Blonde Idol Made Agent CS's Bleached Hair Less Brassy

Published on Mar 23, 2016

It's OKAY for vibrant hair colours to fade.

I mean, we all expect it to fade!

What we don't expect is for the vibrant pink or sweet pastel to fade into the ugly brassy brown.

If that's your concern, we may have found a solution.

Instead of going for a colour refresh, use a Purple Shampoo like the newly launched Blonde Idol (from Redken) and a hair treatment to rejuvenate your hair colour and make it less brassy!

How it works: Your hair turns brassy as our asian hair tone is naturally warm. The colour pigments carrying the cool tones tend to fall off really fast.

Purple shampoos like Blonde Idol will deposit colour pigments containing the cool tones, giving your cool vibrant hair colours back!

Combine it with a professionally applied hair treatment and you'll find that your hair colour look much brighter than before.

Read about Agent CS's experience at Picasso Hair Studio to understand more about the abovementioned process!

Hello I'm Agent CS.

I'm a fan of Picasso Hair Studio ever since an ex-colleague introduced the salon to me!

There are many things to like about the salon - its cool artistic concept and "painter" vibe that is so fitting in the heart of Haji Lane.

I love the hair colours here so much, I came here twice in a span of a few months! (Both are not sponsored visits.)

For both visits, staff were friendly and service was good. For my second visit, the staff even took the time to test what I wanted on dummy hair to get my desired colour (and shared it with me via whatsapp!)

This first hair colour was done just before Christmas 2015 ...

blue ombre

and my second was done just before CNY!

blue ombre

Although I love the hair colour, it started fading a week after CNY.

Can you see how brassy and warm my cool turquoise was starting to look?


dry and bleached hair before treatment

My hair also became drier and more frizzy.

dry and bleached hair before treatment

When I asked my stylist at Picasso about what hair treatment I should go for, he asked if I was interested to try the new Redken Blonde Idol Shampoo + Treatment to revitalize my hair colour and Redken Chemistry Hair Treatment to minimize hair frizziness!

A sponsored hair treatment from my favourite hair salon?

My answer is obviously a Yes!

February 2016

I made the appointment on a weekday evening after work and arrived promptly at my appointment timing.

Blonde Idol

I'm surprised to find that Picasso Hair Studio is quite packed although its a weekday evening after CNY!

Packed or not, the folks at Picasso always make sure that I have my drinks, hot towel and hand cream.

drinks, hot towel, hand cream at picasso hair studio

Once I'm properly settled, my stylist Ziwei brought me to the washing area for a hair wash.

As you can see, that's one of my favourite part of the experience!

hair wash with redken chemistry treatment at picasso hair studio

Redken Chemistry Treatment

While washing my hair, Ziwei was able to examine my hair more properly and get a good sense of my hair condition.

redken chemistry

With my hair condition in mind, Ziwei went ahead to customize the Redken Chemistry Treatment for me by using a mix of Color Extend and Extreme.

Redken Chemistry Treatment

He used a brush to apply the treatment to my hair.

applying the treatment at picasso hair studio

A steamer is later used to encourage absorption of the Redken Chemistry treatment into my hair.

hair steamer

Application of Blonde Idol Shampoo, Mask and Serum

After about half an hour, I was brought to the washing area to wash off the treatment chemicals.

Blonde Idol shampoo at picasso hair studio

The shampoo used was Blonde Idol, the new Redken silver shampoo that is being launched in Singapore in March 2016!

The shampoo is interesting because it is PURPLE! The purple pigments within the shampoo will be deposited within the hair to cool down our overly warm brassy tones, bringing out our often cooler vibrant colour tones!

So yes, I'm expecting my hair colour to become more vibrant after this!

hair wash

Note however that the purple colour may stain your clothes a little so be careful if you intend to use it at home!

Blonde Idol mask

After the shampoo is washed off, the Blonde Idol mask is then applied.

Blonde Idol mask

The final Blonde Idol serum is then applied back at my seat.

blonde idol serum

After some blowdrying, I'm done!

Before vs After Front

Brassy and Dry Hair Before Redken Chemistry Treatment at PIcasso Hair Studio
Smooth and Manageable Hair After Redken Chemistry Treatment at Picasso Hair Studio

Before vs After back

Brassy and Dry Hair Before Redken Chemistry Treatment at PIcasso Hair Studio
Smooth and Manageable Hair After Redken Chemistry Treatment at Picasso Hair Studio

My hair is now a lot softer, smoother and more manageable... making it much easier to comb through!

Smooth and Manageable Hair After Redken Chemistry Treatment at Picasso Hair Studio

The ends were also not as frizzy!


Brassy and Dry Hair Before Redken Chemistry Treatment at PIcasso Hair Studio


Smooth and Manageable Hair After Redken Chemistry Treatment at Picasso Hair Studio

Ziwei was frank that the effects of this treatment will only last about 1-2 weeks as the protective layer applied today will be washed off over time. It is therefore important to use proper haircare back at home to extend the effects of the treatment and keep the hair looking vibrant. This includes using the Blonde Idol Shampoo and Mask at home religiously!


I could see a visible difference in the vibrance and smoothness of my hair after the Blonde Idol + Redken Chemistry treatment. The smoothness however lasted only about 2 weeks, therefore do keep that in mind if you decide to go for the treatment!

Blonde Idol, on the other hand, is available as a take-home set of shampoo and mask. Therefore, I find it a sustainable solution to keep my hair from looking brassy!

Overall, I had a good time at Picasso Hair Studio (as usual)! The staff are friendly and the recommended hair services and treatments deliver results! There is also no hardselling or upselling here, which I hate... and the stylists here are really knowledgeable about hair (especially if you proactively ask them about it!) Because of this, I feel at ease leaving my tresses to Picasso!

Perhaps, the only thing to improve on is the step-by-step explanation of each part of the treatment before even starting the hair service! I would have loved to know what each step does (how it helps my hair) and what is going to happen next so that I do not feel lost!

Still, I would recommend Picasso and this Redken Chemistry + Blonde Idol treatment to those of you looking to freshen up and give your newly bleached and coloured hair some emergency CPR. You can see your hair colour brighten up after the treatment and hair become much softer and more manageable than before the treatment!

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