Best Keratin Treatments Under $300

Published on Sep 19, 2021

Yes, we know.

Keratin Treatments are a LIFE-SAVER. Whether you have natural curls or whether your hair is so damaged from bleaching and colouring, Keratin Treatments can make all the frizz go away in just TWO HOURS. 

What are Keratin Treatments?

Keratin Treatments are hair treatments that bind a layer of keratin around the hair and seal it via heat. This restores the hair's outer layer, giving it the smooth and silkiness so that you can comb through your hair easily. It also repels water and protects your hair against UV rays, another reason that keeps your hair frizz free for months. 

It also tends to straighten your hair temporarily for 2-3 months, making it a viable alternative to rebonding. So for those who want to understand the difference, read about our article on how Keratin Treatments are different from Rebonding

There are however many types of Keratin Treatments out there, so for those of you who are interested, we'd highly recommend you to read about the differences between Hair Botox, Keratin Treatments, Cinderella Treatments and Brazilian Blowout - all of which are Keratin Treatments. 

As amazing as it sounds, Keratin Treatments are NOT permanent and last for about 4-6 months, depending on how much you wash your hair. The price difference can also be quite big across salons. So to give you a better idea of how much you should pay, we have listed the top hair salons in Singapore offering value-for-money Keratin Treatments below $300. 

Best Keratin Treatments under $300

1. COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Outram Park Keong Saik Rd / Katong

Keratin Hair Treatment at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Price: $230 for NOV Treatment, $320 for Kerasilk Keratin Treatment (Promo - 20% off for New Customers for selected stylists)

COVO may be well known for its omotenashi Japanese service and semi-private spaces located at shophouses in Keong Saik Rd and Katong but those who've been to COVO will tell you that the range of Keratin Treatments and Hair treatments as well as their prices are among the MOST competitive in Singapore. 

For Keratin Treatments, for example, COVO offers both the NOV treatment and the Goldwell Kerasilk Treatment. Goldwell Kerasilk is the traditional keratin treatment that can give even those with stubborn curls straight and frizz free hair for 4-6 months. NOV treatment, on the other hand, is a milder form of Keratin Treatment that can remove the frizz WITHOUT straightening your hair too much - giving you natural volume for 3-5 months. 

Keratin Hair Treatment at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Best of all, prices for NOV treatment is also quite a bit cheaper, making it a viable alternative for those of us who just want to remove our frizz. 

Keratin Hair Treatment at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

They also tend to offer 20% off all services for new customers on weekdays, making the price go as low as $184 after discount!

2. FiNDER by COVO @ Duxton Tanjong Pagar

Keratin Hair Treatment at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Price: $230 for NOV Treatment, $320 for Kerasilk Keratin Treatment (Promo - 20% off for New Customers for selected stylists)

Another offshoot of COVO, Finder by COVO brings the same semi-private authentic Japanese experience for its customers - this time by the team of top Japanese stylists anchored by Shobu, Kazz and Hajime. Many of them speak English quite fluently and is very strong with haircuts, if it's something you'd like to add to your treatment.

Hajime on the other hand, is amazing with colours. FYI, it is recommended to go for hair colours BEFORE your keratin treatment as the treatment tends to seal your hair and so the colours will find it hard to penetrate well. Colour your hair then go for keratin and you'll find your colour lasting for a much longer period of time. 

As they are a sister company of COVO, you'd be able to find the same suite of Keratin Treatments e.g. NOV as well as Goldwell Kerasilk right here at Finder COVO.

3. Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar Neil Rd / Tiong Bahru

Keratin Hair Treatment at Flamingo Hair Studio

Price: $325 for Kerasilk Keratin Treatment

Promo: 10% off for New Customers for selected stylists

Stepping in into Flamingo Hair Studio isn’t like any other hair salon – it feels like entering an oasis with its greenery, decor, natural light and ample space for customers. Oh, and they have flamingos too – although it's only just a part of the decor but hey, that still counts.

