Love those bouncy curls you see in Japanese magazines? Agent Y achieved those soft curls after a Digital Perm at Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon!

Published on Jul 27, 2015

Continuing our perm craze this August, we have Agent Y, a lash extension specialist, try out Digital Perm at Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon.

Unlike Agent G's bob-length MUCOTA perm, Agent Y's perm is long, romantic and flowy.

Check out her experience if you are interested!

Hi I'm Yuki, an eyelash extension specialist and owner of My Sassy Lashes!

Trained in eyelash extensions in Japan for two years and an avid lover of Japan, I LOVE reading about Japanese hair salons on Beauty Undercover and visiting them when I have the time!

I can therefore be considered some sort of a connoisseur of Japanese hair salons in Singapore (and while in Tokyo as well).

I've read raving reviews about Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon on Beauty Undercover so when Agent G asked if I was interested to try out their digital perm, I was only too happy to say yes!

Art Noise Holland Village

The entire salon is spacious and feels very bright and cheery, just like their ever-friendly staff!

The moment I step into the salon, they greeted me with big smiles that made me feel oh-so-welcome!

Hiroe was my assigned stylist for the day and the first thing she did was to examine my hair and had a thorough consultation with me.


So this is how my hair looked like!

before perm back view
Yuki Long Hair

Very long... I know!

I love having long flowy hair but very unfortunately, long hair is very difficult to manage and much of my hair is damaged. Worse, my hair texture is very fine and I constantly colour my hair, causing the hair ends to be relatively dry.

Hiroe provided me with a detailed consultation form before proceeding to give me an in depth consultation on my hair.

I shared with her that I prefer long hair, with soft curls that look healthy at the same time.

Professional and friendly, Hiroe patiently advised me that she will have to snip away some of the damaged hair ends, add a soft layered cut with digital creep perm and lastly a hair detox treatment to make my hair soft and silky.


After the consultation, she proceeded to cut my hair.


With each snip, she cut away the damaged hair ends and created nice flowy movement that I've always wanted!

Pre Treatment

After cutting my hair, and before doing the digital creep perm, Hiroe applied treatment to my whole hair. She is very thoughtful in ensuring my hair is protected from damage and dryness knowing that my hair is relatively dry.

Pre Treatment

She left the treatment on for a while before shampooing my hair using the their in house brand, SHA shampoo.

The SHA Shampoo has no silicon and no smell as it is a gentle yet highly effective formula created to clarify and nourish the scalp! Interestingly, it also contains Glucosyl hesperidin, a combination of polyphenols and anti inflammatory ingredients to improve scalp circulation, stimulate hair growth and relieve any swelling. It also helps to repair damaged hair like mine to keep it silky and smooth!

SHA Shampooing

After SHA shampooing, Hiroe applied their in house treatment product SHA to ensure that the hair is kept moisturized throughout the entire process.

SHA Treatment is also silicon free and uses 4 types of natural oils and an innovative product Perisea to lock in the hair moisture and repair damaged hair.

Digital creep perm

Leaving the applied SHA treatment on, Hiroe proceeded to do the digital creep perm for me.

Digital creep perm

She is very meticulous in making sure that my hair is not damaged by constantly checking the temperature, the perming lotion applied is not too strong, ensuring that everything is going on well for me.

I felt super pampered and very well taken care of!

Perm Machine

Finally, she applied the neutralizer to fix the newly formed curls.


After the digital creep perm, Hiroe proceed to help me do the Hair Detox Treatment. The treatment is done at the washing space where you can lie down while having your treatment being done!

Hair Detox Treatment

It is really comfortable as I almost fell asleep while doing the treatment! Hiroe washed away the perming lotion, before detoxing my hair. Next, she softened my hair texture and applied a moisture mask onto my hair. While this is being done, the sink will emit a warm mist to keep your hair soft and hydrated.

The Hair Detox Treatment process is possibly one of the most relaxing and comfortable hair treatments I've experienced thus far!

I may not be an expert on hair treatments but I've gone for many treatments at different hair salons! I find it really cool that this time, I get to lie down to do my treatment! Not only that, the treatment is applied from scalp to the ends of your hair! Most salons, the treatment are applied onto the hair avoiding the scalp. But at Art Noise, the treatment can be applied to the scalp because it is just so gentle, does not contain silicon and therefore does not clog up your pores!

It also gave me a refreshing detox feeling on the scalp and made my hair feel soft and silky!

During the treatment process, warm towels were also placed onto my head and neck to help in blood circulation! I felt really relaxed after that.


After the treatment, Hiroe gave me a massage on the scalp, head, neck and shoulders. It was so good I felt all my stresses melting away!

Shoulder Massage

A little more blowdrying...


And we are done!

Perm Side View

No editing, no photoshop!

I love how much this perm resemble those perms I see in Japanese beauty magazines! Soft, silky, flowy!

I love it!

Overall Comments

There are so many things to love about Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon, I'm not too sure where to start. The ambience is lovely, the service is great and the stylist was friendly and skilled!

On top of making sure that my hair was pretty on that day, Hiroe made the extra effort to advise me on how to style my hair and how to blow dry my hair to make my hair more beautifully lasting! She also shared with me many tips on hair styling!

She also reminds me that I could give her a call or pop by anytime if I have any troubles styling my hair or if I need any hair advice!

So sweet and thoughtful, right?

Many thumbs up for excellent service and beautiful perm!

Definitely a stylist and salon that I would highly recommend my friends and customers to :)

With Hairstylist Hiroe

Thank you Hiroe and Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon!

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