All-Round Best Hair Salons: Singapore's Top 10 in 2012

Published on Nov 14, 2014

Since the inception of Beauty Undercover, we have been receiving increasingly many inquiries from friends and readers asking us the million-dollar question:

Which hair salon is THE BEST in Singapore?

A tricky question, at the very least. Best is after all subjective - is it the best because the salon tends to give you a good haircut every time, because the hairstylist is really friendly or helpful or because the price is simply unbeatable?

Today, we attempt to answer this question using the way we've always reviewed salons, giving equal weight to effectiveness, environment, service and price. We know... this is not a perfect measure and there is always going to be some form of subjectivity in it but let's hope this list can help you find your personal best hair salon in Singapore.

Update: We've updated this list for 2014/2015.

Check it out here:

If you have more specific needs, consider the following rankings we've prepared for you.

1. Kim Robinson @ Takashimaya Ngee Ann City

  • Price: >$150 (haircut by Junior stylists), >$2,000 (Kim Robinson)
  • Best known for Dry haircut by Kim Robinson, hair services that work well for both Caucasians & Asians and exceptional service

Ranked #1 on Beauty Undercover

People often say, you pay for what you get. This may not always apply but in the case of Kim Robinson, it definitely does!

The exquisite and attentive service provided by hairstylists, lavish decor and most of all, the refreshing new hairstyle that makes you feel that much more beautiful makes even the heftiest price worthwhile.

With this high level of service, it is no wonder why even the highest of prices couldn't keep customers of Kim Robinson from going back.

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2. Kizuki + Lim @ Raffles Hotel

  • Price: >$80 (haircut by director Oba-san)
  • Best known for trendy Japanese haircuts for both males and females, kawaii perms for females and attentive service
kizuki + Lim

Ranked #2 on Beauty Undercover

The first overseas offshoot of premium Less is More chain from Osaka Japan, this hair salon is the REAL deal. From its chic minimalist interior design to the super attentive Japanese etiquette from an almost fully Japanese team, Kizuki+Lim has wowed many with its wonderfully trendy cuts, fantastic service, heavenly head massage and its unforgettable interior decor. Best of all, they offer hair services that are relatively wallet-friendly... ah just too many reasons to ♥ kizuki+lim!

Read more about our review on Kizuki+Lim @ Raffles Hotel!

3. Evolve Salon @ Liang Court

  • Price: >$50
  • Best known for fashion-forward hair colouring, ombre or dip-dye hair colour, frequented by celebrities, requested by magazines, international award-winning

Ranked #3 on Beauty Undercover

The first local hair salon to make it to this list is none other than... Evolve Salon!

Helmed by celebrity hairstylists who are truly passionate about giving you that buzz in your new hairstyle, the award-winning hairstylists here have styled, coloured and cut the hair of more celebrities, models and magazine editors than we can count. 

We love how the stylists here perform most of the hair services from start to finish and deliver great personalized service at a reasonable price range!

Read more about our review on Evolve Salon @ Liang Court.

4. Passion Hair Salon @ Palais Renaissance

  • Price: $359 (Haircut by David Gan)
  • Best known for celebrity haircut by David Gan and decor decked in upclass luxury

Ranked #4 on Beauty Undercover

Within the 7,000 sq feet of sprawling hair opulence in the second storey of Palais Renaissance lie David Gan, one of Singapore's most infamous celebrity hairstylists. You may not always agree with David's hardhitting behind-the-scenes blog posts but his timeless sense of style and commitment to keep himself abreast of fashion and hair developments make him the go-to man for a piece of Vogue in Singapore.

Read more about our review on Passion Hair Salon @ Palais Renaissance!

4. Izumi Hair Salon @ The Central SoHo 1

  • Price: >$120
  • Best known for Best Haircut Specialist in Singapore, Sunkiss highlights
Izumi Hair Salon

Izumi is one of the few stylists we can confidently say is one of the best haircut specialists we've ever seen in Singapore! Well versed across many different haircutting styles and highly experienced with Asian and Caucasian hair, Izumi is THE hairstylist we would recommend our closest friends to go for a makeover haircut. She is however rather pricey. Her high expectations also mean that she has restricted her services to only haircuts and colour for now. Therefore, prepare your wallet before you go!

