Advante Water Treatment is the Fastest and Most Powerful Hair Treatment of 2021

Published on Sep 24, 2021

Prevention is better than cure.

This adage is true, whether you’re talking about taking a vaccine against COVID-19, being cautious about not showing valuables in public and even in adopting for medical insurance before any major illness comes up.

And yes, this adage applies even in hair.

Damage to Hair CANNOT be Reversed

Whether hair is growing out of your head, arm, or ankle, the moment it gets pushed out into the skin's surface, the cells are NOT alive anymore. That is why it doesn't hurt when someone cuts your hair with a pair of scissors.

As hair cells are no longer living, there is no biological mechanism for hair to repair itself. This means that if the hair sustains damage, the damage stays there FOREVER.

Effect of Advante Water Treatment on Damaged Hair

Whenever you bleach, rebond or colour your hair, the disulphide bonds that keeps your hair structure together are broken to achieve the desired colour or shape. Do it too often and you'll find your hair losing its lustre and becoming so damaged, that it starts to frizz and even break ūüėĘ

Does it mean I shouldn't colour / perm / straighten my hair?

When our weather is as humid as what we have in Singapore, when grey hairs start overwhelming our heads and when dramas tempt us with new hairstyles, keeping our hair in the virgin state isn't always ideal.

That's where treatments come in. First Generation Hair Treatments focus on only one thing: mechanically close hair cuticles after a chemical service. This is important as the chemical service often leaves hair cuticles open, causing essential amino acids to leak from the hair.

The bad news? These hair treatments often wash out in weeks, even days.

Effect of Advante Water Treatment on Damaged Hair

That is because many first-gen hair treatments use water as a solvent. As water is chemically balanced, the amino acids do not have enough energy to penetrate the wall of negative ions on the surface of the hair. So even when the treatment contains high concentrations of amino acids and treatment ingredients, most of them stay only on the surface of the hair and are unable to penetrate. This cause any repair work to be done very superficially, a little like putting a plaster on your hair "wound". Wash it a few times and very likely, the plaster will fall off. Recent developments have been in making the molecules smaller but the improvements in effectiveness have been modest.

Pre-Treatment is Better Than Post-Treatment

Instead of repairing hair after chemical damage - something notoriously hard to do, why not strengthen the hair BEFORE / during the chemical service? That's what plex products tried to do when it was launched about 3-5 years ago. These plexes (Olaplex, Wellaplex, Smartbond) reduced damage by about 20% by creating additional bonds during colour / bleach to minimize damage during the process.

Despite the damage reduction however, many could still see and feel the damage resulting from the chemical service as hair became perceptibly drier after bleaching - not surprising since the plexes reduce damage by only about 20% as it creates additional bonds at the same time as the damage was made.

Could there be a way to buffer the hair so much so that it stonewalls the hair against future damage from chemical services... even BEFORE the hair service was done?

The Two-Step Advante Water Treatment was thus born. 

Zero-Second Penetration Technology in Advante 1 Strengthens Hair by 180% (Highest in the industry!)

As its name suggests, the Advante Water Treatment is actually mostly made from water - not water as we know it but electrolyzed water made to be highly reactive. Patented and produced only in two factories in the world (Japan and Switzerland), this special water is specially electrolyzed such that the water molecule is broken down into an ionized Hydrogen and Hydroxide OH particle.

Effect of Advante Water Treatment on Damaged Hair

What's so special about this water? The moment Advante 1 (containing electrolyzed water and 18 types of miniaturized amino acids and cortex CMC) touches your hair, the ions will rearrange to form a superhighway, delivering the nano-sized amino acids into the hair cortex in ZERO SECONDS. This revolutionary new technology is what they call Zero-Second Penetration.

Effect of Advante Water Treatment on Damaged Hair

The result? Instant Repair as the base (electrolyzed water) delivers amino acids and cortex CMC directly into the hair cortex to fill the voids caused by previous chemical services, restoring the hair structure and returning it to its previously silky glory.

Effect of Advante Water Treatment on Damaged Hair

The above image shows how the hair looks, at the microscopic level, before and 60 seconds after the Advante 1 is applied. Look at how effectively Advante 1 restores the macromolecular structure in such a short period of time.

Advante 2 Repairs Cuticles with a Cocktail of Miniaturized Essential Oils and Botanical Extracts

Effect of Advante Water Treatment on Damaged Hair

That was just the first step in the process. The second step Advante 2 contains a lightweight formula comprising of essential oils, botanical extracts and the world's best antioxidant Fullerene. This concoction further creates a protective layer around the hair, preventing leakage of the above amino acids while helping to control frizz and give your hair the smooth silkiness we all love.

