Best Facial Salons in Singapore According to Reviews (Updated 2021)

Published on Sep 20, 2021

It's always nerve wracking trying a new facial salon because of the price, types and most importantly hygiene and skill of the therapists. One wrong try and you can have your face breaking out like crazy! 

Whether it is hardselling facial therapists who care more about earning your money than protecting your skin or beautiful faces ruined by inexperienced and unhygienic therapists like what poor Bun Bun experienced years ago, the many negative experiences about facials have made many people, including myself, wary about facials.

Read Bun Bun's experience here: B for Bun Bun

Yet it is important to go to these professionals as good ones can really help us get rid of the breakouts particularly during these crazy times when we are dealing with breakouts from stress and face masks.

How to find the diamond in the rough though? We're sharing some of the best facials we've experienced and have received great reviews by other Beauty Undercover readers. 

Are you excited to find out which facial salon stood out? Read on to find out!

1. Organics Beauty @ Delfi Orchard

Best for: Once-in-a-life-time experience, use of organic products, Zero chemicals, amazing massage, great Japanese service

If there is one facial you absolutely need to experience in Singapore, this is THE one.

Suitable for ladies of all skin types, founder Shizuka put together an all-encompassing regimen that makes use of holistic alternative therapies like TCM, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, herbology, facial reflexology and hot stone therapy to achieve flawless skin from inside out - without machines.

No Chemical Thera Facial Suitable For All Skin at Organics Beauty

Thera Facial at Organics Beauty

Starting with your choice of essential oils, Himalayan bell, hot stone therapy, the entire facial is an experience you wouldn't forget.

Customer Review of Organics Beauty

Shizuka personally mixes the scrubs and the gommages for the face treatments in her organic line of products, with no chemicals used.

Chemical-Free Herbal Facial at Organics Beauty

Herbal Facial at Organics Beauty

Just because there are no chemicals doesn't mean that the facial is not effective.

As many of its customers show, their skin improved significantly after organic facials here as well.  Agent M’s superb pimple reduction at Organics Beauty is a good example.

Facial Reflexology at Organics Beauty

Facial Reflexology at Organics Beauty

Here at Organics Beauty, you can expect a full-body experience that will cleanse your mind, soul, and skin as well.

My skin felt really good after the first session, It was much smoother and I did not have any skin irritation even days after. Confident about the results at Organics Beauty, my Mom purchased 5 more sessions for me. ...Effectiveness aside, I really like how the entire facial felt like a spa. It makes me feel relaxed and calm, and doesn't hurt AT ALL! 

Attention Mommies: Shizuka has created prenatal and post-natal facials just for you - without use of chemicals or machines, you can be sure that the facial is completely safe for you and your child.

Safe and Chemical Free Post Natal and Nursing Mom Facial Treatment at Organics Beauty

Read about Agent V's post natal facial here.

2. The Bund Beauty @ Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park

Best for: Effective painless extractions, amazing massages, price transparency and great service

Our editor's go-to facial salon, The Bund Beauty is where you can experience one of the gentlest yet most thorough extractions you're ever going to get. The facial therapists here specializes in acne skin and has helped many women clear their congested skin and keep it congestion-free with extractions, amazing facial massages and good quality homecare. Agent G herself found her periodic acne flareups go away and pores becoming smaller each time she comes.

Agent HW shares her facial experience at The Bund Beauty

As usual, Agent G is not the only one. This customer Agent HW saw her acne disappear after just one session with Winnie. 

The Bund Beauty AMK Customer Review on Pimple Cleared After One Session

Beyond the effective results, service here is really attentive. Its location within Bishan Park is also a plus with the beautiful garden ambience that gets you relaxing even before you step into the salon! 

“Curiouser and curiouser!” cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English). —Chapter 2, The Pool of Tears

There's something magical about it as if you're in a fantasy world... As you enter the Bund Beauty, you have a sense that you are in Alice in Wonderland, where you have to walk through a garden to reach it, then put on cute slippers before you enter. There is something about this place that makes you feel comfortable and safe like it's your own place.