Keratin Hair Treatment at Flamingo Hair Studio

Flamingo Hair Studio is also one of the first few Japanese Hair Salons that offers Keratin Hair Treatments. As many of the hairstylists here have wavy and curly hair, the focus here therefore is to help customers create easily maintainable hairstyles in the hot and humid Singapore - all while giving you the ideal Japanese hair experience with a personal touch. 

Keratin Hair Treatment at Flamingo Hair Studio

Keratin Hair Treatments are definitely part of the consideration but beyond that, Flamingo Hair Studio also offers an in-depth consultation that considers other hair services e.g. hair treatments, rebonding and perm before deciding what is the best hair service for your hair. 

Keratin Hair Treatment at Flamingo Hair Studio

Their extensive experience managing wavy, curly hair makes them a top choice for customers looking to subdue their own. 

Keratin Hair Treatment at Flamingo Hair Studio

4. Ann’s Studio @ The Adelphi

Keratin Hair Treatment at Ann's Studio

Price: Organic QOD Keratin Treatment at $250

Want to look for an experienced hairstylist with really curly hair for advice? You can't miss Ann's Studio.

Blessed with curly hair herself, Annie is well known for her curly hair management skills. Thanks to her years of training in the UK, she uses a combination of haircuts, keratin treatments as well as straightening to help customers achieve their desired hairstyles - zero judgment given. She encourages you to keep your hair curly with haircuts and styling techniques back at home but even when you don't, she'll recommend the best anti-frizz keratin treatments to give your hair natural volume.

To Annie though, it is not just how long the keratin stays on your hair and how straight your hair becomes after that. She considers even the health impact of keratin treatments when thinking about what keratin treatment to bring in. That's why she searched around the world and decided to use the QOD Organic Keratin Treatment from Australia. This is a rinse-off keratin treatment that minimizes the negative health impacts of keratin treatments, making it safer for customers and even for her and her staff when doing the Keratin Treatments for customers. 

Friends of Annie know that she is big on yoga and a holistic lifestyle, so that doesn't come as a surprise. The rinse off keratin treatments may not make your hair as straight but at least you'll have the piece of mind that this organic alternative is that much safer. 

Oh yes, as the price demonstrates, it's cheaper too! 

5. Twist Hair Salon @ Tanjong Pagar

Keratin Hair Treatment at Twist Hair Salon

Price: $260 - $300 for K Gloss Treatment, $270 to $310 for Brazilian Blowout 

(Promo: 50% off Keratin Treatments when you come for a haircut or 40% off Keratin Treatments if you come for standalone Keratin Treatment)

Located on the second floor of a historical shophouse along Tanjong Pagar Road, this Japanese upstart of a salon gives a chill and relaxing vibe with abundant natural light coming in from its windows. As pretty as it is though, its low prices of Keratin Treatment is a big reason that attracts us here.

Keratin Hair Treatment at Twist Hair Salon

Believing that treatments are essential to make haircuts and colours last, Twist Hair Salon keeps the prices for treatments and Keratin Treatments at a minimum. They therefore often offer huge discounts on their Keratin Treatments, particularly when paired with a haircut. Brazilian Blowout for example cost a maximum of $310 at the salon - but the price can drop to as low as $155 with a haircut or $186 without a haircut.  We recently followed Agent Y to Twist Hair Salon and was really impressed by how effective Brazilian Blowout is at controlling frizz - with a treatment time of less than 2 hours!

Easy on the wallet while still getting a Japanese hair experience with a Singaporean twist, Twist Hair Salon is definitely a hidden gem you have to check out.

6. Jeric Salon @ ION Orchard

Price: $280 - $320 (Parisien Keratin Treatment)

Promo: $278 NETT for Haircut + Parisien Keratin Treatment

Fancy getting your Keratin Treatment done at a salon anchored by celebrity stylist Jeric and frequented by celebs such as Jean Danker and Paige Chua? You can now do so without breaking the bank at Jeric Salon. 

