having dull skin and acne problems. As this salon is close to my home and because it looks so established with "over 30 outlets worldwide", I decided to give it a try without reading reviews online or seeking friends' advice. What a mistake that was! 

The facials here are SUPER painful. I tolerated for the first few times because the therapists say that this is normal and necessary for my skin to improve. I went for a facial 3 times but my facial condition got worse and worse! My face would suffer from extreme redness for the next 3 to 4 days... and there were even scars left behind from the extraction. 

After this experience, I was very wary about going for new facial treatments. I came across Geranium Facial Salon only after reading a lot of reviews and about how the extractions here are not painful. Although the place itself isn't very posh, I like how I exit the salon with minimal redness even though the extractions were very thorough. I can also feel that the therapists are more interested in helping my face get better than selling me new packages (unlike the previous place!)

Finally a salon that does what they promise!

Customer Review of Geranium Skin Boutique

- Ms Chow

2. Expensive but The Extractions were NOT Effective At All

I always thought that neighbourhood facial salons were cheaper but that doesn't seem to be the case for my previous facial salon at Hougang! I only realized afterwards that the prices are actually higher than usual. Worse, the extractions were very painful and not thorough. I could still see blackheads afterwards!

I decided to take a chance and try Geranium Skin Boutique when I read about how painless and thorough their extractions are. My facial therapist Miko is very good. Other than the relatively painless extraction, my skin condition improved tremendously after coming for the facials here!

Customer Review of Geranium Skin Boutique

- Jamie

3. The Facial Made My Face Breakout like Crazy

What happened to Bun Bun the blogger happened to me as well. 

The facial was fine but days after, my skin began to react SO BAD. I had so many pimples and acne after that, I couldn't get out of the house for days! 

No such thing happened at Geranium. Here, Eunice was able to analyze my skin type thoroughly and use the right products for me so I never had an issue here. I love it that she doesn't try to sell me anything!

Customer Review of Geranium Skin Boutique

- Sharvari

4. Therapists Keep Pressuring Me to Buy Packages

I think my worst facial experience is pretty mild. I went to a salon in town. The Oxygen and Laser facials are OK but they just wasn't helpful for me.

The thing I really hate though was the therapists who KEEP PRESSURING me to buy products and sign more packages. Even before the package end, they would be pestering me to buy more packages while they are doing the treatment. 

As I'm fed-up with the hardselling, I started searching for good facial salons on Beauty Undercover and found Geranium Skin Boutique! The therapists here are detailed, patient, attentive and does not pressure me to buy anything. On the other hand, they are able to give me a detailed explanation of products and services when I ask for them. 

Customer Review of Geranium Skin Boutique

- Kellyn

5. Chemical Peel BURNED My Face

They call themselves the largest multi-award winning aesthetic clinic and sponsor many bloggers and celebrities but they are thoroughly disappointing. I went for a few sessions but found that my skin condition did not improve. At one of the sessions, they even burned my skin during the chemical peel! I never went back after that.

I read about Geranium Facial Salon on a website and find myself lucky to find Zi Ting. She's very friendly and her extraction is very thorough. The excellent service and improvement in my skin condition makes me a loyal customer!

Customer Review of Geranium Skin Boutique

- Jaslin

6. Therapist did not listen to my requests and Extractions were PAINFUL

Why do some facial salons think that all faces should be treated the same way? My last therapist used a one-size-fits-all approach and refused to listen to my requests. I pleaded for her to be more less forceful with her extractions but she did not listen. The extraction experience turned out to be really painful! I also requested for her to change some treatments according to what my skin needs but my requests fell on deaf ears. 

I chanced upon Geranium Skin Boutique on Beauty Undercover and decided to give it a go! My therapist Fanny would customize treatments EVERY time I go back to her, something I really appreciate! I also love the long facial massages, which some salons don't do. Most importantly, Fanny makes me feel very comfortable here... no hardselling!

Customer Review of Geranium Skin Boutique

- Natalie

If you're dissatisfied with your current facial therapist but am not sure where to go for a good extraction facial, Geranium Skin Boutique is a great place to start! They are not the cheapest but we've personally tried the facials and love how the therapists here are very thorough with extractions and the fact that the extractions are relatively painless. You'll also enjoy the long facial massage and the fact that there is no hardselling at this salon. 

Don't believe what we say? You can try the facials for yourself here.

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