Application of Essential Oil During Facial at The Bund Beauty AMK

Application of essential oil layer before extraction on Agent G - Other than lulling Agent G to sleep, the oils help to moisturize the skin and make the extraction process less drying and therefore less painful. 

Chef's kiss... at the details.

Improvement on Hormonal Acne and Pores After 3 Times Facial at The Bund Beauty AMK

Changes of Agent G’s hormonal acne and pores after 3rd (left) and 5th (right) visit.

And I must say that I'm reaping the benefits of regular facials with minimal or zero breakouts even during my menstrual period. My skin is also alot more supple than before, with wrinkles and lines still kept at bay. Even my husband says that my skin looks better and younger than it did 5 years ago!

They will make you feel relaxed and comfortable as they perform their diagnosis, extraction, and facial massages with their gentle and rhythmic hand movements. Thorough extraction is done by them using their special technique, without leaving a trace of pain. Here, the therapists believe that there are pros and cons for each treatment, therefore, it is best to prepare our skin gradually before receiving treatment, to avoid irritation and long-term damage.

Read about Lawyer GW's facial at The Bund Beauty.

Winnie, the facial salon's founder, focuses more on maintaining a relationship with customers with high-quality products and effective treatments. This approach is different from what is seen at other facial salons. Even though The Bund Beauty is one of the premier boutique salons, the prices are transparent. In contrast to other salons, first-timers are only allowed to do Basic Extraction Facials, which gives them and their therapists the chance to test your skin and diagnose your condition before recommending a skin care treatment for you. The therapist will only suggest the next step when your skin is ready. I would call that the epitome of transparency!

3. Apple Queen Beauty @ International Plaza

Best Facial in Singapore Apple Queen Beauty

Best for: Effective and Thorough Extractions with FAST results

A friendly and skilled therapist with a wealth of knowledge about facials and high-quality facial products, Apple has helped SO MANY PEOPLE regain their confidence after a facial that we were simply blown away. 

From Agent S

Pimple Face Before Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty
After Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

Student ZP 

Face Full of Pimples Before Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty
Improved Skin After Acne Facial Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

Agent K

Before and After Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty
Before and After Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

Agent HG

Hormonal Acne Before Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty
After Acne Facial Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

And even Agent TH saw a huge improvement in his skin after 5-6 facials with Apple!

Men Pimple Before and After Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

One major reason why their skin improved so quickly is because Apple's extraction is super thorough. She allocates a satisfying 90 – 120 minutes per session so she can get all the gunk out in that time. As the results show, the time and the pain is absolutely worth it. Aside from her thorough extractions though, Apple makes sure to use products that are suitable for those of us with sensitive skin. 

As she has sensitive skin herself, Apple knows just what natural products are most effective for soothing the skin and gradually building up the skin's resistance over time. Extraction by Apple is also performed with great care and respect, especially for those with sensitive skin. This is one reason why she is highly sought by men and women who want their faces clarified with the least amount of downtime - all the way from Jurong to Tampines!

Facial Treatment Suitable For Sensitive Skin at Apple Queen Beauty

Ths was a reason why our inhouse Agent CW chose to go to Apple for her first extraction facial experience during Circuit Breaker in 2020.

Facial Treatment Suitable For Sensitive Skin at Apple Queen Beauty

Ta-da! Agent CW after her first facial. 

Definitely didn't expect to see a noticeable change so quickly, especially since I've tried and failed with various masks and skincare products at home. But I'm glad to be proven wrong with Apple's skill and knowledge.

4. Face Plus By Yamano @ Orchard Central

Best for: Value-for-money + Gentle Japanese facials with unbeatable service.

$200 for not one but TWO Facials by a Japanese Facial Salon? While it may sound unbelievable, we've gone down and visited this gem of a salon located right at level 4 of Orchard Central: Face Plus by Yamano.

Those who're well versed in Japanese skincare may find the name Yamano familiar. It is after all a subsidiary of Yamano / Doronko Cosmetics - the brand that specializes in using Amber and Clay in its beauty products.

