Spa or Salon? 10 Out-of-the-World Secret Experiences You Won't Get at any other salon in Singapore

Published on Jun 02, 2021

There used to be a time when all we did all year long was to plan for the next holiday. It doesn't matter whether you just came back from one; just thinking about the last trip where you, maybe with your besties, escaped the summer heat at your favourite holiday spot, hunted for delicious foods, snapped instagrammable photos and headed to factory outlets for the best deals; just thinking about that was good enough to activate our wanderlust. 

In came 2020 and poof!

All those plans vanished thanks to the pandemic. 

Days, months and now year(s) have passed. Its been more than 365 days since most of us have been on a plane. 

Seriously, all we want is to hide away... Can Ms Corona please leave us alone please?

With Heightened Alert, it feels as if this missus is going to hang around for some time. As much as we are bored out of our minds, there is one place we've recently rediscovered that gave us some momentary relief. 

Nope, you don't need your passport.. just follow us through this portal as we teleport you out of this world into Chez Vous: HideAway.

1. Convenience Facial in an Alternate Bali in Space

Our first destination: Bali. 

OK, not exactly Bali Bali but a Bali in Space. 

Instead of Suntanning, you find an available bed, put on your sunglasses and get treated to blue light that actually REVERSES sun damage. Yup, that's the kind of thing to expect in this alternate world of Chez Vous HideAway. Instead of scrolling through your phone when you come early, request for the Convenience Facial where you can be treated to this Blue Light therapy as well Rose Water that calms and desensitizes your skin. If you want some extra pampering, simply turn the massage on and close your eyes as you imagine having skillful masseurs knead your tension away.

If there was an equivalent of a Bali in Space, don't you think this would be it?

2. Ayurvedic Hand Massage inspired from Kerala, India

Tired of Bali? Hop off to a Kerala-inspired hand massage station right at your seat. 

Ayurvedic Hand Massage at Chez Vous Hideaway

All you have to do is to light up a candle, pour some melted wax over your hands, and pop it into the hand massager!

Ayurvedic Hand Massage at Chez Vous Hideaway

Don’t worry, it won’t burn! HideAway uses 100% natural soy candle, so it’s super safe, and warm enough to relieve you of all the piled up stress, and maybe even warm the cockles of your heart too. 

This treatment costs quite a bit if you were to do it at nail salons but guess how much Chez Vous is charging you? Nil, Zilch, Nada! 

This value-added service is absolutely free.

3. Hej to Swedish Scalp Massage (or Shiatsu or Ayurvedic) in Space

With your hands all pampered, it's time to head to Space and get a Swedish inspired scalp massage. You can choose between Swedish Scalp Massage (for normal and oily scalp), Shiatsu Scalp Massage (thinning and ageing scalp) as well as Ayurvedic Scalp Massage (dry and sensitive scalp) depending on your scalp type. 

Don't worry about needing to choose. The experts here will diagnose your scalp condition and choose one if you don't have a preference.

All you need to do is to lay down and relax as you close your eyes and travel through space.  

(Yes, the salon actually plays footage and music of you moving through space!)

4. Experience Ultimate Luxury with Silk Cocoon Scalp Scrub in China

We're familiar with the highly prized silk cocoon treatments for your face but did you know that you can do so for your scalp as well?

Believe it or not, our scalp ages 6 times faster than our face. Yes, SIX.

Neglect your scalp and you're likely to see premature hair fall that'll accelerate the ageing process. That's why the good people in Chez Vous makes sure to layer on enough TLC by rejuvenating your scalp with silk cocoons during the shampoo process. 

Silk Cocoon Scalp Scrub at Chez Vous Hideaway

They use the silk cocoon to exfoliate the dead skin, get rid of product buildup and fight off any excess oil during the shampoo process. That’s right, they use the tiny balls of silk that silkworms spit out. But it’s not as disgusting as it sounds.

The cocoon is actually packed with amino acids that help increase skin elasticity, increase collagen and fibroblast production, improve scalp immunity and give you a healthier scalp!

5. Get a whiff of Provence

We want our friends to visually notice the difference in our hair, either a new colour, or maybe a perm. Not smell the difference.

Chez Vous makes that possible with an inhalation therapy that allows you to choose between lavender, thyme, bergamot, lavender, spearmint and peppermint essential oils. 

As you breathe in that goodness, have a sip of their honey shots and close your eyes to immerse yourself in the lavender fields of Provence. 

