10 Best Neighbourhood Hairstylists who are every bit as good (or better) than your stylists in Orchard

Published on Jul 05, 2021

Have you ever had this conversation before, maybe with your parents?

"Hey, I'm heading out to cut my hair!"

"Why bother??? Just cut it downstairs lah!" 

And you immediately go: 

Followed by all the "you don't understand" and justifications using generational gaps. A lot of you might be thinking this: Excuse me but I've got more class than that! But here us out, heartland salons have SO MUCH to offer, you just need to to find the right ones. 

When we first think of heartland salons, most of us associate it with an "aunty" vibe, something old school, but without the cool. But hear us out, these salons actually have a lot to offer, you just need to find the right ones! 

As we celebrate National Day this year, let us share with you some of the gems we've found in the heartlands that are just that good at transcending generations and keeping up with the trends!

P.S. Some of them are even endorsed by top hair colour brands as ambassadors!

1. Danson Chea from 99 Percent @ Bedok Point

Danson Chea from 99 Percent Hair Studio

Looking for the newest hair trends that is sure to get you that heart on your IG? You absolutely cannot miss Danson!

Look at his recent illuminage and you'll understand why some customers travel across the island just so he can take care of their highlights, balayage, and lightening (and not for the good food that the East has). 

If you're looking for a hairstylist who can both perm and color your hair at the same time, look no further. You'll be able to maintain those luscious, coloured locks for quite some time after he fancies it up.  

From rainbow streaks to the perfect ash pink we always dream of, Danson's got you and your dream hair covered! 

Rainbow Highlights by 99 Percent

2. Samantha from Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

Samantha From Color Bar by Full House Tampines

If you've always dreamed of getting the hair colour seen on Korean celebrities and Kpop stars, you've got to check out Samantha and her team from Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

Kpop Hairstyle Grey Hair Colour at Color Bar By Full House Salon

Always checking out the latest ensemble from Korean stars, they've been giving customers their Kpop hair - and replicating exactly what they see in photos. 

Two-toned Lilac Hair Colour at Color Bar by Full House Salon

We sent Agent N (above) and Agent M (below) to Full House Salon and look at the amazing results they got?

Grey Hair Colour at Color Bar by Full House Salon

Most importantly, the lightening process is done well, so when the colour fades, the blonde still looks gorgeous - something not many hairstylists can guarantee. 

Blonde Hair Colour

While there's lots of greys requested by customers these days, the styllists here are actually pretty good with ash pink and purple too - check out their works to see if their style suits yours!

Joico Purple Hair Colour at Color Bar by Full House

Did we mention that Samantha used to be the Ambassador for Joico Hair colour as well?

3. Linus from Geranium Hair Salon @ Kallang CT Hub

Linus from Geranium Hair Salon

Meet Linus. His motto? Trendy and wearable hair, but certainly not ah-lian style. Having worked at a top Japanese hair salon for a number of years, rising to Director level, Linus is definitely a stylist you can trust to help you look your best. 

Whether it is to match an ideal hair colour to your skin tone or to get a haircut that flatters your face shape, this Shiseido Ultist Ambassador is sure to give you a hair makeover that wows. 

Grey Hair Colour

We sent Agent S for her first ever hair colour and guess what she ended up with? This gorgeous ashy tone that'll fit into "office appropriate" standards while standing out from everyone else's dull looks.

And guess where he's located at?

Not Orchard but at a neighbourhood outside of town: Kallang / Bendemeer / Boon Keng!

Geranium Hair Salon Interior

Prices are really affordable here too - so do check it out!

4. Shua from Koinonia Salon @ Tiong Bahru

To all my besties in the south, we didn't forget about you!

Shua From Koinonia Salon

Shua may be Korean but having stayed in Singapore for more than 10 years (married to a local Singaporean with a kid in Primary School), she knows exactly how to perm your hair and give you the glow-up you deserve - while still ensuring that the hair fits the humid Singapore weather. 

Long Hair Perm at Koinonia Salon

Don't you love how her curls add so much volume to the hair while still looking entirely natural? 

That's the magic you get from Shua's 20 years of experience, some of it as the Director of Toni & Guy back in Korea. Her perm is so good that Shua has been invited to share her knowledge at hair seminars around the region. 

But here at Tiong Bahru, all you need is pop by and you'll get this Perm goddess giving you the curls of your dreams. 

Long Hair Perm at Koinonia Salon

5. Carrie from Salon 5 @ Katong Joo Chiat

Carrie from Salon 5

Shua isn't the only one who knows magic. If you stay in Katong, you may have heard of the Fairy Godmother of the East - Carrie. 

Hair cut, colour, highlights, you name it. If you need to prep for a special occasion or date night, and you just dont know what to do, just leave it to Carrie. Not only a genius at transforming your hair, Carrie is great at makeup and coming up an image just for you. 

Grey Hair Colour at Salon 5

Don't believe us?  Seeing is believing, so keep your eyes open (and schedule free!) to get your Transformation by Carrie. 

Natural Brown Hair Colour at Salon 5

Whether you're looking for something conventional or something more outstanding, Carrie will likely exceed your expectations with a hairstyle you can call your own. 