You'll love how the stylists here don't just get frizz out of your hair, they treat you like family and give you a gorgeous haircut to go along with it.- all for under $280 with their promotion. Do note that the promotion is applicable only on weekdays at certain timings so make advance appointment to avoid disappointment. 

7. Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines

Keratin Treatment by Full House Salon @ Tampines

Price: $260-$400

Promo: $288 for Organic Keratin Treatment + Haircut

Want to get your keratin treatment fix somewhere closer to Tampines? We found a value-for-money option at Singapore's best neighbourhood salon in Tampines, Color Bar by Full House Salon.

While we are all undoubtedly entranced by their gorgeous hair colours, Full House is actually really popular for their Keratin Hair Treatments as well. This is not surprising, since Keratin Treatments go really well after colour to lengthen its longevity.

Keratin Treatment by Full House Salon @ Tampines

8. Hairlux Salon @ Katong

Hairlux Salon at Katong

Promo: $188 for Keratin Treatment, $288 for Cinderella Treatment + Haircut

Looking for an affordable salon for your keratin treatment in Katong? This local hair salon is offering Keratin Treatment at $188 and Cinderella treatment + Haircut at $288. 

Located beside Katong V, we found it convenient to drive and park there with abundant parking at Katong Village hotel. You'll love how swanky and luxurious the place feels when we enter as well as the semi-private space that gives you lots of privacy during your hair service here. The stylists here are also good at what they do and are pretty friendly, making this a value-for-money choice to try Keratin Treatments in Katong. 

9. Erisu Salon @ Bugis Haji Lane

Keratin Hair Treatment at Eri Su Salon

Price: $180 - $420

Promo: $288 for KGloss Hair Treatment + Haircut

Hands up if you love the creative colours here at Erisu as much as we do! 

Co-founded by one of our favourite Singaporean stylists Eri, Erisu Salon impresses because of its beautiful hair colours as well as its genuine Singaporean service that gets us coming back time and time again. We love going to both Eri and Marini as they truly care for our hair and our wallets, always suggesting hair services that help us stretch our dollar while ensuring that our hair looks amazing all the time. 

They have hence come up with special bundles each month to make sure that their prices are still kept affordable for its customers - one of which is the K Gloss Keratin Treatment + Haircut promotion at $288!

If you don't already know, K Gloss is Kim Kardashian's go-to keratin treatment - so if you're thinking of getting hair as sleek as hers, you know where to go. 

Salons offering Keratin Treatments at $300+

Want more choices? The following salons offer keratin treatments at prices slightly above $300! 

1. Chez Vous HideAway @ Ngee Ann City

Keratin Hair Treatment at Chez Vous HideAway

Price: Haircut + Keratin Treatment at $318.86 (without discounts)

Chez Vous HideAway is not just another instagrammable salons. Fans of HideAway would know that they offer a lot of services at value-for-money prices and guess what, Keratin Treatment is one of them.

For a price of $318.86, they offer BOTH a haircut and a keratin treatment to give you that soft, silky and smooth hair you've always dreamed of. 

Keratin Hair Treatment at Chez Vous HideAway

Given that they are the offshoot of the main Chez Vous Hair Salon, you'd have the assurance that Chez Vous HideAway offers a wide range of brands of keratin treatments and would therefore be able to choose the best Keratin Treatment that suits your needs. 

Those who want a little more will be happy to note that Chez Vous offers many spa-like touches e.g. welcome massage, complimentary hand mask, customizable essential oils and even free oxygen and red/blue light scalp therapy incorporated into your hair experience. If you're thinking of heading down, don't forget to check out our list of secret experiences you should make use of!

