2019 Trending Men's Hairstyles for the Suave and Cool in Singapore

Published on Jan 25, 2019

Guys, do you find your 'Cool Quotient' heading for a deep dive because you've been sporting the same hairstyle for ages?

Don't worry, we're there to get you back up there with this list of 9 hairstyles that is bound to bring out your inner suaveness. 

1. Side shave

Shaved sides and undercuts were big in recent years. Not only did they look stylish, they provided a versatile platform for men to be able to wear their hair in different ways. See? We're already suggesting a hairstyle that can totally change your look from day to night!

Trendy Men Side Shave and Undercut at No. 8 Hair Studio

No. 8 Hair Studio

Having your hair down makes it look like a regular cut, while styling it up will give you a smarter look.

It's suitable for the office,

Work Friendly Men Haircut
Men Haircut and Highlights by Ken at Kenaris Hair Salon

Depending on the nature of your work or school, you can choose how deep and high you want to start the shave. Shaving just a little helps you to add some depth to your hair and allows you to style it up, while shaving higher gives you an edgier look. Some people choose to shave just one side, but bring it higher for a unique look.

Men Side Shave and Grey Hair Colour

2. 'Comma' fringe

First popularised by Korean actors, many guys have started loving this trend. If you find updos too formal or 'grown-up' for you, try this! It's well loved by Kpop idols and your everyday guy alike. It's a short cut with a side fringe that curls inwards slightly, hence gaining its nickname as the comma fringe.

Men Comma Fringe Hairstyle

Before you say that you don't want to look all made-up and pretty like a Korean star, you'll see that this hairstyle looks good on everyone!

Cute Men Comma Fringe Hairstyle

With the right clothes, you can make this hairstyle match with street style as well as office corporate fashion.

It's a trendy hairstyle that is suitable for all!

Korean Men Comma Fringe Hairstyle

3. Hair tattoos

Tattoos are so common nowadays that you'll find many guys and girls with ink beautifully sprawled across their body. But if you're not interested in permanent changes or your parents would freak out if you got an actual tattoo, try your hands (or hair) at a design that looks like a tattoo!

Men Hair Tattoos

This is perfect for guys who find that their short styles are boring stale. A fun artpiece is bound to bring you some fresh inspiration.

Men Hair Tattoos

The options are endless, from text, to shapes, or even just a subtle shade.

Men Hair Tattoos

4. Textured Full fringe

Men Two Block Cut with Textured Full Fringe

Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela @ Riverside Point

This slightly tousled kind of look frames the face really well and makes any one look more like a Japanese or Korean celebrity. It however looks best when your hair is full and textured. 

It isn't so ideal if your hair is stick-straight but a simple cut and perm can fix that.

Men Two Block Cut with Textured Full Fringe

Guys tend to shy away from perms thinking that it will make their hair turn ou really curly

Men Two Block Cut with Textured Full Fringe

But really, how curly you want it to depends on you. 

Men Two Block Cut with Textured Full Fringe

It can also just be wavy like this!

How curly it is will also affect how voluminous the hair will be. 

Men Two Block Cut with Textured Full Fringe

Perm it right and you'll cut maintenance time by more than half.

5. Short and slick

Ah, the classic men's 'do. Instead of the long and shaggy locks that used to be popular in the '70s, the clean and crisp updo from the '60s came back in trend. Also known as the gentlemen's haircut, this style really brings your outfit and aura up a notch. It looks professional yet stylish, and it can bring you from work to play - no changes required.

Short Professional Men Haircut

They're popular among all generations because it is an evergreen hairstyle. 

Short Professional Men Haircut

6. Pompadour

Pompadour is still a popular look for those who want to look done up or give a nod to the retro hairstyle. It keeps your hair out of your face while making you look super smart!

Pompadour Men Haircut

Best done by a barber like Firdaus and Freddy at Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Pompadour Men Haircut

Do however note that maintenance is generally higher to keep the shape and need to style to look good.

Pompadour Men Haircut

If your hair is thin and straight, you can also perm it to make it easier for you to achieve the pompadour comb back look more easily.

Pompadour Men Haircut

7. Coloured crop

If funky haircuts are not your thing, colour may be the other element you can play with.

Yes, it takes about 1-2 hours for you to sit through but at the end of it, you get a cool hair colour you can brag to your bros about.

Men Grey Coloured Crop Hair

We especially dig this silver hair colour by Be Salon because it gives the wearer loads of street cred with the ashy colour. 

Men Blue Colour Hair

Ash blue is another popular choice as it is seen more as a masculine colour. 

Men Crop Coloured Hair

If you don't want it to be full blown blue, keeping most of your hair dark with a few lighter accents is an easy way to ease yourself into this hairstyle.

Men Blonde Crop Coloured Hair

For a bolder look, you can try bronde.

Men Blonde Crop Coloured Hair

Or even a light silver ash blonde.

Men Blonde Crop Coloured Hair

For those going for the Korean boyband look, the ash milk tea is exactly what you need. 

8. Short and spikey

A classic short 'do is always a great choice! Guys that want the lowest maintenance style should go for this. Keeping your short means that you will get it washed and dried faster than normal. And if you want to spice things up, all you have to do is take a little gel/wax/pomade and run it through your hair.

Stylish Spiky Men Haircut

Little ones look good in this too.

Stylish Spiky Men Haircut

Want an easy style but find this too simple? You can mix in a hair tattoo to spice up the overall design! But you must be warned - hair tattoos do take a fair bit of maintenance, especially if your hair grows fast.

Stylish Spiky Men Haircut

9. Short blunt artsy fringe

For the artsy, you can go for a more unique fringe. This includes more geometry and angled cuts.

Men Short Haircut with Bangs

It helps to frame your face and is definitely a unique cut that isn't seen on too many guys! A sure way to stand out.

Men Short Haircut with Bangs

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