Yes, Face Plus by Yamano is the facial salon under THIS Yamano. You can not only expect the therapists to use the White Clay here, they carry the entire Yamano series (including the super high end Kohaku Century Shiro) and use them exclusively during the facial!

High End Kohaku Century Shiro Used During Facial at Face Plus by Yamano

It is exactly this product that Face+ uses for its customers. Judging by the number of regular customers coming back to Face+ over the past 10 years and the flawless skin of its facial therapists, the Bidou product from Yamano appears to be working really well! 

Acupressure During Facial at Face Plus by Yamano

Despite the more humble environment, the facial therapists here impress with their one of the best facial routines we've experienced. Whether in rhythm, pressure or accuracy of facial acupoints, the therapists here got it just right! Don't be surprised when you find your face glows for 2 weeks after the facial because its just so good!

Japanese Therapist Doing Acupressure During Facial at Face Plus by Yamano

As all facial therapists here have their facial routine standardized by the resident Japanese therapist Masayo, the facial feels amazingly good no matter who you choose. Apparently, all therapists here go through exams every few months to make sure that the facial feels exactly the same whether you're in Japan or here in Singapore.

White Clay Mask For Uneven Skin Tone at Face Plus by Yamano

Here is Agent G enjoying Face + by Yamano's special World Doronko Cleansing Clay from Germany. As she talks about her experience at Face + by Yamano, she explains how she was able to improve her uneven skin tone.

There's zero hard-selling and the price is very reasonable given the high-quality products used and Japanese level service. No wonder I see so many Japanese ladies come here for facials! A highly recommended facial salon for people hoping to see a visible improvement in their skin!
First Facial Experience at Face Plus by Yamano

While here is Agent CW enjoying her vacuuming process! Read more on her VIRGIN facial experience at Face + by Yamano.

My own experience of Face Plus by Yamano has so far shown that this is a good salon to start with because they are gentle with your skin and the facial therapists are really knowledgeable about skin. They also carry their own range of products, many of which are good for sensitive skin like mine.

Despite the use of quality products and one of the best facial massages we've experienced, we anticipated prices here to be expensive. Who knew that facials here cost $200 for TWO facials each month? Despite their low prices, they do not hard sell their services or packages. In fact, you'll be given a deep bow before you leave, imitating the traditional Japanese culture.

5. SONA Japanese Skin Studio @ Tanjong Pagar

Best for: All-in-one facial with no hidden cost.

With SONA, you can't go wrong with what it has to offer, all in one!

Whoa, why?

Sona Customised Facials uses many different machines, such as radiofrequency, ultrasound, and even LED light therapy, BUT they don't charge multiple prices, unlike other facial salons - just one price! There is much more that these therapists do here than just facials. They will even recommend skincare products tailored to your skin type based on what to avoid and what to use. One visit, multi-dollar savings!

In Shiori's, the founder of SONA, opinion, makeup can boost your appearance no matter how flawless or flaky your skin may be, and that's true regardless of whether you go for makeup or skincare. The service she provides can be beneficial to customers with sensitive skin who want to learn how to conceal imperfections and have the best skin care products. She will be able to determine which products will be best for you based on her experience and genuine advice.

Good Customer Review of SONA Japanese Skin Studio

Moreover, Shiori wants all her customers to leave SONA feeling satisfied with their skin, because she wants them all to have a clear skin that makes them confident and happy. If you are searching for one of the best facial salons in Singapore, SONA is definitely worth the visit. The salon with first-rate Japanese service combines skills and expertise with extensive knowledge and leading-edge aesthetics with advanced technologies.

Japanese Technology Radiofrequency During Facial at SONA Japanese Skin Studio

Read more on Agent SA on her visit to SONA where the therapist uses radiofrequency to make sure masks are fully absorbed by the skin!

I really enjoyed the light facial massages that Emily gives me and not to mention my skin is glowing and so hydrated every single time after the facials. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend SONA Japanese Skin Studio to my friends or anyone suffering from acne like me!

6. Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon @ Outram Park Bukit Pasoh Rd

Best for: Stem Cell Therapy and calming environment.

Cue dramatic music...

One of the most prestigious salon in Japan has opened its doors in Singapore! It's the first outlet outside of Japan to be run by Tomoko, a very well-known facial therapist (Psst! Celebrity facial therapist!). Manami Ichikawa, the founder of Allumer, uses ayurvedic techniques in the routine and creates menus that use herbs to make the girls look and feel better.

There are more services at Allumer than just facials, you can also get nail services and lash extensions if you have the time! Also, besides foot and shoulder treatments, they offer body treatments as well, including body, head, and head massages. There is no doubt that you are getting good value for your money with their exquisite location. Try their Stem Cell Enhanced Facial Rejuvenation Rejuvenation Remedy if you ever find yourself dropping by. The Stem Cell Therapy that they offer was the most impressive one we have tried as we were able to see firsthand the results that they offer.

According to Tomoko, the manager of the salon, the face is a reflection of one's health, and her dream is to help us better understand what our bodies really want and need from us. Allumer Singapore is only open until 7 pm on weekdays and closed on Sundays, so book an appointment and manage your time well. Whatever the case may be, Allumer won't let you down.

Painless Stem Cell Therapy at Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon

Allowing the stem cells to penetrate cells deep, the effects are almost similar to injecting the stem cells directly into the skin. Except that no painful, petrifying needles are involved. Here we see Tonomi applying stem cells into Agent J’s skin.

Before and After Painless Stem Cell Therapy at Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon

Skin before (with tinted sunscreen)

Before and After Painless Stem Cell Therapy at Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon

Skin after (with clear sunscreen)

7. Geranium Facial Salon @ Lavender

Best Facials in Singapore Geranium Facial Salon

Best for: Painless extractions with minimal redness after, firming skin with multivitamins treatment

Women love facials for exfoliation and extractions. We just don't like seeing those blackheads on our faces! Instead of forcefully removing the blackheads, the skilled therapists here gently coax them out from all angles. 

"'Come hither... blackheads...', hissed the therapists as they gently charm the blackheads out of the pores."- a short story written by BU.

To make sure the extraction is done as thoroughly as possible, they first do a top layer exfoliation with enzymes after cleansing to get the pores opened. Geranium takes their time in extracting all those gunks from your face instead of rushing it. For some customers, it can take an hour! With gentle but effective extraction, clients don't have red faces when they leave the salon. There's also a very high-quality mask that calms down the skin afterward to minimize swelling (if any). That means you can go out with your friends afterward and you'll still look good!

Massages are great after a long day at work, right? Geranium's customers love its massages, too, aside from the thorough extractions.  Moreover, they have wonderful service. Let's be honest, a facial is one of the few things people get to pamper themselves! Whether or not the treatment works, a great experience makes us want to come back... and Geranium is one of those that has gotten people back... consistently.

It has been more than twenty years since Grace has served her customers as a facial therapist in Singapore. A few salons exist where the owner has a true passion for what she does and is steadfastly delivering a high level of service and quality over the course of time. Geranium tests out a lot of stuff before deciding what works best for customers. These days, you're sure to find some of the best hair and facial services, and only the most trusted products are used.

Not the most important point but we all crave convenience, don't we? Lavender MRT Station is conveniently located around the corner from the salon, and so you can easily access it. The Geranium salon is well located, and you'll find a supermarket, a restaurant, and a health food store nearby where you can grab some healthy food after your beauty appointment.

The Geranium also has a hair salon, so you could kill two birds with one ... Geranium, right over there.

Eyebrow Shaping During Facial at Geranium Salon

Agent JR's eyebrows being shaped after a thorough and gentle extraction. Find out why Agent JR kept going back for this Multivitamin Facial.

