Best Haircut Ideas for Singapore Men in 2015

Published on Apr 05, 2015

Guys, are you sick of going to your nearest neighbourhood barber and asking for "the usual" cut? Admit it: You're a little bored with your usual style but don't know if it's wise to try something too different in case it turns out weird.

Having dedicated the month of March to celebrating women, we've decided to be fair and dedicate the month of April to the fellas and give you some ideas on what haircut to get, how to deal with thinning hair and hairstyle ideas that would appeal to the ladies!

We start off this April series with Best Haircut Ideas for Men in 2015 and hope you'll find it useful for selecting your next cut!


Clean Dapper Haircut by Chez Vous

SalonChez Vous Hair Salon @ Takashimaya Ngee Ann City

Stylist: Jamie Seah (Associate Salon Director)

Suitable for: Gentleman in a smart suit or the primal man in a leather biker jacket

A timeless classic, the dapper cut is a simple 2 block cut with hair 0.5cm on the side and more than 5cm on the crown. The main point is to keep the outline extremely clean and smooth for a professional look. It works particularly well for men with moderately thick hair. If you have thicker hair than the usual, you may want to consider a down-perm on the sides to allow the hair to stay closer to the scalp.

It looks best styled with good pomade or gel with a slick hair back!


 Before Styling

Men's Block Cut (Sam)

After Styling

Men's Block Cut (Sam)

SalonChez Vous Hair Salon @ Takashimaya Ngee Ann City

Stylist: Sam Chok (Associate Salon Director)

Suitable for: Men who want to add a little more style and sexy into their lifestyle

The Two Block Cut usually involves the sides and lower back being cut short and thin, while leaving the crown of the hair at varied length or texture. What’s great about the Two Block Cut is that one can be very flexible on how he wants to style it. He can keep the fringe straight, down, up, or even ruffled to create a more ‘rugged’ or ‘hipster’ look, depending on one’s mood and occasion.

Dandy or Shaggy, it’s up to you.

#3: Textured Pompadour

Textured Pompadour (Thomas)

SalonChez Vous Hair Salon @ Takashimaya Ngee Ann City

Stylist: Thomas Teo (Chief Director)

Suitable for: Fashionable urbanites who value a hassle-free lifestyle

This all-time classic hairstyle was named after the mistress of King Louis XV, Madame de Pompadour. It remained a female-dominated style right up till World War I. In the 1950s, Elvis sported the pompadour as part of his signature look and the rest is history. Still considered a classic rock ‘n’ roll inspired hairstyle, the traditional pompadour is styled by sweeping the hair upwards and away from the face, often worn slick with swept back sides. That said, the style has evolved quite dramatically since then, with modern takes on the pompadour experimenting with length and texture through the top while keeping the back and sides sharp and short.

#4: Short Professional Shag

Before and After Agent E

SalonKenaris Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

Stylist: Ken

Suitable for: Men with fine hair who wish to increase their hair volume

The short professional shag uses multiple layers and feathery cuts to reduce the weight of the hair. This helps to increase the perception of hair volume while also reducing hair loss! Although slightly shaggy, this is still largely acceptable in a professional office environment and looks best with some wax at the hair ends.

#5: The Japanese Salaryman

Men's Haircut (Rie)

SalonCOVO Hair Salon @ Tanjong Pagar and Keong Saik Rd

Stylist: Rie

Suitable for: Working professionals with a slight wave in your hair

Don't fret if you're one of those with natural waves. Embrace it with the Japanese Salaryman cut! The hair is cut in such a way that the waves complement the face shape, helping you avoid looking shaggy and unkempt. The front and top part of the hair are kept a little long so you can style your hair for the weekends but still get away with not gelling your hair for work on busy weekdays!

#6: Fauxhawk

Mens Haircut (Yuya)

SalonCOVO Hair Salon @ Tanjong Pagar and Keong Saik Rd

Stylist: Yuya

Suitable for: Young adults looking for that extra zing in their lives

Considered to be a "poser" hairstyle in its early days, the fauxhawk has come a long way, with David Beckham, Ricky Martin, Adam Levine and many more prominent personalities spotted in this style. With proper styling, it can also pass off as acceptable even in the workplace!

#7: Fohawk Fade

Short Cut (Sio)

SalonCLEO Hair and Make @ The Central

Stylist: Sio

Suitable for: Athletic men hoping to look like their favourite football stars

Nothing says sportsman more than a fohawk. Combine it with a fade haircut and some facial hair and you'll look like a celebrity footballer in no time! Not a recommended cut for the low-maintenance man as you need to take time to style this hairstyle to make it look good!

#8: Headturning Mohawk

Mohawk (Xavier)

Suitable for: Confident, attention seeking men (preferably not in strait-laced occupations!)

Nothing attracts attention more than this headturning mohawk. In addition to this relatively long mohawk, the tramlines give the girls something more to look at.

If 2015 is the year for looking adventurous, this attention-seeking mohawk should definitely be a consideration!

#9: Comb Over Fade

Men's Haircut (Danson)

Salon99 Percent Hair Studio

Stylist: Danson (Director)

Suitable for: Stylish men starting to face hair loss issues

For this hairstyle, top hairs are grown to a longer length and then combed over in a side parting or slicked back style. This is suitable for men who are facing hair loss issues as it minimizes the evidence of hair loss by spreading the hairs on the bald areas of the head. The hairs on the back and side are kept short and a proper fade transition is given between the comb over hair and the shorter hairs on sides.

#10: Side Quiff with Fade

Men's Haircut and Style (Veronise)

SalonKobayashi Hair Design @ Far East Plaza

Stylist: Veronise

Suitable for: The low-maintenance man with a boyish charm

Adding a side part gives the much desired effect of an undercut without actually having to shave off too much of your precious hair. This hipster hairstyle can also be styled in various ways, from matte to shiny to messy to wavy, ideal for the man in a hurry who doesn’t want to put a lot of time and effort into making his hair look great.

#11: Korean inspired Cut

Men's Haircut (Yumiko)

SalonKobayashi Hair Design @ Far East Plaza

Stylist: Yumiko

Suitable for: Aspiring Korean Idols

With an angular fringe combined with sideburns, this medium length hairstyle reminds us of the young and handsome Korean male idols. As the length of hair is relatively long, this hairstyle is not for everyone. To make it look good, some styling, particularly at the back, will help to volumize the entire hair. Those with coarser hair will also look better in this hairstyle.

So fellas, are you inspired to get a brand new look this April?

Leave your comment below and share with us your preferred style!

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