Brazilian Blowout and Purple Hair Colouring at 99 Percent Hair Studio!

Published on Nov 26, 2014

November 2014

Agent J is back at 99 Percent Hair Studio for her virgin Brazilian Blowout experience and Purple hair colouring (despite Agent G's incessant nagging to let her hair rest). 

After putting my hair through a bleach+gorgeous 5-colour dye and another two dyes after to get it back to black for a show, I swore to let my hair rest. No more colouring for the next year.

Who was I kidding.

Sorry hair, colours are too pretty to resist :P

before back view

Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to give my tired-looking hair a lift when Danson from 99 Percent (Bedok Point) invited me to try the latest trendy colouring technique, I had to google the term. Pardon my ignorance; I've heard of ombre and dip-dye, but balayage? Fortunately, I found an article that was enough to satisfy my curiosity before visiting Danson again.

hair trim

Danson's tip: Balayage complements softer looking hair, and isn't suitable for dead straight/blunt hairstyles (think seriously rebonded hair).

applying bleach
applying bleach
setting in the bleach
wash off the bleach
hair dry
after bleach
roots dye
roots colour
hair colouring
colouring the tips
washing the colour off
hair wash
blow dry
brazilian blowout
Brazilian Blowout Treatment
blow dry
before and after Brazilian blowout

See the difference?

after with curls

More about balayage...

  • a French colouring technique developed in the 1970s; like all things vintage, it's now creeping its way back into fashion
  • in French, the word means "to sweep" or "to paint"
  • freehand technique; during application, the strokes and brushes can make or break the look (the more skilled, the nicer the effect!)
  • can be done on both short and long hair, but the best results can be seen in hair below the shoulders
  • requires little maintenance; grows out beautifully and naturally so you don't get an obvious regrowth line

More about Brazilian Blowout...

  • good for those with curly, frizzy hair that's hard to manage, or those with very badly damaged hair
  • make sure you go to a certified salon if you've decided to give Brazilian Blowout a try; it's important to have stylists who know what they're doing
  • one of the controversial chemicals in this treatment: formaldehydeincluded in this treatment to help modify hair proteins, called keratins, causing the hair to return to its original smooth, healthy state. If a salon is not using the right mixture of chemicals when doing this treatment, it can be dangerous
  • some people have had allergic reactions to this treatment because of the concentrated chemicals in it (I have sensitive skin and scalp; the treatment I had at 99 Percent went well. This isn't to say that anyone with sensitive skin will be fine, so always consult your stylist before going ahead with this treatment)
  • this is a pricey treatment that doesn't come cheap! It typically costs $300-500 (it costs $300-500 at 99 Percent Hair Salon) so be wary of super low deals that look too good to be true. Rock-bottom prices may mean they're not using the right formula
  • again, this isn't for everyone. As Danson shared, regular treatments (organic, herbal, etc.) are good enough for most people. Except me. I have horrendous hair :P

My afterthoughts:

Experience at 99 Percent Hair Salon (Bedok Point): 10/10

Danson and his team never fail to make me feel completely at home. It's always good to have people you feel comfortable around, and it's a bonus when they're all skilled hair professionals! :)

2-Colour Dye (bleach included) + Brazilian Blowout: 10/10

The colours used were ammonia-free, with the exception of the bleach. Always good to have ammonia-free hair products! After my last successful colouring session with Danson, I had plenty of confidence in his selection of colours and colouring expertise. I've always wondered about red/purple for my hair but never tried out of fear. Danson was convinced a red-purple-wine mix would suit me. I'm glad I went along with his recommendation!

As for the Brazilian Blowout Treatment after, I only have three words to say about it.

Thank. You. Danson.

So, no washing of hair for 2 days after Brazilian Blowout. That's okay, I basked in the smoothness of my hair.

 2 days after Brazilian Blowout
colour wash off

Time will tell

3 washes since doing the treatment

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