Why an NUS Undergrad chooses to go Japanese Salon SONA Japanese Skin Studio for a Facial

Published on Dec 08, 2016

Your first facial salon has the power to make your face look better or wreck it with treatments that are too harsh for your skin!

After doing lots of research, Agent SA decided upon SONA Japanese Skin Studio, a Japanese facial salon, and she has never looked back since.

Read on to find out why she's so satisfied with SONA Japanese Skin Studio!

Hello, I'm Agent SA, a final-year undergraduate from National University of Singapore.

I have always wanted to try out facial for the longest period of time. However, I did not dare to give it a shot because I heard terrible stories online, from beauty salons hardselling packages amounting to tens of thousands of dollars to severe allergy issues caused by unethical beauty therapists like what happened to local blogger BunBunMakeupTips!

When I hit 21, something struck me to go for a facial. My acne didn't go away even after hitting adulthood and somehow, I realized that I really needed to take care of my skin now to prevent more serious issues later on. With a regular income from my part-time tuition, I think that it is time to invest some of it on ethical and effective facials to improve my facial condition.

I did lots of homework online and stumbled upon SONA Japanese Skin Studio on Beauty Undercover. Excited to give it a shot, I booked an appointment immediately. 

My first appointment was with Shiori, a beautiful and amicable Japanese facial therapist who was really knowledgeable. She analysed my face and customized the facial according to my facial condition.

There was no selling throughout the experience... only pure relaxation and effective facial!

As my face became brighter after the treatment and the experience was so good, I officially became a regular customer at SONA Japanese Skin Studio

In August, I finally got down to writing a review for SONA Japanese Skin Studio. 

Customer Review of Facial at SONA Japanese Skin Studio

It must be my lucky day as Agent G informed me that I won a complimentary facial with SONA Japanese Skin Studio!

This facial is apparently the upgraded facial from SONA Japanese Skin Studio that uses a new range of scientifically advanced professional use skincare solutions that helps to produce even more visible results!

Hyped, I arranged the facial a week before my final exams as a form of de-stressing. I'm greeted by Emily another one of my favourite facial therapists from SONA Japanese Skin Studio

Just to give you an idea of what is done:

1) Consultation

Facial Cleansing at SONA Japanese Skin Studio

Emily will analyse my face and take a look at what my skin requires before embarking on the facial. 

2)  Double Cleansing

Facial Cleansing at SONA Japanese Skin Studio

As my skin is a little sensitive, Emily chose to use two different cleansers for me: 

  1. Hydrating Creamy Cleanser
  2. Calming Oat Botanical Cleansers

Both are very suitable for sensitive skin. The creamy cleanser removes makeup and dirt in one step. The calming cleanser also removes dirt and excess oil without stripping the skin of its natural oils and helps to restore the skin to its healthy condition. 

Facial Cleansing at SONA Japanese Skin Studio

To make sure that the dirt is brought out to the surface as much as possible, Emily did a facial massage with the cleanser still on the face. 

After the double cleansing process, I could feel that my face is a lot cleaner without it being dried out!

3) Extraction

Facial Extraction at SONA

A lot of people say that extractions are painful but this is not the case at SONA Japanese Skin Studio. Emily doesn't forcefully extract the oil seeds, preferring to extract only those close to the surface and are "ripe". This way, my skin is not too excessively damaged! 

Emily says that forceful extractions is a cause for acne scars and recurrent acne. A more gentle extraction process is therefore preferred to avoid excessive damage.

4) Application of Clay and Hydration Masks

Clay Hydration Mask at SONA

After the extraction, Emily will now apply the masks to cleanse the skin, remove toxins and excess sebum and calm the skin down. 

I haven't been to many facial salons but according to Agent G, many facial therapists tend to slap on a single type of mask according to the facial you purchase. However, at SONA Japanese Skin Studio, Emily takes the effort to analyse my skin condition and customize the masks accordingly.

For my nose and cheek areas, she applied the Clay Mask to cleanse the pores more thoroughly and reduce the blackheads, whiteheads and breakouts. By maintaining a healthy oil balance, it will also help to close the enlarged pores. 

As the rest of my face is relatively dry, she applied the hydrating mask to balance and destress the rest of my face for rejuvenated, smooth and supple skin.

5) Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency Machine at SONA

To make sure that masks are absorbed by the deepest layer of my skin, Emily uses radiofrequency. Other than penetration, radiofrequency supposedly also helps to drain the lymphatic system (for a smaller face), lifting the face, closing enlarged pores and increasingly blood circulation!

6) Application of Masks and Iontophoresis

After radiofrequency, the masks are moved. New masks are then reapplied to prepare for Iontophoresis.

Application of Mask at SONA
Application of Mask at SONA

As I have acne prone skin, Emily used the Iontophoresis for me to reduce breakouts and inflammation. It helps to reduce scarring and pigmentation, acne as well as improve blood circulation.

Application of Mask at SONA

It feels pretty good to have the machine rolling around my face. 

7) Application of Calming Mask

Application of Mask at SONA

Finally, a calming mask is applied.

And the facial is now complete!

Clear Skin After Facial at SONA Japanese Skin Studio

Don't you think my face now looks brighter and clearer?

My Thoughts

Unlike others who say the facials are so comfortable that they doze off, I always have long and happy chats throughout the facial.

It is not so obvious from the photos but I'm often laughing and talking to Emily. HAHAH!

I really enjoyed the light facial massages that Emily gives me and not to mention my skin is glowing and so hydrated every single time after the facials.

Wouldn't hesitate to recommend SONA Japanese Skin Studio to my friends or anyone suffering from acne like me!

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