Yunikon Shampoo is the THE Secret to Long Lasting Coloured Hair. Find out Why.

Published on Oct 29, 2020

There are few makeover methods more glorious and transformative than swopping out your hair colour, as countless movie secret agents will tell you. But if unlike La Femme Nikita, you love your new hue and want to keep it for upwards of a year, things start to get finicky - Depending on the shade, salon and stylist, hair dyes might need professional touch-ups after as little as a month, meaning up to twelve salon trips in a year, and major moolah. Thankfully, there are safe alternatives - Colour shampoos in the market allow you to prolong that tint by depositing colour, meaning that every time you wash your hair, your hair colour will actually brighten instead of fading. 

Of course, not all colour shampoos are made equal. A new contender called 'Yunikon shampoo' has arrived on our shores - Here's how it sets itself apart from the rest.

1. Yunikon shampoo uses revolutionary new Japanese technology for instant results 

Japan's always been celebrated for producing cutting-edge, high quality products, and it's haircare is no different. After years of development, innovation and testing by experts, Japanese company Yunikon created a revolutionary formula featuring nano-molecules of colour. 

Lavender Highlights at Color Bar by Full House

Color bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

These miniscule colour particles, carried in the shampoo's fine foam, can penetrate each shaft of hair more deeply and evenly than other brands. This means instant results after just one hair wash, and jaw-dropping hues after 3 washes!

Red Hair Colour at Color Bar by Full House Salon

Color bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

2. There are available in statement shades

If you love statement hair colours, but are worried about the maintenance required to keep them true, rejoice! Yunikon shampoo is available in a range of five trending tints ranging from silver to ash blue to delicious pink, meaning you can take care of your bright dyed hair from the comfort of your home. 

Men Ash Purple Hair Colour at Color Bar

Color bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

3. When your salon dyes finally fade, Yunikon shampoo helps them do so beautifully

Since the shampoo serves as a touch-up, it can't completely take the place of salon colour. However, when your salon dyes finally wash out, Yunikon can make the process picture-perfect. Without assistance, hair hues like purple or blue can fade into a particularly ghastly green over time, while pink or red can turn into an obnoxious brass. However with Yunikon shampoo helping to erase unsightly undertones and, colours lighten delicately and predictably, remaining easy on the eye, instead of warping into other unintended ones. They eventually fade away beautifully to a natural shade after you stop using the shampoo. If and when you decide to transition to a new colour, you don't have to worry about strange colour patches from your previous dye-job.

4. You can change colours like a chameleon

Yunikon shampoo will help your chosen hue stay true, but if you want to change up your shade, all you need to do is to stop washing with your current shampoo for 3 days and then switch to a new Yunikon colour to seamlessly transform your tresses!

5. Yunikon shampoo lathers luxuriously


Many colour shampoos in the market either have a oily, conditioner-like consistency - which can make it difficult and time-consuming to coat every single strand is properly coated - or else feel harsh and dehydrating in the colour depositing process. Yunikon shampoo strikes a perfect balance of moisture-maintenance and colour-delivery, providing a beautiful thick lather that feels light and lovely, and creating a foam which easily incorporates every single follicle of your crowning glory, suffusing it with gorgeous colour.

Your shampoo is fantastic! I like how it lathers without stripping significant colour. It’s definitely better than other colour shampoos that I've tried.- Customer feedback

6. It makes your hair shiny and smooth 

It may not feel like greasy conditioning colour shampoos, but because its formula incorporates effective antioxidants to repair follicular damage, Yunikon Shampoo efficaciously improves on hair's softness and smoothness, which you'll notice after each wash.

Use of Yunikon Shampoo For Coloured Hair

Color bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

7. Yunikon shampoo doesn't stain your nails, towels or floor!

It can be a huge nuisance when your colour shampoo decides to colour anything else besides your hair. What should be a simple hair-wash turns to hours protecting and scrubbing your skin, manicure, towels and shower from lurid stains. Thankfully, because Yunikon's rich colours are delivered via their signature nano-particles specifically tailored to penetrate your hair, they don't have that dreaded staining effect on other materials. 

Stained Bathroom

Say goodbye to stained bathroom!

8. Yunikon shampoo is suitable for sensitive skin and scalps

Yunikon Shampoo for Sensitive Hair

If you have sensitive skin, it can be a major challenge finding hair products that don't cause stinging or flare-ups. Well guess what -  Yunikon shampoo is one of those rare elixirs that are formulated to be gentle enough even for those of us with more delicate dermal layers.

Also I have ezcema and flare up easily. I have been using it for 2 weeks now everyday and so far no flare up- Claire, customer who has tried the product

9. No more fears of Circuit-breaker hair disasters 

While Singapore is doing pretty well on the Covid-control front, the necessary opening up of our borders to international travel may require new control measures. While it's anybody's guess what these might be, one thing you don't have to worry about is your dyed hair turning horrifying colours if/when salos have to briefly close. Yunikon shampoo helps remove orange/yellow tones and prevent the loud brassy appearance of fading dyes, as well as topping up on your desired shade, making for durable, cool colours from the comfort of your very own home.

10. Affordable pricing 

Affordable Yunikon Shampoo for Coloured Hair

With all these game-changing properties, you might expect Yunikon shampoo to cost a ton. However, the Japanese designers elected to manufacture their product in Taiwan instead of Japan so as to keep prices affordable, resulting in a price tag of just $40. Each bottle will last you for over a month, making for massive savings when compared to heading down to the salon for regular colour-touchups.

Tempted to try it out? Yunikon shampoos are now available in top hair colouring establishments in Singapore such as Act Point Salon, Color Bar by Full HouseJuz Salon and HARTS Salon

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