Guasha Facial Massage at Geranium Salon

Miko performing guasha massage on Agent JT's face to promote blood circulation and detoxification via massage of the lymphatic system - to look youthful with fewer facial lines and reduced skin sensitivity

While I was with other salons, I dreaded going for facials as it is an unpleasant experience with painful extractions and long sessions of hardselling. ...I look forward to each facial as the extractions are thorough yet relatively painless, the ambience is good, the therapist is experienced, the location is easily accessible and there is zero hardselling. ...I genuinely wanted to get [the packages]. No therapists tried to force me to buy anything or go for their promotions, which is something I really appreciate.Most importantly though, I see lasting results.

8.  Indulgence Beauty @ International Plaza

Price: $169-269

When we were looking for good extraction facials to try in Singapore, Indulgence Beauty came up multiple times on Google, Tripadvisor. To check if the raving reviews are reflective of the actual experience, Agent G went for their first trial at her own expense... and loved the experience!

The facial began with a very systematic diagnosis about facial condition with the help of a machine. From there, she understood more about the level of moisture, lines, acne and so on. Anna, the therapist  who attended to Agent G, was very detailed in her consultation and astute in identifying the issues faced by Agent G. She then recommended a course of action for Agent G and proceeded with the extraction, which was thorough and relatively painless. Although Agent G did not take up a package in the end, the therapist wasn't pushy about it. 

Interestingly, Indulgence Beauty recommends not using facial products in the first few facial treatments to encourage detox. This way, it helps to purge any toxins you may have in your skin.

Agent CN is a successful example of how well it works.. He had really bad acne, which cleared up after going to Indulgence Beauty for a few months. 

Pimple Reduced After Few Sessions at Indulgence Beauty
Pimple Reduced After Few Sessions at Indulgence Beauty

Read about his experience here.

Aside from Agent G and Agent CN, many other Beauty Undercover readers had great experiences at Indulgence Beauty, making them one of our most trusted facial salons in Singapore!

9. Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa @ Orchard and Bishan

Best for: Bojin Therapy

Located in the heart of Singapore, the Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa is one of the finest spas in Singapore that offers a wide selection of quality spa treatments to its customers. This is a place where women can exercise, stay healthy, and maintain a positive sense of self. They boast a specialty therapy - the Bojin therapy - where it stimulates the body to self-heal, and can also achieve many other benefits, such as beautification, contouring, hormone balance, and pain relief, and hormone balance. In terms of both origin and technique, Bojin and Guasa are similar, but Bojin accomplishes better results and does not cause as much skin redness as Guasa. DYK that Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa is a pioneer in bringing Bojin to Singapore?

In addition, Icemichelle, the founder of Supreme Q.X, has individually and extensively screened the therapists on her team. There are several meridian tissue manipulation techniques (MTM) that she teaches her staff, and the philosophy of providing her clients with accurate, professional advice is the cornerstone of her business. In her words, “A service will only be elevated to a quality service when it is done with sincerity and attentiveness”.

The staff there doesn't hard-sell and they're very professional. Additionally, you get to taste delicious desserts with a great view after your treatment! Remember to check out their eyebrow embroidery as well!

10. CaringSkin

Best for: Sensitive and Acne Solutions using plant-based ingredients

Caring Skin facial spa, a local beauty institute, utilizes cutting-edge technology and plant-based ingredients to provide men and women both with technology that effectively addresses their ever-changing skin concerns.

The professional and trained staff at Caring Skin are able to perform your unique skin profile as efficiently and effectively as possible using top-of-the-line technology and skin analysis equipment. With only natural ingredients, they utilize highly effective and gentle treatments that are gentle on the skin, and are highly effective treatment options for acne and sensitive skin.

They even invented their own Nano Perfector "rainfall" facial, so acclaimed that it was crowned the winner of the 2017 Women's Weekly Spa Awards. Introducing Singapore's first "Rainfall" facial with natural ingredients designed to improve acne-prone skin and give it a smooth, baby-like texture. A rejuvenating treatment using molecular technology stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Achieve a more even and brighter skin tone, lighten scars and pigmentation.

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