BioStraight Hair Treatment Removes Frizz and Messy Wavy Hair in 2 Hours

Published on Sep 05, 2021

Months of WFH has taken its toll on everyone. 

Be it teachers who are facing burnout from increased workload or even housewives who now have to pander to their spouse and children's every need at home, everyone is feeing stressed out from the after effects of COVID-19.

Maybe because we're spending so much time at home, we don't have to worry too much about what to wear but our attention inevitably turns to something else: our hair.

Whether you turn on your cams for Zoom or not, we take a look at our hair quite a few times each time we pass by the mirror. Each time we do that, our irritability grows when we see our hair looking like this:

Frizzy and messy hair before BioStraight Hair Treatment at Do My Hair

At least, that's for me. 

I'm Agent C, a homemaker. As you can tell, I'm not at the age when I will dress up the most trendy way and make sure I get a new type of hair colour. It doesn't mean I don't care about my hair though. 

In fact, it is one of the things I am particular about - not about the colour but about the shape of my hair and my texture. 

I don't travel to town very often - I stay closer to Lakeside but ever since I discovered Sherlin from Be U Hair Design (thanks to my daughter's recommendation), I make the effort to come all the way to get my haircut by her. 

And I can tell you, I've never been disappointed. 

I don't take selfies so I can't show you.. but every time I come down, she'll give me a good haircut that stays for MONTHS.

Previously, whenever I need a haircut, I go wherever it is cheap and convenient for me because I am always looking for new experiences. But I never seem to be able to keep my hair in shape for more than a third of a month. As I have been trying out different hair salons previously, spending on average of $20 a haircut, I consider getting my haircut at Sherlin to be a much more reasonable proposition. In comparison to spending $240 a year on haircuts with her, I would only need to spend $200 on 3 haircuts with her.

That's a good $40 saved.

That's 8 plates of chicken rice with money left over for teh-ping.

Furthermore, there is no limit to the requests that Sherlin can fulfill for me, such as changing my hair parting so I remain confident that my hair will stay in good condition. #Confidence.

But in recent months, something else is bugging me. As much as her cut is good, I'm getting more and more bothered by the state of my hair. 

Frizzy and messy hair before BioStraight Hair Treatment at Do My Hair

Although it looks OK when it is dry, my hair puffs like a lion after I wash my hair.

Just looking at the frizz and waves give me a headache.  

It just makes me feel.. VEXED you know, to see my hair like that. 

I shared that frustration with Sherlin. 

I understand... it can be very sian to see your hair so frizzy and wavy every day.Hmm... haircut can help a bit but ultimately still need to go for a chemical service to change how your hair looks for a longer period of time. Would you like to try our anti-frizz treatment Biostraight? 

In the many times I've been to her, Sherlin has never sold any hair service to me so when she recommends this solution to my problem, I listen.

Sherlin says that Biostraight is from Japan and is primarily a treatment majorly made up of protein (90%) to strengthen, hydrate and repair damaged hair. It nourishes the hair immediately, making it feel smooth and silky afterwards.

While there is a nano straightening component , it is mild and can be adjusted to individual hair preferences. 

BioStraight Hair Treatment at Do My Hair suitable for damaged bleached hair

So even those with heavily damaged bleached hair can go for it and get their frizz and waviness removed for months. 

I'm not averse to straightening as long as my hair doesn't end up looking too straight... could this help me get rid of the frizz? 

I decided to take the plunge and make the appointment. 

Step 1: Consultation

This time though, my hair service is with the young Singaporean Desmond. He may be young but his skill is not bad, as my daughter showed me on Instagram. 

The first thing he did when I arrived was to check my hair.

Hair Consultation by Desmond at Do My Hair

I haven't coloured my roots and as you can see it is quite wavy.

Desmond mention that it would be a good choice to go for it as it will take away the frizz without making my hair too straight. 

Hair Consultation by Desmond at Do My Hair

I heard Sherlin introduce the treatment the previous time but there was still a lot I don't know so I quizzed Desmond quite a bit. 

  • Can I colour my hair afterwards? (Answer is YES)
  • Does it straighten my hair? (Answer - there is some component of it to reduce the frizz but it is very mild)

I asked so many questions but am impressed by how Desmond patiently went through everything with me and was able to answer them one by one. Definitely a Thumbs Up for me!

So there we go.

Step 2: Hair Wash

Desmond brought me over to the hair wash area where he started the service with a thorough hair wash. 

Hair Wash with a good head massage at Do My Hair

He shares that this is important as it will allow the treatment to penetrate the hair better and preserve the effect of the smoothening. 

Hair Wash with a good head massage at Do My Hair

I enjoy this part of the hair service a lot as the stylists here always give me a very good head massage to go with the wash. I've tried a number of hair salons in my life and I dare say that Be U Hair Design is among the best. Desmond took at least 5 minutes to give me a good head massage and their techniques are just so good. Even the products they use - the lemon-scented Oway Micro Stimulating Hair Bath - is so high quality!

Step 2: Application of Softening Lotion

After the hair wash, Desmond escorted me back to the seat.

This is how my hair looks like after it is towel-dried.

Do you understand why I want to go for this treatment now?

Desmond didn't panic after seeing my hair but systematically applied the first step: softening to my hair.

Application of Softening Lotion of BioStraight Hair Treatment at Do My Hair

The softening lotion would relax my hair and allow the hair to be resculpted later. 

Application of Softening Lotion of BioStraight Hair Treatment at Do My Hair

He then applied mild heat with this machine to accelerate the process.

Mild Heat Machine at Do My Hair

This reminds me somewhat of a butterfly. 

Second Hairwash at Do My Hair

Once done, Desmond rinsed all the treatment out of my hair and blew my hair dry.

Hair Drying

Step 3: Seal in the Treatment with Step 2

Following the above-mentioned treatment, Desmond began resculpting the hair with a hair straightener to get rid of the unwanted waviness.

Hair Straightening

He then followed up by fixing the new shape with Step 2 of the BioStraight treatment. 

Getting BioStraight Hair Treatment at Do My Hair

Soon, we're ready for the final wash!

Final Hair Wash

And blowdry. 

Blow Dry at Do My Hair

Ready to see my transformation?

Smooth and Silky Hair After Getting BioStraight Hair Treatment at Do My Hair

My previously wiry and unruly tresses are gone!

Smooth and Silky Hair After Getting BioStraight Hair Treatment at Do My Hair

Replaced by soft, silky hair that shines!

Smooth and Silky Hair After Getting BioStraight Hair Treatment at Do My Hair

It also feels so soft to the touch... I love it!

Smooth and Silky Hair After Getting BioStraight Hair Treatment at Do My Hair

As always, I enjoyed my time here at Be U Hair Design. Every time I come here, I leave feeling happy, relaxed and years younger. That's particularly the case today. I know that I'm no longer in my 20s or my 30s but feeling my soft hair in my hands brings me back to the time when my hair texture was still like this.

I may not be able to eliminate the wrinkles on my face but transforming my previously wiry unruly hair to be soft and smooth... ah that gives me joy as well. 

It isn't just nostalgia of course - keeping my hair soft, sleek and silky also makes my life easier as I can just wake up and head out whenever I want, without needing to worry about how messy my hair looks. 

Not to mention, the treatment took just 2 hours and could last for more than 4 months! 

Thank you Desmond for your hard work! Looking forward to come back again soon for yet another cut and treatment the next time around. 

Oops! Time to go back to prepare dinner for my family; hope that you'll find this sharing useful for you. Toodles!

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