Lavender Field

6. Head to Pseudo-Thailand for its famous herbal balls (and other Quick Relief Massages)

If you miss the hot herbal compress at your favourite massage salons in Bangkok, we have good news for you. 

Thai Herbal Ball Massage at Chez Vous Hideaway

You may be here for a hair service but knowing how badly you need to destress, Chez Vous HideAway has incorporated the Thai Herbal Ball Compress, along with Jade Rollers, Tuning Forks, electronic scalp massagers in its signature Quick Relief Massage. 

Scalp Relief Massage at Chez Vous Hideaway

It’s the perfect all-in-one stop for a hair makeover, and to fully relax and chill. 

7. Feel the Therapeutic Hug of the Australian Oska

Experiencing back pain from endless days of WFH? Come by for a complimentary use of the Australian Oska pulse. I

f you're wondering why Oska, this device was named after a koala who was badly burned in an Australian bushfire. He was not responding to medication and was crying in pain. The vet's friend suggested they place a PEMF device near the koala to help reduce the pain and within a day he stopped crying, and in just a few days he started responding to treatment.

Complimentary Use of Australian Oska Pulse

While this machine doesn't exactly feel like a Koala, it uses low-level pulse electromagnetic waves to help you forget what it means to even have a muscle ache. 

Do you want to experience what Oska experienced? Come by for the treatment, provided free of charge at HideAway.

8. Take a Vow of Silence with the Himalaya-inspired Quiet Chair

Overstimulated by all the electronics and just want to have some alone time ie. no small talk with the stylist? 

At HideAway, you can put in a request for their Quiet Chair Service when booking the appointment. Your stylist will get the hint, and discuss only what is necessary for your hair appointment. No questions imploring you on life, what you had for breakfast, or which Covid-19 vaccine you took. 

Interesting trivia: do you know how they indicate the Quiet Chair to all staff in the salon?

Yep, the stylist will place a reed diffuser on the table and you'd be treated to the silent retreat of your dreams. 

Tranquil and Calm Enviroment

9. Snap a selfie in Italy

If you've ever wondered what Italian museums and churches look like, the reception area at Chez Vous: HideAway would probably give you a pretty good idea. The owner of Chez Vous have painstakingly incorporated murals into the design to get you feeling like you're really back in Europe.

Instagrammable Spot at Chez Vous Hideaway

It's really instagrammable here so remember to take a few snaps to commemorate your experience. 

As if all those weren’t enough for you to feel like you’re in paradise, this place actually incorporates a perfume library that gets you feeling that bit more fancy for your next appointment. They don't just have the well-loved Penhaligon's Jo Malone and Diptyque but also the chi-chi Burberry Blush, Versace Absolu, Moschino Teddy Bear and Oribe as well. 

Perfume Collection at Chez Vous Hideaway

Just remember: spray, delay, and walk away!

10. Get a Hollywood-Inspired makeover

NGL, it's nice to have these extras... but Chez Vous: HideAway is still at heart a hair salon.

Whether you're thinking about a gorgeous perm that gets you looking Hollywood-ready

or caramel highlights perfect for any occasion during this COVID period, the stylists here got you covered. 

Don't take our word for it though. 

Read reviews from hundreds of customers who've been to Chez Vous: HideAway and you'll understand why this is till today one of our most recommended hair salons in Singapore. 

Good Review of Chez Vous Hideaway

Oh! And, did we mention? All those services we mentioned above are FOC.

You heard me, FREE. They’re already included in their reasonably priced bundles. 

  • $199 for 2 services (Cut + 1 other service)
  • $299 for 3 services (Cut + 2 other services)
  • $399 for 4 services (Cut + 3 other services)
  • $499 for 5 services (Cut + 4 other services)

Add-on $99 to top of the above bundles is required for certain premium services.

So don’t worry, you won’t be burning any holes in your wallet today. Just relax!

Chez Vous: HideAway is simply that dedicated to making their customers’ experience a great one. 

Don’t believe that a salon can be this good at such a reasonable price? Well, seeing is believing. So if you want to be ahead of the crowds, make your friends super jealous, or simply want to have a good time, it’s time to start making an appointment at Chez Vous: HideAway.

But trust us, you’ll love the place so much, this won’t be the only appointment you make with them.  To inquire more, contact them via email at or call them at 62193558

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