Top Hair Salons in Singapore: Best Hair Salons in 2014

Published on Nov 01, 2016

Two years has passed since the last time we wrote the article about Singapore's top 10 best salons and a lot has changed since! New salons pop up while great salons have slipped in service and quality. Based on what we know about the salons now, we attempt to relook at the top hair salons in Singapore. It was difficult to narrow down the list to just 10 so after much agonizing, here it is!

If you have more specific needs, consider the following rankings we've prepared for you.

1. Kim Robinson @ Takashimaya Ngee Ann City

  • Price: >$150 (haircut by Junior stylists), >$2,000 (Kim Robinson)
  • Best known for Dry haircut by Kim Robinson, hair services that work well for both Caucasians & Asians and exceptional service

With hair assistants who use tissue to shield you from hair sprays to its extremely chic and comfortable decor, Kim Robinson keeps its pole position as one of Singapore's best hair salons!

It is however one of the most pricey, so normal folks like us might have to save up for that special treat at KR!

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2. Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

  • Price: from $55
  • Best known for experienced hair directors, professional yet friendly atmosphere, attentive service 
Chez vous

From its experienced hair directors to the super attentive staff, there are SO many reasons to love Chez Vous! Many of their first time customers return to Chez Vous because they just can't find better stylists and service elsewhere. Definitely a salon we would recommend for an important event or for someone with exceptional standards in hairdressing!

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3. Branche Hair and Nail Salon @ Capitol Piazza City Hall

  • Price: from $200
  • Best known for top-level Japanese service, experienced Japanese hairstylists, Milbon Perms and Rebonding, Microscopic Scalp Analysis
Branche Hair and Nail Salon

Newly opened in the posh Capitol Piazza, Branche sets new standards for hair services in Singapore with its super-luxe hair experience, attentive Japanese service and focus on ultimate hair health. Prices may be more pricey here but that's because they include microscopic scalp analysis and with every hair service to ensure that the results of the hair service last as long as possible. They also provide authentically Japanese refreshments such as handroasted coffee beans, matcha latte and even Japanese snacks during the service! Stylists here are also carefully selected from experienced top stylists back in Branche Japan so the quality of hair services are also assured.

Overall, a highly recommended salon for someone looking for more than just great hair services!

PS. They also offer high quality nail services as well!

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4. Kenaris Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

  • Price: >$59
  • Best known for Highly skilled haircuts for men, Popular Celebrity Hairstylists Jimmy Yap and Vincent Soh

Opened by Ken and Aris about a decade ago (hence the name), Kenaris' clientele has grown mostly through referrals from satisfied clients. If you've ever had your hair done by Ken or Aris, you'd know that they are professionals through and through; the hairstyle stays in shape for months with no frizz! Their star studded team includes also the talented Jimmy Yap and Vincent Soh added celebrity glitter to Kenaris with their magazine and even TV appearances. The salon itself is well-furnished with friendly hairstylists, great hair massages and beverages offered every visit. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon!

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5. Izumi Hair Salon @ The Central SoHo 1

  • Price: >$120
  • Best known for Best Haircut Specialist in Singapore, Sunkiss highlights
Izumi Hair Salon

Izumi is one of the few stylists we can confidently say is one of the best haircut specialists we've ever seen in Singapore! Well versed across many different haircutting styles and highly experienced with Asian and Caucasian hair, Izumi is THE hairstylist we would recommend our closest friends to go for a makeover haircut. She is however rather pricey. Her high expectations also mean that she has restricted her services to only haircuts and colour for now. Therefore, prepare your wallet before you go!

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6. Evolve Salon @ Liang Court

  • Price: >$50
  • Best known for fashion-forward hair colouring, ombre or dip-dye hair colour, frequented by celebrities, requested by magazines, international award-winning

Helmed by celebrity hairstylists who are truly passionate about giving you that buzz in your new hairstyle, the award-winning hairstylists here have styled, coloured and cut the hair of more celebrities, models and magazine editors than we can count. 

We love how the stylists here perform most of the hair services from start to finish and deliver great personalized service at a reasonable price range!

