5 Reasons Why We Love AUBE Japanese Hair Salon (Hair Colour from $95)

Published on Aug 12, 2021

Whenever someone mentions about Cheap and Good Japanese hair salon in Singapore, the first name that comes to our mind is AUBE Japanese Hair Salon. With 3 outlets in Singapore offering hair colours at $95 for all hair lengths, they've been giving local hairstylists a run for their money with awesome Japanese service at value-for-money prices. You've been missing out if you haven't visited them before - read on to find out why!

1. One of Japan's Most Reputable Chain with 244 outlets worldwide

オーブ (AUBE) isn't just available in Singapore. With 230 outlets in Japan alone, those of you who've been to Japan will definitely spot an AUBE during your vacation. There is an iconic look about them too - the huge mirrors, comfortable yume chairs and beautiful decor; you'll know that you've been to AUBE when you stepped into one.

2. Authentic and Consistent Japanese Experience 

Operating so many outlets around Japan has gotten the team refining the entire hair experience to an art. The salon has systems and processes in place to ensure that their customers around the world have a good experience. 

On top of staffing the salons with Japanese stylists, they try as far as possible to have one stylist attend to each customer at one time. This increases accountability that each stylist has for his client and ensures that each customer is given sufficient attention. They are also very efficient - so for those who don't want to spend too much time at the salon, AUBE will likely get your desired hairstyle as quickly as possible. That is not to say that they'll sacrifice on the experience; you'll be glad to know that they offer many elements of the Japanese experience e.g. the much raved hot towel service that makes you feel so good after the hair wash. 

That is why you are bound to have a good experience in AUBE, whether it is your first time at AUBE or your third - in Singapore or in Japan.

3. Value-for-money prices

Another benefit of it being a chain? Value-for-money prices. 

With so many outlets in Japan, AUBE is able to procure hair products at lower prices thanks to economies of scale. This helps to lower the cost of chemical services (and even homecare) - a reason why they can offer quality hair services at lower prices - all without compromising on service or product quality! 

4. Skillful Japanese Hairstylists

Most of the team within AUBE Japanese Hair Salon comprises of skillful Japanese hairstylists. In case you may not know, all of them have attained the certification to practice as a hair designer in Japan. That is a national qualification stylists can achieve only after passing a rigorous exam attained after 4-5 years of proper training. It is therefore no coincidence to find that their haircuts, colours, perming and styling look so good! 

Consistent training and friendly competition in AUBE however ensures that they are kept abreast of industry trends. Stylists don't just have to make sure that customers are satisfied; they often compete in internal hair competitions to keep their hairdressing skill tip top. 

5. Beautiful Hairstyles that customers can afford to go regularly to

Thanks to high level of stylist skill and use of quality hair products, stylists have been able to design hairstyles popular among Singaporeans. Whether you're thinking about haircuts, perms or colour, the outcome fits exactly what we need: stylish, low-maintenance hairstyles that you can easily wear to work.

As much as the hairstyles are work-friendly, they are not in the least boring. The stylists here are great at experimenting with hair tones

Brown Highlights by AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

as well as highlights 

to give you something you can confidently wear to work... suitable even for interviews and your first day at work. 

AUBE's latest obsession? AirTouch Highlights!

Their stylists have been honing their skill at this trending highlight technique that flatters your skin tone oh-so-beautifully. Read on to find out how an Airtouch Highlights experience here is at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon.

Airtouch Highlights at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

Hi! I'm Agent J. I love to illustrate as you can see here at @themindgardener.

That's however just what I do in my free time. I'm still studying in University and am entering my final year this August.

Right now, I'm still on internship. I very much prefer if I could go into office but I guess WFH has its benefits. 

For one, I don't have to worry too much about how I look or how my hair looks.

I recently DIY coloured my hair chestnut brown and it turned out a lot warmer than I expected - not what I liked. 

With WFH coming to an end and school starting in a few weeks, I wonder if I should finally go to the salon and get it fixed and if possible, try a new style! This is my final year in University after all take the chance to experiment with my hair. I'm not the YOLO type who'd dye my hair pink and purple but this is my final year and it's nice to see what type of style suits me. 

I usually go to a regular stylist in Ang Mo Kio for haircuts but haven't tried colouring very much because of the price. So when Agent G shared with me about a Japanese hair salon that offers hair colours from $95, I was intrigued. 

Starting from $95 AND served by a Japanese? I'm in! 

I haven't been to a Japanese hair salon so am really excited to visit  Aube Japanese Hair Salon for the quintessential Japanese hair experience. 

Step 1: Consultation

I haven't been to Somerset Cineleisure for a LOOOOONG time so it felt kinda nostalgic to be back here again. Can't remember the last time I caught a movie here with friends!  Maybe because I made the appointment during the Heightened Alert, Cineleisure feels a lot emptier than usual. Not a big problem since this just makes it easier to get to the salon on Level 3. 