Effect of Advante Water Treatment on Damaged Hair

Together, Advante 1 and 2 create some sort of a cushion or a "Plaster Wall" against future damage. With the macromolecular structure restored on the inside and protective layer on the outside, this new "Plastic Wall" helps buffer more than 50% of the damage when hair colours or perm lotion comes knocking on your hair.

In Advante's own test, a hair model with damaged hair was invited to try the newest Advante Water Treatment. As you can see, her hair is so damaged that much of her hair were prematurely broken in many areas!

At this point, many salons would not dare to bleach her hair further for fear of permanently melting it. But she decided to take a leap of faith and went for 1 more time of bleach after the Advante Water Treatment.

Here's how her hair looked like immediately after the bleaching process:

Advante Water Treatment on Damaged Bleached Hair

Bleached hair is supposed to look matte as the cuticles are open but surprisingly, her hair remained shiny and soft afterwards.

Advante Water Treatment on Damaged Bleached Hair

Her hair is strengthened so much after Advante 1 that during the hair wash, the hair is still relatively elastic and is able to withstand some pulling without any breakage, a huge improvement over the hair health previously!

Guess what another coat of colour makes it look?

Advante Water Treatment on Damaged Bleached Hair

How does the Advante Water Treatment fare at the Salon?

We know the Advante Water Treatment sounds amazing but how does it actually perform in real life?

One of Singapore's foremost experts for hair treatments, Chez Vous Hair Salon did extensive testing on Advante Water Treatment before deciding whether to introduce it to their clients.

As part of their tests, Chez Vous took two hair specimens, one with no protection applied and the other with Advante applied. Then, they subjected both hair specimens to different chemical services.

The results blew them away.

As you can see in all the above cases, hair was visibly less frizzy with fewer split ends. The resulting perm for Advante water treatment was also a lot bouncier as the hair retains its curls better thanks to the damage absorption.

The best part? The Advante Pre-Treatment adds only 25 minutes to your hair service. You see, Chez Vous Hair Salon has already tested the treatment so much so that they've figured out when best to incorporate the Advante Pre-Treatment to extract maximum results - so you can minimize the damage without staying at the salon for extended periods of time.

The treatment is so revolutionary that Chez Vous calls it the BEST Pre-Treatment available in 2021.

We recently followed Agent N to get her hair coloured at Chez Vous Hair Salon and were amazed by how Advante Water Treatment reduced damaged so much so that her hair felt smoother and healthier after the Falling Star Highlights than before (even though her hair was bleached!).

Before and After Advante Water Treatment at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Advante Water Treatment works as a Standalone Treatment

As much as Advante Treatment works best as a pre-treatment, it works well as a standalone treatment to strengthen your hair and repair hair damage as well.

To see how the process actually works, we followed Agent C to Room Japanese Hair Salon. Her hair was so tangled, she couldn't run her hand through her hair before the treatment. 

Dry and Tangled Hair Before Advante Water Treatment

But look at what happened afterwards?

Soft and Shiny Hair After Advante Water Treatment at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Smooth and silky hair you can flip...

Soft and Shiny Hair After Advante Water Treatment at Chez Vous Hair Salon

and comfortably go for a hair colour days later.

Look at how soft and silky her hair is after the hair colour? Read to find out more about her Advante Water Treatment at Room Japanese Hair Salon.

Advante Water Treatment Lasts For More Than 6 Weeks With Homecare

To us, the ultimate test of a good treatment is one that can last for AT LEAST 2-3 weeks. To make sure that is the case, the makers of Advante Water Treatment includes a complimentary 90g of Advante 2 for you to take home.

If you use it right (remember to rub and emulsify before applying on the hair!) and in sufficient amounts, your hair is likely to remain soft and silky for more than 6 weeks.

At least, that is Agent G's experience after going for the Advante Water Treatment at The Beauty Emporium at Urban Aesthetics. Her hair was visibly frizzy and even tangled at some parts before the treatment but all these went away after going for Advante Water Treatment.

Soft and Silky Hair After Advante Water Treatment

The best part is that her hair is still not frizzy after more than 6 weeks!

Definitely a record she is happy to beat!

Safe and Allergy-Free even for Pregnant Women or People with Sensitive Skin!

Given that the main active ingredients in Advante 1 and 2 are the electrolyzed water and botanical extracts, Advante Water Treatment is completely safe even for pregnant women and those of us with sensitive skin! As the steps doesn't even involve ironing the treatment to seal it in, you don't have to worry about the presence of formaldehyde or foul odours that may be emitted with some other treatments!

Where is Advante Water Treatment Available?

Want to try the Advante Water Treatment? As this treatment is very new in Singapore, we found it only at selected hair salons for now:

Prices differ across salons so do give them a call to enquire about their latest promotions!

If you've tried the treatment, do share your reviews with us.

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