2. 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Orchard Central / Bugis Haji Lane / Bedok Point

Keratin Hair Treatment at 99 Percent Hair Studio

Price: $300-$450 for Wonderlast Keratin Treatment 

Promo: $50 off all hair services for first time customers + 2 x $99 discount when you go for Wonderlast with their Creative Hair Colours

99 Percent Hair Studio may be best known for their gorgeous hair colours and Illuminage but this is also one of Beauty Undercover's favourite hair salons for Keratin Treatments.

No matter how bad your hair is, the expert stylists here will be able to rescue your hair with a combination of colour and keratin treatment that gets your hair looking HUMAN again - the way they did for Agent M. Read about Agent M's experience with 99 Percent Hair Studio here.

Keratin Hair Treatment at 99 Percent Hair Studio

Truth is 99 Percent Hair Studio brings in a number of Keratin Treatment brands but to reduce confusion, they've recently decided to use one name to replace them all: Wonderlast. 

For customers who haven't tried their Keratin Treatments before, they are offering a special promotion this month: get a Wonderlast treatment done with any of their creative colours and enjoy 2 x $99 discounts off. You can use 1 x $99 off immediately to offset your current treatment + your $50 off first timer voucher and use the second $99 voucher the next time you come back.

This means that your first Wonderlast Keratin Treatment could possibly cost approximately $151 to $251 if you do it with a creative colour!

Keratin Hair Treatment at Flamingo Hair Studio

As many stylists here have repaired hair as damaged as this, you can definitely look forward to a complete transformation after a Wonderlast treatment here, the way Agent R did.

Keratin Hair Treatment at Chez Vous HideAway

3. Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

Keratin Hair Treatment at Be Salon Millenia Walk

Price: $300-$400 for Keratin Treatment 

Promo: 10% off all hair services for New Customers

Looking more than just a typical Keratin Treatment? The stylists here at Be Salon are able to customize the Keratin Treatment in such a way that the effects are semi-permanent. What do we mean by that? Be Salon is the only salon we know in Singapore that mixes both softening lotion and Keratin Treatments to form their proprietary Soft Keratin Treatment

Keratin Hair Treatment at Be Salon Millenia Walk
Keratin Hair Treatment at Be Salon Millenia Walk

This allows the hair the Soft keratin to last REALLY LONG while still maintaining the voluminous straight hair!

Here's how the hair looks 2 months after.

This makes their Keratin Treatment among the most value-for-money as it last WAY longer than what you may get from other salons. Another thing we love about their Soft Keratin? Be Salon doesn't just use one brand of keratin treatments but customizes it according to your hair damage and hair texture, giving you the best results that last. 

4. The Bund Hair Salon @ Ang Mo Kio

Keratin Hair Treatment at The Bund Hair Salon

Price: $380-$450

Promo: $320 - $380

From its all-glass exterior, placement of the bright lights to its unique location within Bishan Park, The Bund is like no other hair salon we've seen. 

Surrounded yet shielded from the natural elements in an air-conditioned bubble, The Bund exudes a stylish sophistication that brilliantly integrates high-society with the serenity of Bishan Park, a design we think lives up to its name as the First Luxury Garden Hair Salon in Singapore!

But that isn't why we're recommending it for Keratin Treatment. The Bund has in its team Keratin Expert Alvin and we can only tell you that we are full of praises for this guy. 

Keratin Hair Treatment at The Bund Hair Salon

One of the most conscientious and knowledgeable stylists we've met, Alvin is able to control ANY hair texture with Keratin. Whether you have coarse or fine hair, healthy or frizzy hair, The Bund has the right Keratin Treatment to help control your frizz. 

That's not all that's different though. 

Keratin Hair Treatment at The Bund Hair Salon

Keratin Treatment is applied using very different techniques here at The Bund, which is possibly a reason why the ARUA Keratin Treatment is better absorbed by the hair and last for WAY longer than at other salons.

Keratin Hair Treatment at The Bund Hair Salon

These results are enough to put a smile on the faces of most customers and why we are so confident to introduce The Bund as one of the best hair salons for Keratin Treatments in Singapore!

5. LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Price: Cinderella Treatment from $300

One of Korea’s biggest and most well-known salon chains that frequently do haircuts and hair treatments for Korean and international celebrities, LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon needs no introduction. With beautiful decor, warm lighting, vintage sofas, and a dedicated beverage bar and impeccable service, LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon is certainly among the best hair salons you've got to try in Singapore. 

With many of the top Korean and local stylists congregating at LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon, you have the liberty to choose the right stylist to serve you.

Keratin Hair Treatment at LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

Other than their signature perms, the one treatment that has been very very popular in LeeKaJa is their Cinderella Treatment. If you don't already know Cinderella Treatment is a mild form of Keratin Treatment from Korea that removes frizz without straightening your hair. 

Keratin Hair Treatment at LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

For more details on what it is, read about Cinderella Treatment vs Hair Botox vs Brazilian Blowout and other Keratin treatments here. 

Keratin Hair Treatment at LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

6. Kenaris Salon @ Wheelock Place

Keratin Hair Treatment at Kenaris Hair Salon

Price: $200 (Men's Keratin Treatment), $300 (Short pixie for ladies), $410 (Mid Length to Shoulder) and $520 (over bra length for ladies)

Promo: 20% off all services for new customers + 20% off in your birthday month

Ladies are not the only ones going for Keratin Treatments. We're seeing more and more wavy / curly-haired men jumping on the bandwagon at Kenaris Salon - one of Singapore's specialists for men's haircut and hairstyles in Singapore. 

Keratin Hair Treatment at Kenaris Hair Salon

Prices start at $200 but promotions can get the price to as low as $128 if you're a first time customer in your birthday month!

Keratin Hair Treatment at Kenaris Hair Salon

Prices are higher for ladies but as with the discounts, it can get pretty competitive if you're a first timer in your birthday month. The stylists here are really good with haircuts so consider adding on a sculpted haircut to get you looking sharp as you head back to office. 

7. Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis / Novena

Price: $315-$405 for Keratin Treatment 

For ladies with wavy hair, Picasso Hair Studio is undoubtedly among our top recommendations to subdue unruly hair textures whether with perms, straightening or keratin treatments. Due to consistent training every week, the stylists here are highly knowledgeable about hair and are able to share extensively on the type of hair services best suited for your hair - Keratin Treatment included. 

Prices may be higher than usual right now but prices for Keratin Treatment can go lower when they are having bundle deals like the following:

Their bundle deals tend to be very worth it as they bundle homecare that are essential to increase longevity of the Keratin Treatments - so come back often and check if they are having deals at the moment! 

8. Yann Beyrie @ Wisma Atria

Price: $429 for Hair Botox Keratin Treatment

Promo: 20% off All Hair Services

Feeling frustrated coz you can't travel? Let Yann Beyrie bring France to you at this quintessentially French hair salon.

Even if you didn't manage to get an appointment with hot French stylists Anthony and Yann, Yann Beyrie has successfully crafted a French experience for all customers with the characteristically French Crème Simon tea, minimalist decor as well as its Made-in-France hair products along with the local staff who are directly trained by Vidal Sassoon instructor Yann himself.

We're ultimately here for the Keratin Treatment though but we must say that even their chosen Keratin Treatment - Hair Botox has a distinctively French flavour given the effortless sleek hairstyle it creates!

Bonus: Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City

Price: $251 to $744

Want to splurge on Keratin Treatments? Chez Vous Hair Salon offers the widest range of Keratin Treatments we've seen, from Hair Botox, Goldwell Kerasilk to Nano Keratin and their inhouse Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination that mimics the effects of Keratin Treatments.

The stylists here don't upsell their services but matter-of-factly shares the best hair treatment plan to your needs according to their professional opinion. This systematic consultation and their solid reputation for having the strongest hairstylists in terms of skill and knowledge make the investment into your hair all worth it.

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