Yep, AUBE has an outlet on Level 3 of Orchard Cineleisure. I was a little late for my appointment but my stylist Takato showed no sign of unhappiness and welcomed me into the salon. He then showed me to the lockers where I could keep my bags. 

Once ready, I was escorted to my seat. I was out the whole day so I found it really nice that the seat had everything I need: chargers, sanitizer and even an iPad with complimentary magazine subscriptions!

So attentive, isn't it?

Charging Point at Every Seat in AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

When I was ready and relaxed, Takato introduced himself and began the consultation.

I shared about my desire to try a new hair colour - hopefully something ashy. I recently coloured my hair brown and it was a little too warm for my taste. Beyond full head colour though, I wondered if I could go for highlights! I've never done it before or bleached my hair but it always looked intriguing for me. 

Though my hair is a little frizzy, Takato shared that highlights is possible. In fact,, he recommends the Airtouch Highlights because it'll look absolutely natural - without any ugly regrowth line even when my hair grows out. 

Airtouch Highlights? This was the first time I come across this term. To give me a better idea, Takato shared some photos of how Airtouch HIghlights looked like. Pretty isn't it?

I'm in! 

Now to choose the base colour and the colour of the highlights; Takato brought out the colour chart. 

Nothing too bring for me pls! 

Hair Consultation at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

Once we are done choosing, Takato asked if I would like to have my mask changed. I had mine on the whole day so it was really nice that he offered to change one for me. 

Before we start, Takato shared that the service will take some time. In case I get bored, he gave me an iPad loaded with magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

Hair Consultation at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

My first time at a Japanese Hair Salon and I'm already blown away by the service even before we begin. 

Step 2: Lightening

While I'm busy with the magazines, Takato started the process of lightening my hair. Interestingly, he started by sectioning my hair and then blowdrying it. 

Blow Dry at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

He's not actually drying my hair but the hairdryer helps to get the shorter and inner layers out of the way so that the eventual highlights will look natural!

Once he got the desired sections,Takato applied bleach and segregated each section with aluminium foil. 

Soon, he was done. Takato then covered the hair with cling wrap to warm up my hair and accelerate processing time while the bleach was left to sit for another 20 minutes. 

This was how it looked like when Takato removed all the foils!

My hair is ready!

Airtouch Highlights at Aube Japanese Hair Salon Cheap Hair Colour Under $100

Takato brought me to the wash basin where he gently covered my eyes with a towel - another first experience for me, while he gave me a thorough scrub off to remove the bleach. 

Yes, it feels as good as it looks!

Step 3: Applying the hair colour

If you noticed earlier, the bleach was applied not directly on the scalp but on sections of hair below. The next step, application of colour, would however require the dye to touch the scalp.  Takato therefore applied the Milbon Scalp Support Oil prior to applying the hair colour to protect the scalp from any irritation. 

Application Milbon Scalp Support Oil Before Hair Colouring at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

So attentive, I like! 

It's finally colour time!

Hair Dyeing at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

He started first from the roots before applying the colour on the rest of my hair. 

The colour itself took another 15 minutes to process...

Airtouch Highlights at Aube Japanese Hair Salon Cheap Hair Colour Under $100

and we are done!

Step 4: Wash and Style

One last wash at the basin

Airtouch Highlights at Aube Japanese Hair Salon Cheap Hair Colour Under $100

and blowdrying later...

Airtouch Highlights at Aube Japanese Hair Salon Cheap Hair Colour Under $100

Ooo I can already see how beautiful my hair looks during the drying process. 

Airtouch Highlights at Aube Japanese Hair Salon Cheap Hair Colour Under $100

Ready to see the end result?

It's my first time doing AirTouch Highlights and I really like it!

Airtouch Highlights at Aube Japanese Hair Salon Cheap Hair Colour Under $100

It's natural, work-friendly and adds a liveliness that wasn't there when I first walked into AUBE.

Forgive me as I take the chance to capture some moments of my first highlights!

Tried to take some selfies but as you can see, feeling awkward here.

Looks like an emo shot works better for me.

What do you think?

Really happy with the end result and definitely feel more ready for school.

Thank you Takato! This was my first Japanese hair experience and I loved how you pampered me every step of the way with your attentiveness and skill - even though I'm just a student.

Will definitely recommend to friends coz this gem of a place offers such great service and beautiful hair colour for the price! Do say hi if you bump into me at AUBE the next time!

Tried AUBE Japanese Hair Salon before?

Share your experience here! For people who haven't, you may want to try  AUBE Japanese Hair Salon with 20% off all first timers here. Read on to check which other stylists are stationed here.

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