ABCs of Hair Rebonding: The 10 Essential Things You Have to Know

Published on Jun 04, 2013

Thinking about rebonding / straightening your hair for the first time? Here are 10 Tips you MUST KNOW to make your first experience a great, seamless experience!


A is for Aftercare

Your hair might look great immediately after rebonding but it is important to take good care of it to keep it so. Consult your hairstylist for tips or look out for our next article on how you can take care of your rebonded hair!


B is for Brand Efficacy

Not all brands are created equal. Some brands work better for coarser hair and others work better on thinner hair; using the right brand can make a big difference in the end result. Ask your hairstylist on what works best for your hair.

candy crush

C is for Candy Crush

A typical rebonding session can easily take 2 hours or more for shoulder length hair. So get your iPads/Android Tablets charged and Candy Crush lives stocked up to keep yourself occupied in that 2 hours.

hair tie

D is for Don't Tie Your Hair

Keep your hair a little loose after a rebonding session and try not to tie your hair for a month after rebonding. If it is essential to tie your hair, consider using a scrunchie as it does not put too much stress on the newly rebonded hair.


E is for Experience

Your hair is like your fingerprint and it’s different from everyone else, and the  products work at different rate for different hair types, an experienced stylist will be able to know how long and how to work with your hair for the best results.

F is for Film Shoots

Planning on straightening your hair before a photo shoot? Don't! It is easier for hair sprays, gels and wax to hold onto your hair if they are a little coarser, making it easier for the stylist to work on. Only after your photo shoot should you do your treatments and straighten your hair.


G is for Guard

Rebonding is inherently a process that causes hair damage. It involves chemically breaking the bonds between existing hair cells, straightening the hair and then reforming the linkages at the point when the hair is straightened.

That is why you have to protect and guard your hair against excessive damage with a pre or post straightening hair treatment!

Hair History

H is for Hair History

Rebonding might affect the results of other chemical procedures performed prior to the rebonding process. Hair colours, for example, fades faster due to the rebonding process. It is hence best to perform rebonding BEFORE you go for hair colouring or other procedures. Talk to your hairstylist about your hair history for best results!

hair towel

I is for Interval

Wait and don’t wash your hair for at least a day. As the rebonding process lasts even after you leave the salon, give your hair a 24 hour interval to keep its newly bonded straight hair in place. Remember a day is enough – you don’t have to wait 3 days before washing your hair!


J is for Judicious

There might be some pulling and heat involved, depending on the rebonding process but a judicious attentive hairstylist will make sure that it doesn’t hurt!


These 10 essential hair tips are provided by Yumiko, Creative Director for Kobayashi Hair Salon. She has over 12 years of experience in the hair industry and has trained under Japan celebrity stylist Tetsuya, Hikari dry cut by Seiichi Honda team, a certified Kerastate specialist by L'Oreal, and diplomas from Wella, Clairol and Toni & Guy.

Find out more about Yumiko and Kobayashi Hair Design, one of our Beauty Undercover Preferred Salons here.

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