C-Curve Rebonding Gone Wrong: How Chez Vous Hair Salon Revived a Botched C Curve Rebonding!

Published on Oct 10, 2015

Leaving your hair in the hands of unqualified stylists or stylists that don’t fully understand the quality of your hair can often lead to disappointing results. Other than trying to hide bad hair or grow it out, you are left yearning for a quick solution to redeem your tresses to their former glory.

This is especially so for services that can be slightly more technically challenging like Volume Rebonding.

So how badly can Volume Rebonding... specifically C-Curve Rebonding go wrong?

Read on to find out how the C Curve went wrong for student Yeo and how Chez Vous managed to help revive her hair with their Expertligent Fix You Programme!

SOS Sent by Student Yeo to Chez Vous Hair Salon

Botched hair services can be very distressing, especially when you have high expectations for the hair service you went for. To help these distressed ladies repair and achieve their desired look, Chez Vous offers the the Expertligent Fix You Programme, a free initiative where highly experienced hair directors from Chez Vous Hair Salon would redress hair damage for selected customers who has had unsatisfactory treatments or cuts performed at other salons from Sundays to Thursdays (limited to only one selected customer a day).

Student Yeo was one such example. She went to a reputable salon in Singapore hoping to achieve the following result.

C Curve babydoll

This was however the perm she got.

Botched Perm

Photo taken on the same day of the perm done at the other salon.

3 weeks after

Photo taken three weeks after the other salon mismanaged her hair.

As you can see, the C-curve rebonding was very badly done.

Although the specific salon admitted that they may have mismanaged her hair, they turned down Yeo's request to fix it as she was unable to go back for a service recovery within 5 days after the botched job due to school examinations.

As a last resort, she emailed Chez Vous Hair Salon.


Email sent on 17 September 2015

Though the service is only extended to those who contact Chez Vous within one week after the service in question, Chez Vous Hair Salon made an exception for Yeo as she is a student with limited financial means and was unable to seek help from another salon.

What Went Wrong?

As this Expertligent Fix It case involves rebonding / perm, Chez Vous's inhouse perm and rebonding expert Associate Salon Director Oscar was brought in to help Yeo achieve her desired look. Under guidance by a Korean director in his previous salon, Oscar has mastered Korean-inspired Volume rebonding techniques that look especially natural for Singapore hair.

When Yeo arrived at Chez Vous, the first thing Oscar did was to perform an in-depth consultation to understand what happened and what Yeo was looking for.

He also inspected Yeo's hair to see what he can do to help her achieve her final look.

Based on the hair expectation,  he realized that there were three major problems with the hairstyle.

1. Incorrect Winding Technique and Placement of Curling Rods

One side of the curls were sculpted outwards while the other side of the curls were sculpted inwards. This is a very serious error as it signifies that the stylist had an incorrect winding technique. Placement of the curling rods was also incorrect

2. Slanted Haircut

The haircut was a little slanted and it did not complement the curls and texture created.

3. Unnatural Transit from Roots to Ends

The curls had been rolled up to the roots without partial straightening done at the middle portion to let the hair transit smoothly from roots to ends. Consequently, the final look turned out to be messy and unmanageable.

Reviving the Botched C Curls


Step 1: Oscar first recuts Yeo’s hair to snip off the damaged portion and ensures that the length is appropriate for the C-curls to fall nicely without being obstructed by the shoulders.


Step 2: Since Yeo’s hair was considerably weakened from the previous perm, Oscar had to add a lot more treatment chemicals to form a special customized amplified C-Curl Treatment Rebonding lotion to help retexturize Yeo's hair without damaging it further.