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6. La Coco Hair Salon @ Orchard Central

  • Price: $70 (non-discounted female haircut by Shua)
  • Best known for stylish men's haircut,  haircuts by Korean hairstylists and discounted student price

Ranked #6 on Beauty Undercover

A reputable Korean hair salon, La Coco Hair Salon has been well reviewed by many for the great haircuts given by experienced hairstylists Shua, Jean Pierre and Joel. Raved by both men (on Hardwarezone) and women (on various blogs and forums), customers love the resulting haircut that is just so manageable weeks after the cut. While their service might not be as attentive as those we see from premier Japanese hair salons, the promotional student pricing make La Coco all the more worthwhile for that chic and trendy haircut.

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6. Jeric Salon @ Bugis Junction

  • Price: >$70 (haircut by Director)
  • Best known for experienced hairstylist team and attentive service
Jeric salon

Ranked #6 on Beauty Undercover

Jeric See might be the celebrity hairstylist helming the Jeric line of salons but the superstar team at Bugis Junction seemed to be managing well without Jeric at the outlet. Their longstanding experience means that everyone knows what to do. Hence, hairstylists generally leave customers with hairstyles they are happy with and good service is provided at every step of the way. With their trusty hair services, it is easy to see why they have a strong loyal following all the way from their time as Reds till today.

Read more about our review on Jeric Salon @ Bugis Junction!

7. Kenaris Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

  • Price: >$59
  • Best known for Highly skilled haircuts for men, Popular Celebrity Hairstylists Jimmy Yap and Vincent Soh
Kenaris Hair Salon at Wheelock Place

Ranked #7 on Beauty Undercover

Opened by Ken and Aris about a decade ago (hence the name), Kenaris' clientele has grown mostly through referrals from satisfied clients. The joining of talented Jimmy Yap and Vincent Soh added celebrity glitter to Kenaris with their magazine and even TV appearances. The salon itself is well-furnished with friendly hairstylists, great hair massages and beverages offered every visit. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon!

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7. CLEO Hair & Make @ The Central Clarke Quay

  • Price: >$120
  • Best known for wave perms, ombre or dip-dye hair colour, Japanese styled haircuts

Ranked #7 on Beauty Undercover

If you are looking for a hair salon to do those oh-so-kawaii Japanese curls, CLEO Hair & Make is a salon you would not want to miss! CLEO Hair & Make is a new and upcoming hair salon staffed with Japanese hairstylists from the hair salon chain in Japan - CLEO International, who have so far impressed with perms that look exactly like what we see in Japanese magazines!

Read more about our review on CLEO Hair & Make @ The Central Clarke Quay!

7. Act Point @ Shaw Towers

  • Price: $188 (Haircut + Ceramic Perm + Treatment + Select Salon Manager Sophie)
  • Best known for affordably priced perms, hairstylists highly experienced with perms, trustworthy hairstylists who do not hardsell
Act point salon

Ranked #7 on Beauty Undercover

There are not many hair salons we would so unequivocally recommend for a perm but Act Point is definitely one of them. On top of having highly experienced hairstylists for hair perming, Act Point's hairstylists are known for being honest and straightforward - no upselling of unnecessary hair services and best of all, a service guarantee of 2 weeks if you are unsatisfied with your perm! ♥

Read more about our review on Act Point @ Shaw Towers! [divider]

Honourable Mention

1. 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

  • Price: from $30
  • Best known for holistic style consultation, innovative hair makeover, daring hair colours
99 percent hair studio

99 Percent Hair Studio is staffed by experienced hairstylists committed to giving each customer the hair makeover they are looking for (+ great service too!)

Read more about our review on 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point!

Are most of these salons out of reach in terms of budget?

To help you beat hair inflation, we have prepared a second installation for budget conscious babes: Best Haircuts for Women under $50 in Downtown Orchard 

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In the meantime, feel free to comment on any of the above listed salons below!

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