Best Hair Salons to Perm Your Hair in Singapore

Published on Nov 15, 2015

Are horror stories of frizzy fried hair or small aunty-looking perms stopping you from jazzing up your hair? Based on the reviews we received, here's a list to help you get that feminine perm you are looking for!

*Note: This list is still a work in progress. New salons will be added as we go along!

If you have other hair needs, consider the following rankings we've prepared for you.

1. Act Point @ Midpoint Orchard

  • Price: $150 (Haircut + Ceramic Perm + Treatment)
  • Best known for affordably priced perms, hairstylists highly experienced with perms, trustworthy hairstylists who do not hardsell, Tokio de Sinka Perm
Act Point

There are not many hair salons we would so unequivocally recommend for a perm but Act Point is definitely one of them. On top of having highly experienced hairstylists for hair perming, Act Point's hairstylists are known for being honest and straightforward - no upselling of unnecessary hair services and best of all, a service guarantee of 2 weeks if you are unsatisfied with your perm!

They are also offering Tokio de Sinka perms but they are slightly more pricey so do ask for more details!

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2. Zinc Korean Hair Salon @ Millenia Walk

  • Best known for Tokio de Sinka PermKorean perming styles, experienced hairstylists, all-in prices
Zinc Korean Hair Salon

THE Korean hair salon that has made Agent G really happy with her perms again and again, Zinc is the salon she would unequivocally recommend to those of you with coarse and healthy hair!

The perms they produce are really close to what we see on Korean celebrities and therefore we consider them the Gold standard for perms. Those with hair which is more fine may now choose Tokio de Sinka perm which creates beautiful waves even as it protects the hair! Perfect for slightly damaged hair!

If however your hair is healthy, you can just go for their normal perm which are more affordably priced! 

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3. Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

  • Price: from $255 (Digital Perm)
  • Best known for highly experienced chemical specialists, Expertligent Fix You programme
Chez Vous Hair Salon

Other than its superb service, Chez Vous has an all-hair-director team that are very experienced in haircuts and perms! They have even instituted a programme called Expertligent Fix You programme which helps customers fix botched hairdos from other salons FREE of charge... if you are lucky enough to be selected! And so far, they've been really good at rescuing perms! Read more here:

Their continuous drive to improve themselves and genuine passion to help customers make them one of our top choices for perms in Singapore!

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4. Art-Noise Hair Salon @ Holland Village

  • Price: from $260
  • Best known for Chiffon Perm, Tokio de Sinka Perm, Digital Creep Perm, SHA treatments, Great Japanese service
Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Using their inhouse hair treatments to supplement Shiseido Perm lotions, Art-Noise ensures that the permed hair come out looking really soft and natural while at the same time prevent excessive damage!

In fact they have recently created a totally new type of perm called Chiffon Perm! Chiffon Perm is suitable for those of you with soft, fine hair (which is usually not ideal for perms!)... it creates curls with a 3D finish that lasts for months!

What's more, they've just brought in the BEST PERM lotion that perms even as it minimizes damage - Tokio de Sinka! Combine that with their technique and you've got the natural type of perm you are looking for. 

On top of their expertise in perms, we find that the highly experienced Japanese stylists are also particularly service-oriented, making the experience at Art-Noise a positive one.

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5. Kenaris Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

  • Price: from $318
  • Best known for Perm by Aris, Korean digital perm by Jenny
Kenaris Hair Salon at Wheelock Place

Even though a perm here is pricier than usual, Aris does an awesome job due to her passion for perms and many years of experience! One major reason why her perms turn out so well is because of her skill in haircut... which allows her to create curls that add softness to the right places! Kenaris also has a Korean hairstylist on their team who is extremely experienced with Korean-style perms, making Kenaris one of our trusted choices for a great perm.

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6. Bump Hair Design @ Holland Village

  • Price: from $170
  • Best known for Digital Perm, Good Japanese Service, Affordable Prices
Bump hair design

With perm specialist Hiroe now at Bump Hair Design (sister salon for AVENTA Hair Salon), Bump is now one of our favourite Japanese salons for light Japanese waves for special occasions!

Japanese perms may tend to be less lasting but is a lot less damaging and a lot more natural so do try them out if you are interested! Prices here are also among the most affordable so do check them out before they fill out fast!

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7. CLEO Hair & Make @ The Central Clarke Quay 

  • Price: $300 (Cut + Perm + Treatment), $400 (Cut + Digital Perm + Treatment)
  • Best known for wave perms, ombre or dip-dye hair colour, Japanese styled haircuts
CLEO Hair and Make at The Central Clarke Quay

If you are looking for a hair salon to do those oh-so-kawaii Japanese curls, CLEO Hair & Make is a salon you would not want to miss! On top of perming hair that look exactly like what we see in Japanese magazines, the director's passion in innovating and using science to achieve healthy beautiful hair leaves us impressed!

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8. Pro Trim Korean Salon @ Jurong East JEM

  • Price: from $198 for digital perm
  • Best known for experienced Korean stylists from top hair salons in Apgujeong, Korean-style Perms and Rebonding, MUCOTA Perm and Rebonding
Pro Trim at JEM

Fans of Korean hairstyles and celebrities staying in the West rejoice! You don't have to travel all the way to town for that glamorous Korean perm... Pro Trim has assembled a team of skillful Korean stylists from top hair salons in Apgujeong in its Jurong East JEM outlet! Best of all, prices here are a shade lower than what you see at Orchard salons.

They are however often very busy so do try to make an appointment beforehand!

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9. Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade

Style NA Parkway Parade
  • Price: from $238 for digital perm
  • Best known for experienced Korean stylists from top Korean salons like Juno Hair Studio and Park Jun's Beauty Lab, Korean-style Perms and Rebonding, Korean-style Haircuts

After their wildly popular outlet in JEM, Pro Trim Salon is opening a premium Korean offshoot Style NA Korean Salon in Parkway Parade!

Other than bringing in top Korean stylists from renowned hair salon chains in Seoul, Pro Trim has also moved its most capable Korean stylist Chris from JEM to Style NA @ Marine Parade and brought in some of its best local stylists to its flagship Style NA outlet. Although prices here are slightly higher than what you see in JEM, the prices here still look like a bargain compared to what we see in Orchard salons.

Best of all, this salon has literally JUST opened its doors so the salon isn't yet very crowded... and they even have an attractive opening promotion going on in November!

Definitely check them out if you have been itching to try out a Korean stylist for that glamorous perm this November!

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10. Style NA Korean Salon @ Bedok Mall

  • Price: from $198 for digital perm
  • Best known for experienced Korean stylists, affordable prices, Korean-style Perms and Rebonding, Korean-style Haircuts
Style NA Bedok

Style NA Korean Salon @ Bedok Mall may not be as glamorous and spacious as the Parkway Parade flagship outlet but you can still get beautiful Korean style perms and haircuts done here by experienced Korean stylists (or local stylists!) Prices here are a shade cheaper than the Parkway Parade outlet, making it a more value-for-money option for residents staying closer to Bedok!

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Agent G's Appeal: Help us help you!

I pen this list with a precarious heart. Service levels at each hair salon differ depending on who serves you, time of day, your preferences and whether a promotion is running (and so on!). Even when reviews are good, you may still not get what you expect just as supposedly bad salons may give you a pleasant surprise. Still, I strongly believe that having some sort of reference to the experiences of others is better than having none at all. That is why Beauty Undercover rely on you to submit reviews and help us check if all the reviews and lists we come up are good!

Many Thanks :)

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