Best Bangs or Fringe Styles for 2016

Published on Jul 05, 2016

Hair trend alert! Bangs are back in season!

Whether your tresses are wavy, curly or straight, or whether your face shape is round, oval or square, there's definitely a fringe that will work for you. If celebrities like Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Alexa Chung can rock bangs, what's stopping you from being a bangin' beauty!

Read below to get some bangs inspo!

1. See Through Fringe / Air Fringe

This is the hottest fringe cut right now!

See through bangs

See-Through Bangs by CLEO Hair & Make @ Clarke Quay The Central

When people talk about see-through bangs, it seems like there is only one type but in reality, see-through bangs can be customized to suit your face shape. See-through bangs are generally semi-circle shaped - longer at the sides and shorter in the middle. It's called see through fringe because it is wispy, thin and allows you to see through to your forehead.

Why people love it: See-through bangs suit many face shapes and helps to make the face look smaller. Even better, see-through bangs can be swept to the side on days you don't feel like having bangs! If you are a fan of Korean dramas, you will notice many actresses sporting this trend. Hence, making see-through fringe a highly requested style in salons.

See-Through Bangs by Zinc Korean Hair Salon

See-Through Bangs by Zinc Korean Hair Salon

2. Side Swept Fringe

Side Swept Fringe by Kenaris Hair Salon (Aris)

Side Swept Fringe by Kenaris Hair Salon

This has been the default fringe for many ladies over the past few years, and for good reason! Side-swept hairstyles work for all hair types: thick, thin, straight, or curly — and are great on any face shape! Longer side-swept bangs take attention away from a high forehead and fine lines. Try a dramatic side part and slick most of your hair to one side, or part your bangs over a little farther than usual and let the layers frame your face.

Side Swept Fringe by Kenaris Hair Salon (Jimmy)

Side Swept Fringe by Kenaris Hair Salon

3. Blunt Bangs

Blunt fringe works best on thick hair. Think Zooey Deschanel! Although a hard look to pull off, those with an oval face shape can rock just about every hairstyle and should give blunt bangs a try. For those with square faces, blunt bangs can work if a little softness and texture is added to the cut.

Blunt Bangs by CLEO Hair & Make (Sio)

Blunt Bangs by CLEO Hair & Make

Not suitable for: Ladies with thin, fine and curly hair as blunt bangs look best if the hair is thick and straight. Blunt bangs tend to make round faces appear rounder, which is why you should stay away from blunt bangs if your face shape is round.

Blunt Bangs by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon (Shuji)

Blunt Bangs by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

4. Curtain Bangs / Double Bangs

Haircut (Izumi)

Double Bangs by Izumi Hair Salon

Somewhat similar to see-through bangs, curtain bangs however, tend to be shorter and is parted slightly away from the middle.

Curtain bangs suits almost every face, so, if you have been weary about which type of bangs to get, opt for curtain bangs!

S-curl Rebonding - Under Chez Vous Amplified Treatment Perm - Associate Salon Director Veyond Chong

Curtain Bangs by Chez Vous Hair Salon

Often spotted with perms and curls, curtain bangs can be curled sideways to give a sideswept look. To create the body and bounce, blow dry your fringe with a round brush in an upwards direction.

Korean Perm (Aris)

Korean Perm by Kenaris Hair Salon

But if you prefer a more sophisticated and fuss-free style, curtain bangs look pretty good with a straight 'do as well.

5. Textured Bangs / Layered Bangs

Pixie Haircut and Layered Bangs (Ken)

Layered Bangs by Kenaris Hair Salon

Textured bangs have jagged edges and adds density to flat hair. If you like the shaggy, slightly messy look, textured or layered bangs is for you. It looks good on ladies with heart-shaped faces and styling is relatively easy with the use of a bit of wax to create shape and the wave-like effect.

7. Bettie Bangs / Baby Bangs

Baby bangs by CLEO Hair & Make (Sio)

If your style falls under edgy and fashion-forward, then take the plunge and go for baby bangs. Baby bangs or also known as micro bangs take a lot of confidence to pull off as compared to the usual eyebrow/eyelash skimming bangs. It's much shorter and works only if your hair is straight. The perks of having baby bangs is that you'll never have to experience the discomfort of your bangs irritating your eyes. Baby bangs are low-maintenance and doesn't require much styling, yet it makes a statement!

Does this inspire you to get bangs this year?

Which bangs are you thinking of sporting?

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