Mother of Bride and Groom: Beauty Tips to Look Amazing For Your Child's Wedding in Singapore!

Published on Oct 08, 2015

It’s your child's big day!

While the focus may be on the bride and groom, this is also the day for you to bask in the glory of the most important day of your child's life!

To get you set for the big day, we've prepared 10 beauty tips to get you looking amazing!

1. Decide on your Attire

Whether you're the mother of the bride or the groom, there are some easy rules of thumb to use when choosing your mother of the bride dress.  First, follow the formality and style of the wedding -- if it's going to be a casual beach affair, you're going to have to nix that black velvet gown, even if it does look great on you. Second, if you're not sure, ask! Both the mother-of-the-bride and the mother-of-the-groom should get in touch with each other and the bride. The bride can help you by keeping you in the loop about her wedding gown, the wedding colors, and so on. And while you don't need to match each other (or the bridesmaids), it's usually a good idea for both the moms to have somewhat similar styles. The only major no-no? Skip the white (or any shade that's even close)! That hue is for the bride only.

Before you decide on wedding day attire, run your outfit by the happy couple -- especially the bride. There are online wedding forums out there full of brides wondering how to tell their mothers that they don't actually want her wearing a white outfit to the wedding, or it could be that the couple are aiming for a particular dress code that you as star guests of the wedding should make sure to follow. Certain the suit you wore for your own wedding will be fine to wear? Still check in first. Fathers, feel free to ask if you should feel free to wear a tie in a particular color -- it's a good question for opening up if the couple want the fathers in coordinating ties, buttonholes or whole outfits, or have more casual plans and don't want you in suit and tie at all.

Mother of bride

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2. Get a Trim and Colour Touch-Up a week before the wedding!

You don't want those streaks of white hair to ruin your overall look, so remember to touch up your hair roots about a week before your daughter’s wedding! Consider going for more adventurous hair colours rather than your usual choices, just make sure it complements your outfit for the wedding and run it past the bride beforehand as well

after hair colour

O'Way Hair Colour Retouch at Focus Hairdressing

3. Get your own hair and makeup team!

MOTB Makeup

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It’s best not count on your daughter's hair and makeup experts to give you a hand on the wedding day. They will probably be too busy with the bride’s hair and makeup that they won't have time for you. Therefore, it might be better to look for your own hairstylist and makeup artist before the wedding.

If you have the budget to spare, go for a trial makeup before the wedding!

4. Get Eyelash Extensions

The wedding is likely to get pretty emotional so avoid those ugly mascara smudges with a waterproof mascara or eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions eliminate the tedious task of gluing false lashes on and the worry that your falsies might fall off!

The recommended lash extensions for weddings is Volume Lashes. Volume Lashes gives more volume than usual single lashes and looks great when photographed. If you are not sure which curl is better, leave it to the experts at and get their professional recommendation. They can customize and even mix and match curls to help you achieve your desired look, all while keeping in mind your existing lash condition.

5. Schedule a Face Toning Facial

Guasha Facial

Guasha Facial by Geranium Skin Boutique

For those who need extra help to minimize wrinkles and give your face an extra lift, we would highly recommend the award-winning Face Toning TM by Geranium Skin Boutique!

Agent J just went for it and the results were immediately visible!

Read about her experience here!

According to founder Grace, it is best to spend just an hour for the Guasha Facial the day before or 2 days before the wedding for the effect to be sustained for the wedding itself!

Best of all, it is only $18 for their trial Guasha Facial those trying it out for the first time with ZERO hardselling... so why not?

6. Focus on your feet

Mother of the bride shoes

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What mother of the bride gown is complete without a fabulous pair of shoes? We can’t overemphasize the importance of comfort when you’ll be on your feet all day and all night. However, comfy can be stylish.

Choose a shoe that inspires you, that you feel stylish in, and that feels good on your feet. Heels are always preferable to flats for style and sophistication, and avoid heavy clunky shoes no matter how “in” they are. A safe bet is always a neutral shoe or a metallic. Stay away from white or black as they look too heavy. The one exception to that rule is wearing black shoes with a black dress.

7. Schedule a Manicure/Pedicure

Coco Flower with Tweed Design (Safori)

Paragel Nails with Coco Chanel Flowers by Branche Nail Salon

Your hands will be in more photos than you think! Hence, visit your favourite nail salon a few days before the wedding.

Though it’s best to squeeze your manicure appointment a few days before the wedding, with Paragel nails, you can get your manicure a week in advance! Its long-lasting durability will ensure you don’t have to worry about chipped nails even as go about the manual tasks as mother of the bride.

Don’t forget to schedule a pedicure session as well, especially if you will be wearing open-toe shoes for the wedding!

A mani and pedi session is the perfect pampering and bonding session for you and your daughter just before the wedding. Hence, go ahead and schedule both a manicure and pedicure session! We recommend the pampering given by Safori at Branche.

8. Spritz with restraint


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While your favourite scent might tempt you to spritz away, remember to spritz with restraint. You don’t want the smell to be overpowering but rather light and fresh. Spritz behind your ears and knees, inside your elbow and in places you feel might be necessary.

9. Find a Signature piece of Jewelry

Pearl Necklace

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A great way to put your own personal stamp on your mother of the bride gown is to add a little glamour with jewelry.

If you have a favorite piece, or an antique with some family heritage, make that a focal point of your outfit.

Remember, wear only ONE central piece!

Don’t layer on the accessories and detract from your dress, and natural beauty!

10. Get Plenty of Rest

Sleep early

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The big day is going to last from morning to night and you need to be ready for all the action. Getting your required sleep (for me that is at least 7.5 hours) will let you awake refreshed and ready to give it your all. Grabbing that required shut out will also help prevent puffy or bloodshot eyes and will prevent dark circles under the eyes, too. Your bride and groom will appreciate you being sharp and well rested if you need to step up and take care of the emergencies that are sure to arise on the big day.

It’s a special day for you as well as your daughter embarks on a new journey in life.

Keep these hair and beauty tips in mind and you will be looking as glamorous as ever as the mother of the bride!

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