Blonde Fringe at Salon 5

Still doubting your neighbourhood stylist?

6. Shim from No. 8 Hair Studio @ Vision Exchange Jurong East

Shim from No. 8 Studio

Moving all the way to the West, we have the secret gem No. 8 Hair Studio. To be honest, it is a little hard to choose because there're so many awesome stylists here but there's something about Shim's perms that blow us away.

Natural Perm at No. 8 Hair Studio

He may not be Korean but look at his perms and you may find it every bit as good... or better than Korean stylists out there. 

Natural Perm at No. 8 Hair Studio

Wouldn't you love walking out the salon with these perms?

Natural Perm at No. 8 Hair Studio

While perms are undoubtedly his specialty, his colours are nothing to sneeze at. Thanks to his attention to detail, he is able to incorporate details within the colour to make both bubbly extroverts and quiet introverts go WOW.  

Burgundy Hair Colour at No. 8 Hair Studio

If you're looking to up your femininity, Shim is definitely a stylist you shouldn't miss in the West. 

7. Yuna from Pro Trim Korean Salon @ Jurong East JEM

Yuna From Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

One of the things we love about Jurong is that it has EVERYTHING, from IKEA, Don Don Donki and even your very own authentic Korean stylists. Getting your favourite Korean celeb's new hairstyle is no longer a dream for you Westies - all you gotta do is to book an appointment with Korean stylist Yuna. 

Korean Perm at Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

Whether you're thinking about perm or a gorgeous Kpop style colour, Yuna can do it all. 

Korean Perm at Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

She has after all years of experience at Park Jun Beauty Lab - one of Korea's top hair salon chains. With exceptional haircutting skills, she lays a great foundation for glamorous perms that gets customers coming back to her time and time again. 

Korean Perm at Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

8. Zen and Vila from Mane Made @ The Midtown Hougang

Purple line gang, we didn't miss you!

Zen from Mane Made

We found this husband and wife duo, Zen and Vila, who has been delivering Orchard level haircuts and colours at neighbourhood prices. 

Vila from Mane Made

Zen especially have gone through years of training with top hairdressers in Singapore that has allowed him to master graduation bob haircuts as well as men's professional cut and undercut. Easily the best of the best in the area, Zen emphasizes a lot of the details even at the places you can't see - simply because everyone else can. This allows your cut to remain in shape even months after, allowing you to enjoy a low-maintenance and high-satisfaction hairstyle for longer. 

Low Maintenance Should Length Haircut at Mane Made

Beyond cuts, both Zen and Vila wow with their classy colour designs that is sure to give you a confidence boost just when you need it. 

Men Grey Hair Colour at Mane Made

We're talking about both boys and girls with his gorgous silver highlights or inner hair colours for girls. 

Silver and Blue Hair Colour at Mane Made

Are you feeling like Jekyll or Hyde today?

Awaken your inner wild child with this inner blue hair colour, so you can show it off or keep it hidden whenever you like, depending on your mood. 

9. Jenny from Style NA Korean Hair Salon by Joel Park @ Compass One

Jenny from Style NA

Another outstanding stylist we found hiding along the purple line is Jenny from Style NA Korean Salon. We've followed her around Singapore now - previously from a Korean Salon in Jurong, we tracked her to town and now to Compass One, Jenny is a Korean stylist we've heard many many raving reviews about. 

No, she doesn't appear in magazines or anything like that but truly gives her heart to every single one of her customers, making each and every experience a memorable one. More importantly, this is one stylist who has styled many contestants from Miss Korea - having worked at top salons such as Shely Hair Salon back in the land of perms. So you can be sure that your hair will turn out gorgeous, like this. 

Affordable Perm at Style NA Korean Hair Salon

We're still most in love with her perms but if you don't have the budget (or the hair condition) to go for a perm, you'll be glad to know that a simple layered cut and colour by her can transform your hair a great deal. 

If you haven't been to a Korean stylist, Jenny is definitely someone we'd highly recommend for a great first visit. 

10. Mari from Pro Trim Korean Salon @ Causeway Point

Mari from Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

You might have heard people say "What's there to look forward to in the North? It's so far anyway..." Well, we'll give you something!

Mari is your guidebook for everything about Korean hair. If you want to follow the hottest styles or having matching hairstyles as your favourite idols, trust her to know what's up and trending. She's also great at hair treatment, so rest assured that you'll be able to look stunning without doing too much damage to your hair. Even if you have a sensitive scalp, she'll be able to solve your problems.

Want to look like IU from her "Palette" era? 

Red Highlights at Pro Trim Korean Salon

Or were you a bigger fan of Blue-ming? 

Blue Hair Colour at Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

Either way, if trendy is your thing, Mari's got you and your hair covered covered!

Have a lil' more faith in heartland salons now? Sometimes what we're looking for was really right under our noses (or apartments) all along! Time to start booking your appointments so that the next time you "go downstairs" for a haircut, you'll still be looking glam as ever! 

Ever had your hair styled at these salons? Don't be shy and share your experience here.

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