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7. COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Outram Park Keong Saik Rd and Tanjong Pagar

  • Price: >$100
  • Best known for Experienced and skilled Japanese hairstylists, quiet semi-private spaces and blonde hair colours

Designed as an urban retreat close to the CBD areas, COVO hair salon offers stylish haircuts and colour by experienced Japanese hairstylists in the quiet enclaves of Keong Saik Rd and Tanjong Pagar. Whether you are looking to unwind after a tough day to work or refresh your overall look with a hair transformation, COVO is one of those hair salons you should check out!

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8. Zinc Korean Hair Salon @ Millenia Walk

  • Price: from $150 (basic perm)
  • Best known for Korean perming styles, volume rebonding, experienced hairstylists
Zinc Korean Hair Salon

There are Korean stylists and then, there are Korean stylists. Some of you might have tried hair salons in Korea or other Korean hair salons in Singapore and have come away disappointed... well, Zinc will probably blow your expectations out of the water! Staffed by Korean stylists with many years of experience styling Singapore hair, Zinc gives its customers a Korean style with a Singapore twist: No styling required, easily manageable and still look beautiful in humid Singapore!

Agent G LOVES the perms done at Zinc because they look good even months after the perm and would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Zinc for that style makeover!

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9. CLEO Hair & Make @ Clarke Quay The Central 

  • Price: >$120
  • Best known for vibrant ombre or dip-dye hair colour, Japanese styled haircuts

Till today, we've haven't seen another hair salon as proficient at manic panic hair colours as CLEO. Whether it is mixing multiple colours or using styling to bring out each colour, CLEO's stylists like Ryo, Takuya and Sio have been really impressive with their creativity and skill. While they are definitely pricier than most, their reassurance that they will do the hairstyle to your satisfaction (come back within 7 days if you are not satisfied!) make CLEO a top choice for that special occasion.

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10. Art-Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

  • Price: from $80
  • Best known for digital creep perm, SHA shampoo and treatment, aqua straightening and sophisticated hair colours
Art Noise

Rejoice... for Ikebukuro's most popular Japanese hair salon can now be found in cozy Holland Village! Highly skilled in perms, rebonding and hair colour, stylists in Art-Noise are really good with designing sophisticated and easily manageable hairstyles that takes years off your face. The secret lies in both their experience and inhouse hair products used... which is why you probably can't find the same level of satisfaction elsewhere!

Note however that their command of English still has room for improvement so do be patient if you want to give them a try!

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Honourable Mention

Below are some upcoming new salons we think are really good and definitely worth a try!

AVENTA Hair Salon @ City Hall Stamford Court

  • Price: from $60
  • Best known for affordable hair services by Japanese hairstylists, stylish experienced hairstylists with international experience, haircuts and colour for Caucasian customers

From the stylish and friendly hairstylists to the fantastic head massage and affordable prices, there are so many things to love about AVENTA! They are particularly good with haircuts and their inhouse 3D Hair Colour so do check them out if you are keen to have a value-for-money authentic Japanese hair experience!

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Rubik Hair Salon @ Outram Park Bukit Pasoh Rd

  • Price: from $90 (ladies' haircut)
  • Best known for tailored haircut by popular Japanese hairstylists Yohei and Teru, thoughtful meticulous service, Japanese Upmove Perm, Top quality Remy Hair Extensions
Rubik Hair Salon

Yohei and Teru, two of Beauty Undercover's most well-loved Japanese stylists, have now re-emerged in their new and classy Japanese hair salon Rubik at Outram Park Bukit Pasoh Rd! On top of the spacious yet somewhat cozy salon space, we're glad to note that Rubik retained much of the Japanese attentiveness and service level that we love about Yohei and Teru!

This time though, they are bringing Rubik to the next level by collaborating with top Japanese celebrity salon Jeana Harbor and its illustrious founder Kazuki Toda to bring top Japanese stylists as well as exclusive Japanese hair treatments and trends to Singapore... starting from the Japanese upmove perm and Top-Quality Japanese Remy Hair extensions that can't be found elsewhere in Singapore!

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Have we missed out any salon you think should  be in the top 10?

Let us know below!

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