Best Haircuts under $50 for Women in Singapore

Published on Jun 30, 2016

Many of you have read the other list of the top 10 best hair salons in Singapore and have scoffed at how ridiculous the prices are. Is it REALLY necessary to pay more than $70 for a good haircut for a female with shoulder-length hair?

Keeping budget constraints in mind, we've tried to come up with a list to get you the best possible haircut experience for less than $50, specially for you babes just out on a new job!

*Note: Rankings for each salons may move as new salons/reviews are added!

If you have more specific needs, consider the following rankings we've prepared for you.

1. Evolve Salon @ Liang Court

  • Price: From $60
  • Best known for Bob Haircuts, Precision or Geometric Haircuts by Ken / Dylan, Pixie Haircuts, Award-winning hairstylists

A familiar name seen in magazines and dramas, Evolve Salon is a gem of a salon with many hairdressing talents in its midst. From co-founder Ken who has won International Awards in hair design to Edward, Dylan and Yuujin, all of whom have won awards as top hairstylists in Singapore, Evolve stands out for its highly skilled team. 

The stylists here don't just cut or colour the way you tell them to... they work with you to suggest designs that best works with your lifestyle, face shape and your workplace for a snazzy makeover you'll be impressed with. Although there are hair assistants available to help, we like it that the stylists here are mostly very hands-on.

Although not the most luxurious, the spacious decor, private location in Liang Court and attentive service makes a hair experience at Evolve an enjoyable one

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2. LeeKaJa Korean Hair and Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

  • Price: $60-$80
  • Best known for Korean-style Perms and Rebonding, Cinderella Keratin Treatment, Amazing Beverage Bar, Spacious Decor, Great Service
Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

One of Korea's MOST well known hair salon brands, LeeKaJa, is now in Singapore! Other than their amazingly beautiful salon, LeeKaJa has a strong stylist team consisting of 3 Korean hairstylists and 2 local hairstylists, all of whom are very skillful in haircuts! 

Skill aside, we're really impressed with their attentive service that begins right when you step into the salon till you leave. They even serve wine and homemade dried pineapples to customers without any extra charges. 

We would usually expect a hair salon like this to charge exorbitant prices... so we're very happy to note that prices here are very reasonable with ladies' haircut prices starting from $60 (lower with BU first timer promotion!)

Pocket-friendly hair services with skillful hairstylists, awesome decor and great service, we think LeeKaJa Korean Hair and Beauty Salon is definitely THE Korean hair salon to experience in 2017!

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3. The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park

  • Price: from $50
  • Best known for good lasting haircuts by Ricky, great GHD styling advice
Plan B by Vast

Careful to attend to only one customer at a time, Ricky is a perfectionist who will not let you out the door until you are happy with your final cut. We love his commitment towards giving customers that perfect cut and find that his haircuts are professional, stylish and long lasting... particularly good value for what he is charging!

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4. 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

  • Price: $49-$59
  • Best known for holistic style consultation, friendly & skilled hairstylists
Cheap Haircut at 99 Percent Hair Studio

Remember those times when friends don't even realize you had a haircut because the look before and after just seems so similar? Well, you won't have that problem at 99 Percent Hair Studio. With stylists promising a hair makeover with each visit, customers find themselves anticipating a new look each time they leave 99 Percent Hair Studio.

P.S. 99 Percent has just opened its flagship outlet at Orchard Central with its best stylists situated here. Therefore, we'd recommend you give this outlet a go!

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5. Gene by Ginrich @ Wisma Atria

  • Price: $58 for Creative Stylist and $68 for Director
  • Best known for Great service, AVEDA Hair and Scalp Treatment, Haircuts for Curly Haired Ladies by Annie, Affordable prices
Gene by Ginrich

The budget here is a little higher than $50 but the Director price is well worth it! Given the directors' experience and level of service, prices here are considered inexpensive! We particularly love the AVEDA treatment here which is a nice add-on to the haircut. The directors here are also very friendly and have different strengths to suit your needs!

Their stylist price is below $50 but we're not sure if they have a stylist at that level at the moment?

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6. Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis North Bridge Rd

  • Price: from $45 (for hair designer) and $60 (for Creative Director)
  • Best known for rebonding perms, hair colour and great service
Affordable Haircut at Picasso Hair Studio

Picasso may be known more for their hair colours and rebonding perms but their regular haircuts, particularly by Jesly (Creative Director) and Carmen  are pretty good as well!

In fact, many of Jesly's customers are so intensely loyal to her as they just can't find any other stylists who can deal with their difficult-to-handle hair texture at such a reasonable price!

Overall, a salon we are confident to recommend to ladies looking for a makeover change!

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7. Focus Hairdressing @ Cuppage Plaza

  • Price: $30-50 (depending on stylist)
  • Best known for haircut by Marcus Kee, MUCOTA DYNA Hair Straightening
Cheap Haircut at Focus Hairdressing

One of the most sought after stylists in Essensuals a few years ago, Marcus, has opened his salon in Cuppage Plaza with the aim of providing good hair services to customers at reasonable prices. He is particularly good with haircuts for curly hair so if you find that your hair is a tad bit unmanageable, do consider going to him for a haircut and straightening!

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8. Act Point Salon

  • Price: $30-45
  • Best known for perming and rebonding but we found stylists Bro, Sylvia and Sophie great gems in haircut as well!

Act Point Salon may be better known for its cheap and good perming services but we've found some of their stylists very good-value-for-money for their haircuts as well! If you've got a few more dollars, opt for their salon managers and directors. 

We're confident you won't regret it!

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9. Zinc Korean Hair Salon @ Millenia Walk 

  • Price: $55 (Senior Stylist)
  • Best known for Korean style haircuts, Perms
Affordable Haircut at Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Although more famous for their Korean style perms, we've heard much raves over their haircuts as well!

If you are hoping to get haircuts similar to Korean celebrities, you should definitely check out Zinc!

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10. AVENTA Hair Salon @ City Hall Stamford Court

  • Price: from $65 (The price is closer to $50 if there are promotions!)
  • Best known for affordable hair services by Japanese hairstylists, stylish experienced hairstylists with international experience, 3D hair colour, haircuts and colour for Caucasian customers
Affordable Hair Services at Bump by Aventa

From the stylish and friendly hairstylists to the fantastic head massage and affordable prices, there are so many things to love about AVENTA! This is the only Japanese hair salon in town to make it close to $50 (during their promotional periods) so don't miss the promotions if there are any!

If you need recommendations, do know that we're most impressed with Koichi for his volume haircuts and Chiho for her 3D Hair Colour!

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Have we missed out anything you might be interested in? Comment below to let us know!

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