Too much softening would result in severely damaged hair and too much treatment would render the perm useless. Hence, Oscar combined two unique formulas of re-texturizing crème that consisted of a balance of both softening power and protecting ability. The one with a stronger dose of softening agent is applied on healthy hair and the milder version is applied on sections that were already damaged.

curl using straightener

Step 3: Oscar then manually curls the shorter hairs that cannot be permed using rods. This also helps guide the ends to curl inwards better, easing Yeo’s maintenance back home.

perm machine

Step 4: Different sized rods are then precisely placed to fix various problematic sections. Two different machines are also used during the process to provide different heat temperatures to fix different sections of the hair, as certain sections require higher heat temperature to undo previous curls while other sections require lower heat temperature to prevent further damage.


Step 5: Lastly, a Chez Vous exclusive dose of moisturizing and strengthening mask cum neutralizer is used to recover the hair, reducing the damage caused to the hair due to double processing. The rollers also help to give the hair a slight lift at the roots and smooth out unnecessary frizz.

After more than four hours at the salon, the transformation is finally complete.

Are you ready?


Front & Back

Before After

Before & After: Photos are NOT digitally enhanced in anyway. Hair is gently dried using a hairdryer and is NOT styled using any styling products or tools. Before photo was taken and submitted by Yeo.

Instead of the hair that curled in all directions, the final result is a natural-looking concave bob that is sleek with a slight lift at the roots and the ends sculpted inwards to allow manageability. The middle portion of the hair was also smoothed out to ensure minimal frizz even when not styled.

This is what Yeo had to say:

After receiving a bad perm from a previous salon, I was at my wit’s end. I tried going on Google for solutions and I was fortunate enough to stumble upon an article stating that Chez Vous has a Expertiligent Fix You programme. I emailed them enquiring whether it was possible for them to fix my badly permed hair and I received an email from them promptly saying that they would help to fix my hair. As the staffs were on their annual vacation, I had to wait for two weeks until I was able to schedule an appointment with them, but it was worth the wait!
When I arrived at the salon for my appointment, the staff who served me was very attentive, she offered me a glass of water. My hairstylist, Oscar, was able to identify what was wrong with my hair and did the necessary hair services to make my hair look prettier. The end result was what I wanted and I was really elated that they had managed to transform my hair into a gorgeous style that is easy to manage at the same time.
I would recommend going to Chez Vous if you ever need help with your hair! I would like to thank all the staff who worked on my hair and for giving my hair a new lease of life.

Tips for C-Curl Rebonding

For those intending to do C-curl Rebonding, Associate Salon Director Oscar has a few tips to share to make sure that YOU get the C Curve Rebonding result that you are looking for.

1. Go to an hairstylist who is highly experienced in C Curl Rebonding

An experienced and reliable stylist will know if your hair texture will suit a C Curl rebonding. If your hair is already layered excessively, C Curl Rebonding would require a lot of maintenance and blowdrying to ensure that the curl faces inwards. He will also create the necessary layers to ensure that the C Curl holds.

2. Not everyone's hair is suited for a C Curl Rebonding

Depending on your hair elasticity and health, there is a limit on how curved-in the C Curls can be. The best looking C Curls tend to be on healthy and chemically unprocessed hair (e.g. non keratin treated, pre-lightened, permed or rebonded hair).

Shoulder length hair may also have a little bit more trouble with C Curl Rebonding as the shoulder may cause the curl to curve in the opposite direction.

3. C Curl Rebonding still requires maintenance

It may have less maintenance than most but C Curl Rebonding still requires maintenance. After having a C-curl perm or rebonding done, one will still need to use a round brush to sculpt the curls inward during daily styling with a hair dryer to better enhance its shape. This also helps to guide the curls and ensure that they curl inwards as opposed to outwards.

We would also recommend protecting your hair ends with moisture rich and protein rich moisturizer to maintain the curls for a longer period of time.

Thank you Chez Vous Hair Salon, Oscar and Yeo for sharing this experience with us!

Many salons may be offering C Curl Rebonding but not all will turn out the same as what you are envisioning.

If you like what Oscar did for Yeo, check out more of his works here!

For those who have just had a negative experience at another salon do check out Chez Vous' Expertligent Programme here!

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